Win the Mississippi Stud Progressive Poker Game

Win the Mississippi Stud Progressive Poker Game

In the game of poker you try to win the pot, an accumulation of bets placed by all the players during each hand played, achieved by having the best hand on the table or relying on tactics for manipulating players into folding their cards. Poker has variations, one of which is Stud poker. Stud poker is a famous variant played in most poker tournaments. It is a unique variant without community cards or hole cards, and its cards are dealt in a predetermined face-up or face-down manner. And it also has variants, like the Mississippi Stud Progressive.

While the mentioned tactics are the basics of the stud poker game, it will interest you that Mississippi stud progressive is a particular variation of the stud poker game that’s easy to learn and exciting to play. It is most prevalent in online casinos and is considered one of the best poker variations for gamers in both online and land-based casinos.

We will explain some tactics on how to win the Mississippi Stud progressive game, whether you are playing it online or offline. Knowing how to win at the Mississippi Stud game will give you the leverage you need to make those massive cashouts from your bets. Let us see below how to win at Mississippi Stud through various moves uncommon to gamers.

What is Mississippi Stud Progressive and how to win it

Before going into the strategic moves in winning the Mississippi stud progressive game, let us briefly learn what the game is about and all it entails. The top payout of the Mississippi Stud progressive game can be as much as twenty-five thousand dollars. The gamer is dealt double cards combined with community cards in the game. The community cards are three, making a total of five cards. Therefore, this is a five-card poker game.

In the game, there is no qualifying hand to be defeated, and the dealer isn’t the one to be wagered against but rather the paytable. Players can bet multiple units of up to ten in a single hand, and a player wins when they have a pair of jacks or something better in their hand. There is also a bonus side bet that pays on a hand of pairs that players can take at any time. Mississippi Stud progressive is a vibrant game that people love to play, but sadly, many gamers find it difficult to make wins from it.

Various tactics are used in the game of poker, allowing players to make massive cashouts from their bets when done correctly. Seasoned players also use these moves to get massive Mississippi Stud payouts from their bets.

Strategies for Winning The Game

Amongst table games, poker has a diverse range of methods for winning. Below are some moves to make when faced with particular cards.

When you see a community card, we advise you to do the following:

  • Bet your ante thrice with any hand that pays or with triple parts of a royal flush. Three cards with similar suits having a unit of ten or higher will pack many values that may possess high pairs, flushes, straights, and others.
  • Bet your ante thrice using triple parts of a straight flush without gaps.
  • Avoid making triple your bet if you’ve suited 6-7-9. This is because between 7 and 9 is an eight, and you need a 5 or 1, or 10 for a complete straight flush.

When you see two community cards, do the following:

Bet your ante thrice with a paying hand and four cards of similar suits. Whether you find any flush opportunities or not, the 6-1 payoff allows you to discover if the last community card matches any of your high or middle cards.

When you see the first two hands, do the following:

  • Bet your ante thrice when you have a pair of 6s or something higher. This will ensure you can’t do worse than getting your bet back. The best move at all times is betting at maximum as soon as you can.
  • According to the above ranking, bet an equal amount if you have two points. Cards like 6 and 8 are a point each, which makes two points. This is enough to keep you playing. Also, the Jack and a lower card can work to make two points.
  • If you have two low cards or a low card and a middle card, it is best to fold those.

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