Crokinole Game: Can You Hit the Target?

Crokinole Game: Can You Hit the Target?

Crokinole might be the perfect board game you have been searching for. The name of the game spells and sounds complicated, but its gameplay is quite the opposite. Today’s casino news highlights all the essential details you need to know about the game.

Crokinole: Disk-Flicking Delight With a Concentric Ring Strategy

Crokinole is a board game where you flick small discs on a round wooden board to outplay your opponents and score points. The game is played on a circle board divided into four scoring sections. It requires being dexterous.

The goal is to flick your small discs anywhere on the board to score points. You must hit your opponent’s disc with yours to keep yours on the board, or you’ll lose it. The game ends when all players have taken all their shots.

Similar to Rummy 500, a points-winning system is used in Crokinole. Your score is determined by where your disc is on the board when the round ends. The total of the player with the lowest point is subtracted from the total of the player with the highest point. This difference is awarded to the player with the highest point and a new round starts. As in with many casino games, the first participant to get a certain number of points (in this case, 100) wins the game.

The overall gameplay of Crokinole is as fun as most casino table games.

A Northern Tradition

All relevant information on the history of Crokinole points to the 1860s Canadian era. The oldest Crokinole board still in existence was made by Eckhardt Kitchener in 1876 in Perth County, Ontario, Canada. However, he didn’t invent the game, meaning it existed before.

Crokinole shares similar gameplay with numerous games, such as the British game ‘squails’, the Indian game ‘carrom’, and the ‘Pichenotte’, coined from the word ‘pitchnut’ to mean a light blow or flow. However, it has unique gameplay features that distinguish it from similar games. One of these is that it doesn’t require a dealer like the Three Card Rummy game.

While others assert that it has Amish or Mennonite roots, there’s no clear documentation on the exact origin of this particular game. The generally accepted origin is that it’s a Canadian game that became popular in the 1990s. Today, the game is played worldwide by children and adults alike, with the World Crokinole Championship being a popular competition.

The game’s name sounds so peculiar that you would be curious how it arrived at that. Crokinole originates from the French word ‘croquignole”, which, in its verb form, means numerous things in French. Croquignole translates to fillip, which means to flick.

It also stands for small crunchy biscuits, which is understandable, seeing that it is played using small round discs on a large board. Other meanings of the word are snap, bun, and a woman’s wavy hairstyle.

Crokinole Is a Global Flick Phenomenon

The World Crokinole Championship (WCC) and US OPEN Crokinole Championship undoubtedly contribute to the game’s enduring popularity. The first WCC tournament took place in 1999 in Tavistock, Canada. It is loved in the county, and what differentiates this tournament from many others is that players of all ages and skill levels can participate. There is a category for everyone, and you do not need to know the concept of the 52 factorial deck of cards. At the 2023 WCC, the youngest participant was 7; the oldest was 90 among the 575 players who registered and participated in the tournament. The 23rd edition of the WCC will take place on Saturday, June 1st, 2024. Cash prizes are up to $6800.

The US OPEN Crokinole Championship, on the other hand. is also a big deal in the United States, and many online casino enthusiasts would love to have the game available at their preferred online casino. The 2024 edition started on May 4th, and the final match occurred on May 15th. Ray and Jason Beierling, “the Power Flickers team,” faced Ron Langill and Paul Brubacher, the “Whose Hammer Is It” team. The match was tough throughout seven rounds. The “Power Flickers” eventually won, kicking off the discs of “Whose Hammer Is It” to win the $1001 prize.

Like the tips for playing craps state you must understand the table, here, you must understand the board as well and use playing strategies to improve the outcome.

Learn other playing strategies for this game and many other casino table games, by following our online casino guides.

Flick It!

Crokinole requires eye-hand coordination. Precision is key to hitting the necessary targets. Due to its simple gameplay rules, it can be played among family and friends of all ages. Some organizations have taken it upon themselves to teach children, stating that it is one of the best ways to light up the brain. Also, for adults, the game has proved to be advantageous. Andrew Bub, a stroke survivor, discovered his recovery path by following his passion for board games, and one of the games he began with was Crokinole.

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