Is Casino War Online a Profitable Game?

Is Casino War Online a Profitable Game?

Bet Technology created Casino War online game in 1993, and Shuffle Master later obtained the game. That same year it became patented; it took its full course. Within a short time, its recognition stretched, and it became popular among other casino card games.

With the procurement by Shuffle Master, the Casino War game has expanded its base over the years both on land and online. Compared to other table games, it isn’t onerous to understand how the Casino War game works.

Are you bent on playing a card game with no skill or strategy required? A Casino War online game is all you need! Then, the Casino War online card game might become your favorite with more than 95% of RTP (Return To Player).

How profiting is Casino War online card game that gives it a spark from other card games?

Let’s find out!

Casino War Game Features: A Simple Game for You

Casino war online is one of the few simple card casino games to play. It takes the likeness of the children’s card, the “classic game of war.” Cards are given to players; then, they compare those cards to determine who has the highest card.

From the above concept, casino war conceptualized “highest card wins” and subsumed it into a casino game with betting and a house edge. With poker card values and high ace, a player emerges as the winner if the player’s card beats the dealer’s.

Casino war online game is played with six decks. Aces are high, and suits are not of importance. It is a briskly paced card game requiring a player to go against a dealer to win and make profits. In the game, if the value of your card is the same as the dealer’s card, you tie and then “go to war” to try and beat the dealer with a secondary card. On a tie (going to war), if the dealer’s card’s value is higher than yours, that makes the dealer a winner. Also, if the dealer’s card’s value is lower than yours, you win!

Casino War Rules: What Are the Game Rules?

Every game has a set of rules that needs to be observed while playing. Below are the online casino war rules players must adhere to:

  • Have an ante bet: Your ante is the amount used to open a bet.
  • Side betting: The idea of having side betting is not mandatory. However, it is not entirely useless, especially if it involves a player and the dealer. Some players avoid it because they consider it an added advantage to the house. But one thing to note is that if you declare war and win, it pays 10 to 1. As you read through, the ideal meaning of declaring war and having a tie with the dealer will be discussed.
  • Finishing a round: The dealer shares cards, and a player plays based on the game’s rules. The dealer also deals additional cards to determine the winner if a player does not fold (surrender).

Few Tips for the Casino War Game

The following Casino War tips will help maximize a potential winning:

  • Avoid Surrendering: In a game of tie between a player and a dealer, a player has two choices — surrender or go to war. A player’s chances to win at Casino war are higher than choosing to surrender. When a player quits, he or she loses his/her amount leaving the house with a 3.7 percent edge. But when a player goes to war, this edge decreases to 2.8 percent. In sum, a player has his chance to win on a 50-50 scale.
  • Watch out for aces: The ace is considered the highest denomination card in a Casino War online game. Most times you win with an ace, except if the dealer also gets one, then you tie.
  • Make little stakes: In the game of sports betting, the house always has the advantage over the players. Do not be overburdened with your desire to win, not to heighten your stake to a loss. Stay on budget even if you’re amassed much. Remember, Casino War, like any other online game, is luck centered.

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