Aces and Eights Casino: The History Behind the Dead Man’s Hand

Aces and Eights Casino: The History Behind the Dead Man’s Hand

The story of this poker hand is traceable to the Old West. However, it goes beyond the table as the Dead Man’s Hand became a thing when a famed law enforcer was shot dead at a poker table. Albeit a gory sight, the poker aces and eights casino poker hand he had at his death was inducted into poker folklore — and it remains a thing to date.

While we’ve given an overview of how the Dead Man’s Hand came to be, this article will dig deeper to give you the full version of this poker tale. That said, we’ll also deliver major tips on how to trump this hand at your favorite aces and eights casino.

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Aces and Eights Casino: How the Dead Man’s Hand Came to Exist

As we’ve established, this hand has roots in the Old West. In 1937, Wild Bill Hickok was born. As he grew into a man, Hickok became a jack of all trades — gambler, actor, and gunslinger. But, due to his profession as a law enforcer, Hickok spent most of his life slugging it out with criminals and bringing outlaws to book.

On August 2nd, 1876, Hickok played a Five-Card Stud poker game at Nuttal and Mann’s saloon. Card rooms back in the day adopted similar settings — a bar filled with tons of cigars and whiskey to go around and poker tables for gamblers to hone their crafts while winning decent amounts (if lucky).

As the Poker game progressed (bets had been made, and cards were shared amongst participating players), another gambler named Jack McCall entered the saloon. Immediately he got in, he went behind Bill (a zone where he was unnoticed) and raised his pistol. This wasn’t shooting practice as he aimed it at Bill’s head, delivering a shot moments later.

It was official — Bill was DEAD! While he died at a relatively early age of 39, the hand Bill had before his death made the rounds. For context, he had a poker hand fielding two black aces and eights.

After Bill’s death, there were several rumors about the identity of the individual who was killed with aces and eights and whether or not he had an “AA88” hand. Although we can’t gauge the story’s authenticity, the resulting folklore remains a constant in poker gaming to date.

What’s the Significance of the Dead Man’s Hand?

Although the Dead Man’s Hand has a rich history, this hand isn’t as valuable as other poker hands, including Royal Flush and Full House. Getting a Dead Man’s Hand might be scary (if you’re in a poker room, you’d probably look around to spot enemies looking to gun you down).

However, it’s not so bad as it can edge you towards a poker pot win. If Bill didn’t die, he might have won the pot featured in the Five-Card Stud poker game he was playing. Tough luck!

Besides the significance of Dead Man’s Hand in videopoker and other poker variations, it extends to other focal life aspects. For context, the Dead Man’s Hand signage is the insignia employed by the Las Vegas Metro Police Department’s Homicide Division and the Armed Forces Medical Examiner System (AFMES).

How to Win the Dead Man’s Hand at an Aces and Eights Casino

You’ve probably encountered poker players who have won the hand with aces and eights. The Dead Man’s Hand is a game-winning poker hand. If your opponent has this revered hand, don’t fret. However, this is easier said than done, especially if you have a lot at stake. Our advice? Take a few deep breaths and remember that it’s just a game! If you’ve got a stronger hand, you’d most likely win. So, check what you’d need to complete that killer combo.

At your favorite aces and eights casino, people might bluff the dead man’s hand on your face to scare you. We advise you not to fold as the hand you have can see you take hold of their chips!

Final Thoughts

The Dead Man’s Hand is of seismic importance in poker gaming. Although it isn’t as valuable as the Royal Flush or Full House, it’s a worthy hand. So remember to gamble responsibly as you try to collect this hand and win at your favorite aces and eights casino.

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