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Let it Ride Payouts: The Most Common & The Less Common Let It Ride Pay Table

Let it Ride is a casino game for new casino players and those looking to have fun in the casino. Professional poker players prefer this table game less because it is classified as a carnival game. You can make a lot of money playing poker games based on luck.

Let it ride is a poke based game where the player tries to build the best possible hand from five cards. Unlike the other poker games where you play against the other players or the dealer, this makes the game less stressful.

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How to Play Let It Ride

To comprehend how the Let it Ride Payouts operate, you must first understand how the game is played. Let it ride is one of the most straightforward casino games to master.

A player begins by placing a bet on each betting circle in the game of Let it Ride. The amount waded on all three circles’ markings must be of equal amount on all points. This sounds like you will lose a lot when on a weak hand, but the player has an option to take up to two of the best if they don’t like the hand.

During the two rounds, the player must keep one of the bets. After all, bets have been placed; the player is dealt three cards. The player should not show their cards to anyone else.

The community cards are two additional cards that are dealt to qualify or improve the strength of a hand. The player has an option to play the hand by letting it ride by tucking their cards under their first wager.  If the player does not like the hand, they scratch the table signaling the dealer they would like to take back one of their bets.

The player chooses whether to play the hand or place their second wager after seeing one of the community cards. Regardless of the player’s hands, the game requires that one wager remains on the table. The dealer reveals the second community card and everyone’s cards to cross-reference against the paytable.

Let It Ride Pay Tables

The player’s five-card ranking determines the Let it Ride payouts. If a player gets a pair of tens, they are eligible for a payout. Any player who does not have these cards is eliminated from the game. The number of active bets determines the qualifying hands.

The odds of a win being paid out differ from one casino to another. Every casino has a house edge, which affects your pay. The house edge is a percentage that indicates how much money players can expect to lose in each round over a long period.

The house edge is calculated using the odds of making a winning combination from a hand and the winning payouts. The winning amount is calculated by multiplying the wage amounts by the winning combinations of cards odds.

The Most Common Let It Ride Pay Table

When looking at the royal flush, it’s easy to tell if a casino uses this table. The royal flush pays 1000 to 1; a player is paid 1000 times their bet for every chip they wager.

This is the most common pay in both online and land-based casinos in both online and land-based casinos. The house edge on this table is 3.51 percent. In the long run, if a player starts with a $100 wager, they can expect to lose $3.5 in every round.

The Less Common Pay Table

  • For a royal flush, 1,000 to 1 pay off
  • For a straight flush, 200 to 1 pay off
  • For a kind, 50 to 1 pay off
  • For full house, 11 to 1 pay off
  • For a flush, 8 to 1 pay off
  • For a straight, 5 to 1 pay off
  • For a 3 of a kind. 3 to 1 pay off
  • For 2 pairs, 2 to 1 pay off
  • For tens or better, 1 to 1 pay off 

The Less Common Pay Table

These Let it Ride Payouts tables pay less compared to the first table. This table’s house edge is significantly lower than the first. This means that if you play for a long time, you will lose less money per round.

  • For a royal flush, 200 to 1 pay off
  • For a straight flush, 100 to 1 pay off
  • For a kind. 40 to 1 pay off
  • For full house, 15 to 1 pay off
  • For a flush, 9 to 1 pay off
  • For a straight, 5 to 1 pay off
  • For 3 of a kind, 3 to 1 pay off
  • For 2 pairs, 2 to 1 pay off
  • For tens or better 1 to 1 pay off 

For a full house play, the less-used payout table pays more based on the pay for a full house play lines. Their house edge varies depending on the table, but it typically ranges from 3.03 % to 2.96 %.

The Bonus Round

This is an opportunity for players to profit more from their three cards. If the original three cards have a pair of tens or better, this bet wins automatically. This bet is paid with odds based on the bonus table.

When choosing what a let-it ride to play online or in casinos, you should consider the payouts and the house edge. The game is fun, and players can make lots of money when playing with the best strategies for let it ride poker multi hand and other games. Remember, if you want to know more about Vegas Aces, check our social media and be aware of every news.


In conclusion, Let it Ride Payouts works by allowing players to wager on their three-card hand and two community cards. If the player has a strong hand, they can choose to let their bet ride and potentially win a larger payout. If the player has a weak hand, they can pull back their bet and avoid losing money. 

The payouts in Let It Ride are based on the strength of the player’s hand, with stronger hands paying out more money. Overall, Let It Ride is a fun and exciting game that offers players the chance to win big payouts. 

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Let it Ride Payouts FAQs

How does Let it Ride work?

Let it ride is one of the most accessible poker games to play. The table-based poker game is played using cash chips representing a value in terms of money. The game is played online or in land-based casinos.

The Let it Ride game player does not play against the casino or the other players and is based on luck from your hand. The gambler has an opportunity to decrease or withdraw a bet when a game isn’t in his favor. The player aims at having a pair of tens or better cards to win the hand.

Where can I find the Let It Ride paytable?

Let it ride is played on online and land-based casinos. When playing in a casino, always check the payout table to see how much money you can gain from your winnings. The payout table varies from one casino to another, depending on the house rules.

Online casinos provide a payout table for their game. While practicing roulette, you can use the standard payout table. 

What is Let It Ride in poker?

Let it ride is a table-based poker game that originated in the 1980s. The game was created by Shuffle Master Inc, a company promoting its automatic-shuffling machines. The game’s popularity has increased because the player does not play against the dealer or the other player.

The player wagers on a five-card hand that forms from their three cards and two community cards. The aim while playing is to get two pairs of tens or better cards.