Double Bonus Poker Strategy

Double Bonus Poker Strategy

Double bonus poker is one of the many poker variants that people particularly enjoy because of its unique feature of high payout. This game has many advantages that players can leverage over the house. While this game is as exciting as joker poker machine and shows excellent potential, its strategy is essential for winning.

This Double bonus poker strategy casino news will help you understand and play better whenever you find the game before you. Without the Double bonus poker strategy, you may not do excellently at the table. But before we move into the Double bonus poker strategy, below is a brief explanation of the double bonus poker for those who may be unfamiliar with the online casino game.

Double Bonus Poker Strategy

The game is a variant of poker variant. What does this mean? The game is a variation of the Bonus Poker variant that is also a variant of Jacks and Better, a popular video poker game. Due to the high payout of the game, the word “bonus” is added to the game. By reducing the payoff for two pairs, the game can pay for larger payouts. Smart players enjoy a healthy advantage over the house when using the right pay table in this game. Even less optimal tables will do well for video poker as long as the player knows the Double bonus poker strategy.

Double Bonus Poker explained

The Double bonus poker strategy will help you improve your game if appropriately learned. The main idea in all poker strategies is knowing which hand to fold or keep. There are various strategies that you can apply for various scenarios that may arise at the table. This section will discuss some of these scenarios and show you what to do when encountering them.

  • When you are dealt 5 Hearts, 7 Spades, 2 Hearts, 3 Spades, and 5 Diamonds, you can hold two cards and draw another to form a winning hand. You do this because you are missing one more 5-card that would have completed the winning hand in this scenario.
  • When you are dealt 7 Spades, 5 Diamonds, 2 Diamonds, 5 Hearts, and 5 Clubs, you keep the three cards of 5’s and discard the rest. You could even receive another five-card from the dealer, leaving you with the unique hand of four cards with the number 5.
  • If you have 8 Clubs, 2 Hearts, 4 Hearts, 5 Diamonds, and 7 Spades, the best option is a four to an inside straight without high cards. You do this because you have no high card, which would have helped to create a winning hand. Therefore, considering how close you are to having a straight hand, this move is the best option.
  • When you are dealt 4 Clubs, 7 Spades, 5 Spades, 7 Hearts, and 6 Diamonds, you may face two options. You can hold the two seven cards and look to form either a three/four of a kind or hold the ‘four to an outside straight’ cards, which are the 4, 5, 6, and 7.
  • When you are dealt 9 spades, 3 Hearts, 5 spades, 8 Diamonds, and 6 Spades, the best thing to do is hold the three cards 9, 5, and 6. These cards are a three to straight flush; therefore, it is advisable to hold them since there aren’t any high cards available.
  • When you are dealt Jack Clubs, Queen Diamonds, 8 Hearts, 2 Diamonds, and Ace Clubs, hold the two suited high cards and discard the rest. Jack clubs and Ace Clubs are similar, so they are suited, which is why they are kept instead of the rest.

Final Thoughts

With many poker variants today, one is sure to get immersed in the card table’s world of cards and strategies, especially at Vegas Aces casino. The double bonus poker game players need these strategies to thrive at the table. Without them, one may keep making bets and losing without understanding why.

Sister variants like Joker Poker machine, also have strategies. Knowing the strategy of most table games is usually the only skill the player requires to make constant winnings at the table. Just like wild texas poker, the described poker game above has no time limits, so take your time to study your card and compare it with the strategies you’ve learned to find the best move to make.

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