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Different variants of NFL slot games have recently flooded the market. Providing users with some of the best experiences as far as online gaming, Football Slot Games have focused on enhancing the bond between gamers and an appreciation for football itself. 

Still, with various options of football slots available, some might need to look at the very specifics to identify those who qualify. As for slot games, some stand above others as the top alternatives to consider. 

Gridiron Glory 

For most gaming experts and users, Gridiron Glory stands as one of the top online football slot games in the market. For most players, one main characteristic of Gridiron Glory stands above other similar gaming alternatives. 

In this case, Gridiron Glory manages to pull together a series of factors that resemble and ultimately make the NFL one of the most entertaining sporting alternatives. From the sounds of the referee blowing his whistle to virtual cheerleaders’ choreography on the sidelines along with different music alternatives being played on the virtual stadium, it’s all part of a submerging experience. 

The game has also been adapted and optimized to be accessed via mobile or desktop. Aside from all its graphics and optimal work bringing the best of the NFL, the winning collection is also plentiful as there are over 200 winning combinations players can hit. 

The ultimate prize allows players to hit the 250x prize multiplier, making it one the single best payouts of all NFL slot games. This also makes it one of the most exciting on the list.

American Football Pokie

American Football Pokie is an alternative by Microgaming and has become a favorite for Football Slot Games enthusiasts. Just as other gaming options in the market, the creators of American Football Pokie have tried to incorporate several factors to make the game stand out. 

The first aspect that was improved and enhanced was the graphics. Some game alternatives can be played in 3D, and most users have rated these features as top among other selections in the market. 

Some features of the game itself, such as additional symbols that lead to bigger wins and other exciting rewards, have also been added. For instance, wild boosts and scatterers have become the most exciting symbols to hit on the game. 

In basic terms, the game consists of a five-reel presentation. It also provides 20 pay lines from which users can select. All these reasons combined have placed American Football Pokie as one of football fans’ most favored online games. 

First Down 

First Down is also one of the top options for all football fans and stands at number one in Football Slot Games. The game simply provides fans and players with top-notch graphics. 

First Down also allows users to personalize their gaming experience, starting with the primary step of choosing one’s favorite squad from a short selection. Once players have selected a team, the symbols will be personalized accordingly.

Not only are just the symbols personalized, but most display features will be tinted in the color of your selected team. This allows players to get a better hold of a full gaming experience. 

Throughout the game, players can hit several combinations that include multipliers that range from 1x to 10x. They can also encounter various jackpot symbols, multiplying their earnings up to 15x. 

In the end, it doesn’t matter if one is just looking to play an alternative to a slot game or if they are simply an NFL fan. Football Slot Games can bring the best of both worlds to anyone on either side to take their slot gaming experience to the next level.