Craps for Beginners: Tips for Playing Craps

Craps for Beginners: Tips for Playing Craps

Craps is an exciting dice game where gamblers wager on the outcome of a die toss. The history of craps dates back to the Middle Ages when players played Street Craps by betting against each other. The era of casinos spawned Bank Craps, where gamblers wager against a bank, but the table game got its breakthrough when the Internet was founded. Online casinos have made Craps quite popular worldwide; however, there are certain tips for playing craps online you must not overlook. One exciting feature about Craps is that the table game does not require a formal setting so you can play it anywhere.

If you are yet to play your first game of craps, these tips for playing craps will come in handy for becoming a successful gambler.

Important Tips For Playing Craps Every Beginner Should Know

Most beginners find craps intimidating; the numbers, terms, and various betting options available in the game, but the truth is playing craps is easy. All you need to become an expert at the game is casino news like this and constant practice on a free casino craps table.

The game of craps begins with a come-out roll from the shooter hence why the outcomes are crucial moves for playing craps. The first or subsequent roll of the dice after the conclusion of a previous round of betting is known as the come-out roll, and the person who rolls the dice is known as the shooter.

There are three possible outcomes of a die toss:

  • Natural: You win and get to roll the dice again if you play a 7 or 11.
  • Craps: You lose if you roll a 2 (snake eyes), 3, or 12. However, the round is not over, and you can play again.
  • Point: If you roll a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, then you get another shot to roll the dice and hit the same number or the same sum again.

The number 7 is not a lucky game in craps; if you roll a 7, you lose and end the betting round.

Betting Tips For Playing Craps

As a beginner, we recommend using free online crap casinos to practice various rules and strategies before betting with real money. Listed below are betting tips for playing craps to help improve your game.

  • Pass Line Bet

Wagering on the pass line bet is the most straightforward craps strategy in land-based and online casinos. You win the pass-line bet if the dice land on 7 or 11. With a low house edge of 1.41%, winning pass-line bets is a sure way to make money, even for newbies.

  • Don’t Pass Bet

You can bet against the shooter with a Don’t Pass bet. You win if the shooter lands on 2 or 3 and lose the bet if it lands on 7 and 11. The bet becomes a push when a 12 is thrown, and you get your wager back. However, if the throw brings a point, you should make a Don’t Come bet. The odds of winning Don’t Pass bets are lower since 7 is the highest number of dice combinations.

  • Don’t Come Bet

You win a Don’t Come bet against the shooter if the dice lands on a 2 or 3. Just like the pass bet, a 12 also results in a push.

  • Manage Your Bankroll

Knowing when to leave the table is one skill every bettor should know. A good strategy is to set limits and reasonable winning goals and walk away once you reach the target. Unfortunately, most newbies make the mistake of following a losing streak till they eventually empty their bankroll on table games.


These are the best craps betting strategies that maximize the house edge and offer players the best odds. Unfortunately, various external factors can affect a toss, so dice-rolling techniques are ineffective in table games. So, we recommend that you stick to these betting options rather than toss the dice in hopes of controlling the number to land.

Now that you understand how to play craps check out the best free and real money casino craps tables online to register an account and begin your career with various exciting bonuses. Before accepting a bonus, remember to read and understand the casino’s terms and conditions. For further information regarding craps, visit Vegas Aces Casino.

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