Fast and Fun Pull Tabs: No Waiting—Just Pull and See if You’re a Winner!

Fast and Fun Pull Tabs: No Waiting—Just Pull and See if You’re a Winner!

Pull tabs are a popular lottery-like game found in various social settings, such as bars, clubs, and convenience stores. If you’re familiar with scratch-off lottery tickets, you’ll understand their concept.

The game features a ticket with a perforated tab, which players must pull to reveal the potential prizes. You win whatever is on the ticket you got.

In this casino news, we’ll provide concise details about pull tabs, their history, and their popularity in various states across the US.

Pull Tabs Fever: Once You Start, You Can’t Stop!

Pull tabs, also known as break-opens, Nevada tickets, Cherry Bells, Instant Bingo, Lucky Sevens, etc., consist of multi-layered paper tickets with symbols or numbers. Like most easy card games, it has straightforward gameplay. Players select several tickets from the dispenser and pull one or more tabs off the ticket to reveal the hidden information underneath.

Once the concealed symbol matches a predetermined win, the player wins a prize ranging from small cash to bigger payouts. Bet ranges don’t affect the nature of the prize whatsoever. You could purchase pull tabs tickets for as low as 25¢ and could go up to $5. Also, there are no limits to the number of tickets that you can purchase. A player could win a cash prize of up to $250.

Pull tabs are unlike the typical 4 player card games, but their simplicity, fair payouts, and easy-to-grasp gameplay have made them a favorite of many players.

An Old Game Came to Stay

The history of pull tab games dates back to the mid-20th century. It started as a charitable fundraising expedition but soon became something everyone wanted to participate in. The first were simple paper tickets with perforated tabs concealing symbols or numbers, sold in a few packs of five and ten. All players needed to do was tear back the tabs to reveal their potential winnings. Over time, they evolved into something more detailed, even going digital on online casino websites.

Pull-tab games experienced an immense surge in popularity in the 1970s and 1980s. During this period, they were used as a lucrative source of revenue for charitable organizations and commercial establishments. They gained popularity in the US and Canada, becoming a staple in bars, clubs, and other social gatherings.

Today, a player of an online table game can enjoy these games, though they are regulated and supervised differently depending on the jurisdiction. Pull tabs are legal, and each US state has distinct distribution rules.

Electronic Pull Tabs

Electronic pull tabs are digital versions of traditional games commonly found in bars and clubs. Players purchase electronic tickets on touchscreen devices, revealing potential prizes by “pulling” virtual tabs. These devices first debuted in 1990. Since then, states like North Dakota, Minnesota, Virginia, etc, have had licensed charitable organizations regulate their use. In 2012, the latest version of these machines was introduced, with Minnesota being the first state to implement them. Each device is monitored centrally, with predetermined sets of chances per deal. These devices are distinct from video slot machines, and though they are based on luck, they are equally different from games like the Lucky Wheel Game.

An Acclaimed Pocket-Sized Jackpot

The game enjoys varying degrees of popularity among different states in the US. States like Minnesota and North Dakota have a long-standing tradition of pull tab gaming, with numerous charitable organizations using them to fund community projects. These states have relaxed regulations on casino games and gambling laws favorable for philanthropic purposes.

Minnesota spends more than $1.4 billion annually on charitable gambling, mainly pull tabs—the most nationwide. These figures result from the growing market for pull tabs in the state. In 2019, Minnesota generated revenue of up to $1.97 billion from players’ purchase of these games. Wisconsin is another state, neighboring Minnesota, that enjoys charitable gambling.

On the contrary, states like California and New York have stricter regulations due to their reduced cultural affinity for pull tabs, leading to lower popularity. Additionally, factors such as demographics, gaming laws, and the presence of other gaming options, such as competitive poker, free blackjack, slot machines, etc., affect the game’s acceptance in various states in the US.

Pop the Prize!

Pull tabs are simple yet engaging. With their easy accessibility and potential for instant wins, they provide a quick thrill for players of all ages, where allowed. You do not need casino guide to get started with the game, just get your ticket, pull the tab, and claim your prize!

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