Get on Top of Your Game With Top Trumps Cards

Get on Top of Your Game With Top Trumps Cards

What is the first thing that occurs when you hear “Top Trumps Cards?” Is it the game we used to play as kids? Top Trumps Cards by Betsoft is one of the most accessible table games on online casino sites. The game is quite similar to the childhood version, but this one is a no-go area for kids.

So if you have been wondering – what are Top Trumps cards, and why should you play them? Read this casino news article for all the details you need!

Why You Should Play Top Trumps Cards

So, what are this trump cards? Top Trumps is a Betsoft exciting card game that can be enjoyed by everyone. Like other table games, it is quick-paced and easier to play if you know the Three Card Rummy rules, as both games are similar. All you need to win the game is to learn the value of each card and see how it matches the rest in the deck. Once you master this, you are ready to Trump your opponents at the casino table.

Asides from being simple, fast, and exciting, there are other reasons why you should play Top Trumps Cards next time you visit Vegas Aces Casino.

  • Simple Gameplay

The Top Trumps Cards is one of the few table games based on sheer luck – you don’t need to guess what card will be drawn next. However, you can become a master by practicing the bet options for real-money betting.

  • Lucrative Bets

Ante and Tie bets are the betting options available at the start of the game. The Ante bet gives a 1:1 payout rate, while the Tie bet is a side bet that allows you to wager up to three bets at once, one for each hand. In the event of a tie, you get a 10:1 reward plus your initial wager. Top Trumps Cards game is ideal for conservative bettors who wish to manage their bankroll, making it one of the best games to practice financial management.

  • Payout

Top Trumps Cards always pay the same amount, a 1:1 payout, irrespective of how better your card is than your opponent’s. However, the only exception is Tie bets with a 10:1 payout.

  • Mobile Gambling

Gambling on the go is one crucial feature of playing Top Trumps cards. You can access this table game on your mobile and desktop devices any time you deem fit. The HTML5 technology gives you 24/7 access allowing you to play on one device and resume gameplay on another. All you need is a good internet connection, and you’re set to trump the dealer and other players at this table game.

  • Multiplayer Option

“The more, the merrier.” If you think playing against the dealer will get tiring at some point, then you can increase the competition by playing against other online bettors. It’s still the same process as playing against the dealer, except you face more opponents.

  • Available at Secure casinos only

Top Trumps cards can only be found at reliable online casinos. Betsoft operators are very careful in providing their games to online casinos therefore only trusted sites that are fully licensed and regulated are eligible to hit the game on their site.

The fast and fun nature of the game makes it easy to clear your bankroll instantly. So, you must gamble wisely to save money and stay longer in the game. We advise placing low-limit bets until you win and raising them until you lose: Play responsibly.

Final Thoughts

If you are a fan of Betsoft, check out Top Trumps Card at Vegas Aces Casino for an exciting gaming experience. Check out the demo version of the game and other table games. Also, read the game rules and payout to understand better. Good luck as you play! Enjoy our fantastic welcome bonus as well!

Now that you know more about the game, log in at Vegas Aces Casino, and don’t miss out on the chance of winning today! Tell your friends on social media too!

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