Skull Bingo Game

Skull Bingo Game

Quick Overview of the Game

In our Skull Bingo online game review, we will be discussing the ins and outs of this video bingo. Created by Funky Games, bingo is inspired by Mexican culture. In addition, the game retains its roots in traditional bingo games, so bingo players have a fun time playing. The game is designed to put users in a fun and entertaining environment while they win money from their wagers.

To fully enjoy this game on the best online casino, you can try out the Skull Bingo demo, where you can play without using any cash. Here is a brief rundown of the game at a glance.

How To Play Skull Bingo Online Game

Want to learn how to play Skull Bingo Online Game? This is the online casino review for you. Skull Bingo is like every other casino games out there without much deviation. Players buy tickets (between one and four tickets per game) and hope to match the tickets with the numbers on the balls to win prizes. In addition, players can also trigger a bonus game where they have to pick skulls to win prizes. The main game and the bonus game come together to give players an enjoyable experience playing online Bingo. Finally, the Mexican theme adds a fun twist to the game, making it more interesting.

Skull Bingo Online Game RTP and Variance

Skull Bingo has an RTP rating of 96%, which means that players will have a good return on their money. Furthermore, with a medium variance rating, players will have an okay time playing the game as there is no large risk of losing their wager with each turn. Funky Games has created a bingo masterpiece that new players will love.

Symbols and Gameplay

The game is not symbol-heavy, and it uses numbers in active gameplay. Most of the symbols used in the game draw on Mexican inferences and ensure that users are able to enjoy a Mexican playing experience. Furthermore, players have to match the numbers on their tickets to the randomly generated numbers on the balls present. Together, these symbols and gameplay make Skull Bingo what it is as a game.

Bet Sizes and Paytable Wins

The bet size is controlled by how many tickets users purchase. Players are allowed to purchase between one and four tickets per playing round. Therefore, players will be able to spend between $0.5 and $10 per game. On the other hand, there is no data regarding the game’s paytable because symbols do not determine the amount won. The higher your win rate, the more matches you get. Finally, buying more tickets improves your chances of winning big.

Skull Bingo Online Game Bonus Features

The game has a bonus round where players have to pick out skeletons to win. This is where the game deviates from other standard bingo casino games by offering a bonus round. Most classic bingo games have only the main game mode, but Skull Bingo creates excitement for its players through the bonus game. The bonus game can be triggered while playing the regular mode.

Skull Bingo Online Game FAQs

Can I play the Skull Bingo online game for free?

Yes, you can. The Skull Bingo demo is available for users to play for free. To earn real money, players will have to play the full version.

Does Skull Bingo have bonus games?

Yes, Skull Bingo has bonus games that ensure that players can get more value for their money. The bonus game is triggered in the game


Skull Bingo is a great game that allows players to use their luck and sharp wit to win prizes. Match the numbers on your ticket to the randomly generated numbers and win big. What are you waiting for? Start playing now!

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Skull Bingo Reviews

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Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Emma Parker

Skull Bingo Slot is thrilling! Spooky fun awaits.

 by Mason Carter

Smooth gameplay, eerie graphics. Highly enjoyable!

 by Olivia Evans

Exciting features, keeps me on edge for hours.

 by Ethan Hayes

Skull Bingo Slot is bone-chilling! Perfect for thrill-seekers.

 by Sophia Mitchell

Fun and addictive. A graveyard of excitement!

 by Noah Nguyen

Generous bonuses, plenty of spooky wins.

 by Harper Thompson

Reliable payouts, top-notch customer service.

 by Lily Foster

User-friendly interface, makes spinning effortless.

 by Laura Davis
Graphics: 94
Features: 93
Gameplay: 91
Value: 92

Skull Bingo is a really fun twist on the classic game. I love the spooky skull symbols!

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