The Uniqueness of the Pinocchio Slot Game

The Uniqueness of the Pinocchio Slot Game

Doubtlessly, online slots have evolved from their traditional model to a more classic theme that shares historical reels or exciting storylines to capture players’ minds. The availability of these specifics by software developers has made it easy for iGamers to have a relatable experience engaging in slot games. While many stories have been told and even scripted, this excerpt will have a clear-cut on Pinocchio — a movie, how it made its mark, and how the Betsoft software company curated it error-free as an online slot game without exempting the characters to give players something fresh, in the Pinocchio slot game.

In the following casino news, we will have a detailed look at Pinocchio and its unique features.

Fascinating right? Let’s shake things up.

Pinocchio Slot Game: The Sync Between the Movie and the Game

Following the fictional Pinocchio story written by Carlo Collodi, “Pinocchio” focuses on a wrecked and old Italian wood carver, Geppetto.

Diligent in his work, Geppetto carved a puppet made of wood and named it Pinocchio. However, Geppetto didn’t find fulfillment in his work of art. He wished the puppet would become a real boy, and a blue fairy later granted his desire.

Jiminy Cricket — a key character whose role didn’t revolve, played Pinocchio’s conscience and was his guide to help him decipher the good from the bad.

Pinocchio’s adventure toward becoming a real boy took work at him. He had encounters with a team of icky characters — the Fox and Cat. In this adventure, a beautiful twist in the plot is the consequence of Pinocchio’s lying nature. For every lie, Pinocchio told, his nose grew longer.

What an aftermath for wrongdoing! However, despite Pinocchio’s crazy experiences, his adventure finished well.

Pinocchio Slot Game: Its Hallmarks

For context, the two major characters in the movie were not relegated from the reels. Pinocchio and his father, Geppeto, take center stage as the front liners, among other symbol reels.

The two wide varieties of symbols curated from the movie include the workshop and the creations of Geppetto and his son’s storybook. Both appear in various guises as symbols on the slot reels. In contrast, other slot symbols include the varieties of Geppeto’s creations, such as a sled and a clock. The cage—where Pinocchio was put on arrest, the classroom, and many others are also not exempted.

With the amazing thematic structure and stunning symbols of the Pinocchio slot game, players should find it exciting to play this 5-reels and 15-pay lines slot game. One fascinating thing about this slot machine game is the appearance of 3 distinct Scatters on the first, third or fifth reel.

Where you have The Classroom, one is awarded 8 free spins once the upper scale reaches 10 symbols.


Again, at The Stage, once you’ve got your first win, you receive a wagon symbol on reel 3 and alongside 8 re-spins.

Another interesting fact about this slot is its Return To Player (RTP). It hosts an outstanding RTP value of 96.5%, bonuses like free spins, as earlier mentioned, and other fantastic gamble attributes, turning into one of many’s favorite slot machines.

Pinocchio slot game has a minimum and maximum bet stake of $0.01 and $75, respectively. Also, the real boy has a maximum coin winning of 2,500.

Final Thoughts

The Pinocchio slot machine game has gained more recognition from online casino players due to its recognizable symbols that sync with the movie characters. Indeed, the Betsoft software company took the new addition to a new level. The game’s attributes and the marginal payout have given it a good ranking position amongst other online slot games.

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