Is Video Poker Beatable? Check Out This Gambling Alternative

Is Video Poker Beatable? Check Out This Gambling Alternative

Throughout wagering history, two games have ranked top for being beatable — blackjack and video poker. In fact, you’ll find several variations with RTP values surpassing the 100% mark. Nonetheless, these formats aren’t readily available, leading to the standard query — is Video Poker beatable?

Certain games incentivize you to think it’s possible to engage a distinct title and achieve decent winning combinations in online casino gaming. On the flip side, some variations tout themselves as not being “beatable.”

Is Video Poker Beatable? Let’s Find Out…

Video poker games are available at most land-based casinos. Look for machines with screens featuring cards and a button under each to spot them. This design also applies to video poker titles at online casinos, including a revered alternative — Multi Video Poker.

Video poker bears semblance with Five Card Draw Poker and is straightforward to play. However, as time passed, many video poker variations have come to the fore.

The most popular variant currently is Jacks or Better. This video poker format deals 5 cards when the stint begins, and you can switch as many cards as you’d like in a bid to form a winning hand.

Afterward, a draw comes to the fore, and you’re paid based on your poker hand. Note that the poker hand value will differ within varying Jacks or Better alternatives. The same applies to distinctive video poker games like Joker Poker and Deuces Wild.

Beatable Video Poker Games

If you intend to play video poker for real money, you’ll find several mediums curated to incentivize your gambling stint with decent wins. For instance, in 9/6 Jacks or Better — a video poker game where getting a Full House earns you 9 coins and a Flush denotes a 6 coin win — players will encounter RTP values reaching 99.54% by utilizing the right video poker strategy.

If you’re searching for high-paying video poker alternatives, consider the title alongside its paytable. Although you’d find the 9/6-themed payable associated with most Jacks or Better formats, other video poker titles feature payables depicting higher values.

As it stands, here are some video poker mediums with the highest Return to Player (RTP) percentages:

  • 10/6 Double Double Bonus (100.07% RTP)
  • 10/7 Double Bonus (100.17% RTP)
  • Full-Pay Joker Wild (100.65% RTP)
  • Full-Pay Deuces Wild (100.76% RTP)

Although these RTPs might seem mind-boggling, they’re only theoretical. So, while you might get a seismic win today, your betting stints on any of these games might be disastrous the next day. The unpredictability attached to videopoker titles occurs due to the presence of Random Number Generators (RNGs) curated to generate randomized results on each play.

Looking to Beat Video Poker Games and Earn Decent Profits? Adopt These Tips

Suppose you’ve been doing Google searches along the line of “is video poker beatable?” — understanding the RTP values and payable attached to your preferred alternative isn’t all there is to affecting the winning margins you seek.

To improve your winning chances in video poker, you might want to incorporate these tips in your gameplay:

  • Utilize Bonuses

You can use numerous bonuses to overcome the hoops of video poker gameplay. At your preferred gambling site, you’d find incentives attached to Jacks or Better video poker and related titles.

When you opt into these bonuses, you can get lengthier playing time. That way, you get closer to decent wins with each dealt card.

  • Take Things Slowly

Desperation doesn’t get you the best things in life; the same analogy applies to video poker gaming. You will lose more if you place wagers carelessly without using an optimal strategy.

Final Thoughts: Is Video Poker Beatable?

The answer is a resounding YES! This game is exciting, and you can win astronomical amounts with the right strategy.

The most common video poker game is Jacks or Better. However, note that this format has different variations. If you’d like to take huge wins, we advise going for the 9/6 alternative. With a 99.54% RTP, this game has payouts reminiscent of Blackjack.

Although the route toward making a Royal Flush hand may seem significant, remember to gamble responsibly at all times.

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