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7th Heaven is one of the most captivating slot games

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7th Heaven is one of the most captivating slots developed by BetSoft and played on five reels across 18 paylines. The game is packed with many old-school features, and you cannot miss them on the symbol selection. The game has a somewhat dark purple background, and the most impressive part is that it has a higher payout rate.

7th Heaven Slot Game Review

7TH Heaven Game

7th Heaven is one of the most captivating slots games developed by BetSoft and played on five reels across 18 paylines. The game is packed with many old-school features, and you cannot miss them on the symbol selection. The game has a somewhat dark purple background, and the most impressive part is that it has a higher payout rate.

You can play this game for money or play for fun in the demo mode, where you do not have to pay anything. Though you will not get any multipliers in this game, you have fully effective wild and scatter symbols. There are so many colorful symbols that make the game more bright and engaging. 

As you would expect of BetSoft, they did not let their guard down when designing 7th Heaven Slots. Their graphics are still evident, and the display is vibrant and player-centered. There are a few 3D animations that appear to be giving life to the images when you get a win as you spin.

 If this is not what you expect from a slot game, then maybe we need to go deeper into the details so you can see how good this game is.

Themes And Graphics

7th Heaven Slot is more of a traditional style and simplistic arcade game which does not have any storyline behind its existence. The primary purpose of this game is to bet, spin and win as much as you can. Nevertheless, you are still guaranteed satisfaction. You have a few bells swinging and whistles, which will put you back on track if you lose focus. 

A few symbols in the slot are borrowed from the classic land-based casino slots. You have a blue and red, seven, Bells, Cherries, Four card suits. But that is not all you would expect, and you get to see more features offered by this game. You will need to spin the Gem Party icon to trigger the special features.

When you land a winning combo, you will see the neon-like light flash on the symbols, and the wild symbol can get jiggly to expose some extravagant visuals. The funky electronica soundtrack may not sit well with some players, but you have the option to turn it off.

7th Heaven Features

When playing this game, keep in mind that the Purple W symbol is the wild symbol, and you can use it to replace all the other symbols apart from the scatter symbol. This is how you can create winning combinations.

 If you land three 7s on the second, third and fourth reels, you are assured of a payout, and after that, the symbols that initially landed on the reel will be turned to wilds, increasing winning chances. The Gem Part symbol represents the scatter symbol, and you can get free spins alongside other lucrative rewards.

 If you land the scatter symbol anywhere on the 1st to 3rd reel, you might launch a bonus game with 7 free spins on reels filled with Gem symbols. If you win in the bonus games, you are eligible for a 1500 coins payout. 

Launch the second bonus round by spinning any of the four cards on the third, fourth or fifth reel. The moment you land, you will see a spinning wheel that can let you win from 7-12 spins. When you play the free spins, you are presented with a special bonus symbol that can be matched to win the same amount of your initial wager.

Gameplay And Payouts

7th Heaven slot is one of the simplest games to play, and not much difficulty in gameplay. The symbols and game features make it more captivating and unique. You have a well-laid-out interface that shows all the betting options you need to play. 

You have the icons for the coin value, spin, bet lines, and max bets, nicely lined at the bottom of the screen. You can also view your winning combos via the 'View Pays' button.

For the first time you play this game, you might get surprised that it has only 18 paylines. 

We are here to remind you that the reels can be selected, and you can customize how much you want to place on one bet. If you do not want to miss out on any payouts, you can go all the way and bet maximum.

The paylines coin value is 0.02, and you can bet a maximum of 1.00 coins for every spin. You can adjust your risks by placing a bet on the $1 mark. Betting $ promises you some impressive small wins that will build step by step towards a bigger payout. The medium wins may not look much significant, but the bigger wins are more descent.

7th Heaven RTP

This slot is among the medium volatility casino slots. With a 95.8% return to player percentage of 95.8%, you are assured of landing some smaller wins and medium ones. 

Even though it may not be easy to land the bigger prize, you can get up to 1500 coins if you are lucky enough. 

The best way to play to win in this game is by betting maximum on the reels. Even if there are only 18 paylines, some people find their way around the game to get maximum wins.

Wrapping Up

7th Heaven is a good slot since at least it promises some payouts frequently, and you can hold onto that as you wait for the next round. 

The game has medium volatility, and you can see that from when you play. You need to locate the part gem icon and see if you can land some impressive wins.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Is The Payout Percentage Different In Free Play Slots And Real Money Slots?
Yes! But you should check on the official website. Most online slots should provide information concerning payouts for every slot before you bet on your spin. This gives your insight into how much money you can win on a successful bet.
2Can I Play 7th Heaven On Mobile For Real Money?
You likely can. The game allows for mobile options, which are always available for play. If you are playing the game at a top casino, then expect only the best. You will have to log in via a mobile app, deposit funds, and get into action. There is also the option to play instantly on a website.
3Does The Payout On 7th Heaven Game Vary From Casino To Casino?
The payouts likely vary. Many casinos offer this game, but you might find casinos with higher RTP than others according to different licensing and regulation requirements. But if the game is from one developer, the symbols, features, and gameplay will still be the same.
4What Is A Wild Symbol In 7th Heaven Casino?
The wild symbol is the one that differentiates from the scatter symbol. It is an icon that plays a wild card and can be landed on any paylines. You would have to keep your notebook nearby to capture all the game information. You may need to track this symbol everywhere on the game.

7th Heaven Slot Review

7th Heaven Slot Review
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by DiggaDigDat
12 free spins

I would have liked it more if there was a way the free spins could be triggered differently. I was getting the winning icons felt good, and 12 free spins is enough to get one win at least. If I feel ready enough, I will give it another shot.

 by Leah Wright
I cannot get enough

I just wanted something to pass the time, and now I cannot get enough. I have played it for a very long time, and I cannot complain whatsoever. Everything checks out well, and I would like to stop playing in demo mode and do it for money.

 by Joyce Cece
More optimized

I have played similar slots from Microgaming, and there is no way to tell the difference. I find the one from BetSoft as more optimized, so it gives me the best features and gameplay. I don't particularly appreciate playing technical games, so this is a plus for me.

 by Maulid Abdul
Modern slot

I love how BetSoft picked a classic slot and turned it into a modern slot. No one would pass on a moment to play bells, cherries, and cards. The icons are well organized on the screen, and nothing overlaps the other, so we are cool.

 by BoiOHbOI
You will never back down

Playing the game for fun is more entertaining than playing for money. You will struggle to land even a single win and get frustrated. But if you focus on the fun part, then you will never back down. I will still keep trying to hit the jackpot.

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