E-Bingo Online Lottery

E-Bingo Online Lottery

Quick Overview of the Game

Playing other casino games from AllWaySpin is a super fun activity, but so is wagering on the E-Bingo online lottery, which is another great game from the same provider. It is a highly entertaining online Bingo variant where you can win some hefty prizes on multiple cards. Keep reading this review to find out about the features.

How to Play E-Bingo Online Lottery

The E-Bingo online lottery is a very simple game that is super easy to play and can even be mastered by beginners in just a couple of minutes.

First, you must register and verify an account at your preferred real money online casino before you are allowed to play with real money. This process is fairly straightforward and won’t take long to finish. Then, in the game library, look for the E-Bingo online real money version and access it from a mobile or desktop device. Then select the number of cards you want to wager on as well as the bet limit per card, and click on the Start button.

All of these options are shown at the bottom of the screen. You will also notice the Auto button, which offers a chance to play a couple of rounds automatically. If you’re not familiar with the gameplay or you simply don’t want to wager real money yet, you can always find the demo version and play it for free.

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E-Bingo RTP and Variance

We are sorry to inform you that at the moment of this casino game reviews, information about the RTP rate and variance wasn’t available.

Symbols and Gameplay

In this game, there are no classic symbols. E-Bingo online game actually uses numbers from 1 to 90 in every round, and with each card, you are betting on 15 numbers to be drawn by the bingo machine.

It is worth noting that you aren’t supposed to hit all 15 numbers on the card in order to win a payout. However, if the drawn numbers all appear on the card, then you will win the biggest reward.

On the other hand, if you manage to guess the numbers drawn on the upper horizontal line, then you will collect the least rewarding payout.

Bet Sizes and Paytable Wins

If you want to wager on only one single card then you can choose a minimum bet of $0.1 and a maximum of $10. In the table below, you can see the payouts that you can get from E-Bingo, if you bet $1.

Card Form With the Numbers Position Payout
A horizontal line 70x
2nd and 4th vertical line; 2nd and 4th number on the upper and lower horizontal line, and 1st and 5th number on the same line 90x
A T-shape form, upwards or downwards 120x
2nd, 3rd, and 4th number on the 1st and 2nd horizontal line, and the 2nd and 4th number on the 2nd horizontal line 150x
A shape without the numbers on the edges and the 2nd numbers on the 1st and 2nd horizontal line, or without the 2nd numbers on the 2nd and 3rd horizontal line 500x
Two horizontal adjacent lines 1,000x
A shape without the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th number on the 2nd horizontal line; without the numbers on the edges 2,000x
A shape without the middle 2nd, 3rd, and 4th number on the 2nd horizontal line 5,000x
All numbers on the card 10,000x


E-Bingo Online Lottery Bonus Features

The E-Bingo online lottery doesn’t come with any bonus features, as they can be rarely found in these types of games.

E-Bingo Online Lotte FAQs

Can I play E-Bingo on a mobile device?

Yes, you can. E-Bingo online has been fully optimized for the use of any mobile, tablet, or desktop device.

What is the biggest payout that I can get on E-Bingo?

The biggest payout that you can get from the E-Bingo online lottery is $100,000.

Play E-Bingo by AllWaySpin

As you can read in this E-Bingo review, this is a game that offers some very generous prizes. The gameplay is super fast, and you can wager on up to 20 bingo cards at once.

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E-Bingo Online Reviews


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 9 reviews
 by Owen Mitchell

E-BINGO: Where convenience meets fun!

 by Zoe Anderson

Vegas Aces nails it with E-BINGO!

 by Nora Patel

E-BINGO's interactive twist is genius!

 by Liam Turner

E-BINGO: Tradition meets online thrill.

 by Sophia Ramirez

E-BINGO is my new favorite pastime!

 by Ethan Cooper

E-BINGO's modern take is addictive!

 by Maya Wallace

BINGO excitement at my fingertips, thanks!

 by Dylan Harris

E-BINGO's virtual twist is a winning move.

 by Lila Bennett

E-BINGO brings classic fun online. Love it!

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