Giant Playing Cards: A Fun Twist on Classic Games

Giant Playing Cards: A Fun Twist on Classic Games

Giant playing cards are plenty of fun when playing with friends and family. Why stop with regular cards when you can have more fun with bigger ones? Everything about them is like the 52-deck cards, except they are huge. These cards range in size from A4 paper standard to huge tables used outdoors.

Today’s casino news article discusses card games you can enjoy using giant playing cards.

Giant Playing Cards: Upgrade Your Party

Below are five casino games you can enjoy with giant playing cards.

Go Fish

Go Fish is one of the popular classic card games, and you can play with giant playing cards. Its gameplay objective is to get the most set of 4 matching cards of the same rank. At the start, each player is given seven cards each. They then take turns asking if the next player has a specific card. If they do, they have to give it to them.

If a player doesn’t have one, they have to go fishing until the game ends, and the player with the highest books wins. Reading a quick casino guide and playing a game like this with giant cards can be the friends and family fun time you need.

Concentration Card Game

This is another game that fits well with giant playing cards. The game tests the limits of your observational skill. Depending on how many people play the game, they mostly use face cards and jokers. To set up the game, a person puts two of every face card on the table face down, like with some popular table games casino options.

To win, you have to flip open two matching cards simultaneously. They then become your cards, with each card worth 1 point. If you open different cards, you have to drop them. Gameplay continues until all cards are open and the winner has the highest point.

Solitaire with Giant Playing Cards

Although Solitaire became famous as an online table game found on Windows computers, it started as a physical card game. Solitaire is simple and easy to understand. You arrange cards into seven columns, face down and overlapping, like the Virtual SicBo game. The last cards on each row are face up.

The objective is to move them one row at a time and arrange the cards in descending order from the King to Ace. Figuring out which cards to place where with giant playing cards is a fun activity you should try.

Wars with Giant Playing Cards

The fun is endless with giant playing cards. Wars are another card game with exciting gameplay. Interestingly, it can be played with up to 5 players among family and friends. Each player is given several cards at the start of the game. Some variations leave the deck of cards at the center for each player to pick from.

Once each player plays their cards face open, the one with the highest rank wins all the cards on the table. This continues until a player has all the cards and wins. Playing this with friends may not have the best table game odds. However, it’s guaranteed to bring many giggles, laughs, near misses, and great bonding time.

BS Card Game

If you’re wondering what table game has the best odds, BS is a great choice. It’s a game of bluffs that offers a unique twist, especially when played with giant playing cards. With each round, you have the chance to call out your friend’s bluff, adding an element of strategy that can tip the odds in your favor. And unlike wars, where you try taking all the cards for yourself, here, you’re trying to discard all your cards.

To start, every player has to place one card in the middle in ascending order facedown. The first is aces, followed by 2, 3, 4, etc. If, in an instant, there is a four on the table and the next player doesn’t have a 5 to play, they can play something else, saying it is 5. You get the chance to say they are lying, and if they are, they’ll pack all the cards at the center. If they are correct, you have to pack all the cards. The gameplay goes on until one person doesn’t have cards anymore.

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Wrapping Up the Giant Fun

Giant playing cards are fun when playing supported games. The highlighted games can shift your evening with friends from entertaining to eventful. However, if you prefer another category of games, free slots no download could be a great alternative.

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