Feel the Heat With the Ultra Blazing Fire Link Slot Machine

Feel the Heat With the Ultra Blazing Fire Link Slot Machine

The Ultra Blazing Fire Link slot machine, a creation of SG Gaming, now known as Light and Wonder, is not just another Class III link game. It’s a game series with a unique setup, thrilling gameplay, and exciting bonuses.

When you come across slot machine casino games with ‘link’ in their title, it’s likely to be a game with a series of interconnected jackpots. Besides the developers, the key differentiator among these games is the method of triggering the jackpot.

In today’s casino news, we will discuss further what the Ultra Blazing Fire Link slot machine is all about and how far the game series has come. Let’s get started.

Fire Link Slots Machine: Ignite Your Wins

The Ultra Blazing Fire Link slot machine, a 5×4 reel game with linked jackpots triggered by fireballs, is a creation of Light and Wonder, an American gambling cooperative formerly known as Scientific Games (SG) a developer that creates online casino games. The cooperative’s ID changed in March 2022, a few years after its first fire link slot’s release, but it has existed since 1973 (over five decades).

As we said earlier, the Ultra Blazing Fire Link Slot has expanded into a game series. In addition to the original, six progressive and fast-paced slot games provide players with a unique gaming experience. The fire link feature in the game makes it action-packed. It is activated by landing the game’s major slot machine symbol – the fireball, which will award players three free spins when at least four are locked in. You might say – Just three spins? Yes, three.

The rarity of the free spins is completed with them having substantial value. In many games with multiple free spins, more often than not, half of them won’t yield value. So Light and Wonder decided to provide rare but valuable free spins. Does that mean there are no other features? No. There is a fire link bonus in these game series, and it is often provided.

If frequent, how then is the bonus determined? Here is how. The game is designed to provide players with enough fireballs to ensure an average prize distribution to players. And they are not dropped on locked levels players can’t reach. So, as you progress, gameplay gets more challenging, but reaching the top rows isn’t impossible. The gameplay is as straightforward as that of the Shining Fruits Slot.

A Games Series

The series of games can be easily identified by their primary name, Ultra Blazing Fire Link. Some games are then paired with the names of streets in the United States. So we have the Ultra Blazing Fire Link slot: Country Lights, By the Bay, China Street, Olvera Street, Glacier Gold, and Forest Wild. They are all slots for fun and rewards.

These games feature 5×4 reels, with a progressive jackpot with a top prize of 10,000x, and a minimum 50-credit bet, but they still have unique characteristics.

For players who often go for games with retriggers, the Glacier Gold might be the better one in the series. Those who love getting multipliers or a unique free spin bonus game will prefer China Street and Country Lights/By the Bay, respectively. If you want to develop your strategy, try getting some ideas from our online casino guides.
So, what is RTP percentage in the game? The RTP Ultra Blazing Fire Link slot machine’s RTP is between 95-97%.


The Ultra Blazing Fire Link progressive jackpot slot machine is a proper link-style game. And turning it into a series was a brilliant move by Light and Wonder. Looking through the games, one would discover that they are balanced. Every new release meets players’ needs. While there might be other games with more exciting features and bonuses, the Fire Link Slot does keep its gameplay fun with its fireball.

In Las Vegas, you can find these machines in various casinos and also enjoy the game in the online slots version. Visit Vegas Aces Casino to play rewarding games like this and more!

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