A Christmas Carol Slot Game

Win prizes from Santa to show how good you have been throughout the year

A Christmas Carol Game Review

The Christmas Carol Slot game made it into the online gambling scene at the best time. The breathtaking 3D slot was released in the festive season, and many people received its news with enlightenment. When playing this game, you will win huge prizes from Santa to show how good you have been throughout the year.

A Christmas Carol Slot Game Review

The Christmas Carol slot game made it into the online gambling scene at the best time. The breathtaking 3D slot was released in the festive season, and many people received its news with enlightenment. When playing this game, you will win huge prizes from Santa to show how good you have been throughout the year.

This game is a Full HD and 3D slot built and supplied by BetSoft. It is played over five reels and 25 paylines. There are ghosts of the past, the future, and the present which may show up surprisingly, with so many attractive bonuses up for grabs. You can win over 2400 coins with the scrooge team.

Theme And Graphics

Why wait for Christmas while you can play this impressive online slot and win games? It offers more than you would expect from a slot on average with HD graphics, mesmerizing sounds, interactive features, and a lucrative pay-table.

The game is fun-filled, following the storyline from Charles Dicken's novel, which engulfs our minds with the Christmas Atmosphere. If you are not feeling the Christmas spirits already, try playing this game and change your slot life for the better. Perhaps even richer. 

You have the Ebenezer scrooge on the left side of the reels, looking all old and grumpy. His miserable appearance is gracing your screen as he watches over the gameplay. Looking carefully into the symbols, he is still one of them. The other popular characters detailed in the novel can also be seen on the screen.

To launch your quest for the bonuses, you have The Three Christmas Ghosts, who will do the work. Jacob Marley is also on the reels, and he is the business partner to the Ghost of Scrooge. The other images take a different direction in the story: bells, mouthwatering turkey, gold coins, and bank logos.

Gameplay Options

The game features 25 fixed pay-lines, and the maximum bet amount is five coins for every line. The value of these coins ranges from $0.01 to $1. If you choose to adjust your coin values, you can place bets from as low as $0.25 and upwards to a maximum of $125 for every game. This makes A Christmas Carol a game that fits many player’s needs. 

If you would like to double your winnings, you are presented with the gamble features. You can wager on your small wins in a side game that needs you to flip coins, and your payout will be determined by the head or tail judgment. 

Special Features

The Christmas Carol game is nothing without the free spins. These are the most viable bonuses you can land in the game, and landing them would give you some impressive wins. Also, there is an exciting twist to this feature since it can be triggered in two ways. You can use the Christmas Future of Past symbol.

Nevertheless, the activating icon, the free spin games are still played in the same way, and they bear the same characteristics. To unlock these features, you will have to pray your hand lands three Christmas symbols for three free spins, four Christmas symbols get you six free spins, and five Christmas symbols get you the maximum free spins amounting to 12.

If you have the Christmas symbols appearing while playing the free spins, you will trigger additional mini-games, which can be played to unlock multipliers. We want to remind you that each spin is guaranteed to win something. If you do not win a payout, you can trigger another free game. 

The other bonus is the Present Wild bonus. Instead of getting wild bonuses automatically, you have to trigger them when you land more than three Christmas present symbols anywhere on the paylines. If it happens, all the ghost symbols are changed to be wilds, and you also get new payouts according to how much you have won.

A Christmas Carol Bonus Features

When playing around Scrooge’s compound, which are the five reels and 25 paylines, you have a ton of wealthy prizes to win. You can collect Tens to Aces which will activate your banking feature. If you get three winning symbols, you can get 100 gold coins. You get 200 gold coins for four, and for five, you get a whopping 400 gold coins.

Avoid Getting Scrooged

In the beginning, Scrooge appears to be a game stopper who is out to take your money, but as you finish your play. He gives you 300, 500, or 1,000 coins. You can double up the main game wins when you flip the coin for a two-time multiplier. Any wrong guess, you will have scrooge taking all your money. 

How about a wild turkey that substitutes all the other symbols/ you can get 800, 1200, and 2,400 coins if you get three to five of them. 

A Christmas Carol RTP And Variance

This game has an RTP of 94.58%, which means that the game is a medium variance game. The return to player percentage is slightly lower, meaning that the game is of medium variance. What does this mean in casino's terms? It implies that you can easily land wins in this lot, but they would not be as big as highly volatile games.

Wrapping Up

A Christmas carol has some good experience which will somehow make it hard to land wild symbols. Once you score a win, you will realize the payouts are very lucrative and impressive. If you land free spins while playing, you can get some impressive mini-games and payout multipliers. You can win up to 513000 coins while playing this game only that the low-paying symbols are the most in this slot.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What Does The Medium Volatility In Christmas Carol Mean?
Volatility means the frequency of your winning bets. When you play this game with medium volatility, you are promised frequent payouts even though they might be small. Highly volatile games have a higher payout, but it is rare to land wins.
2Can I Get Addicted To Playing A Christmas Carol?
It depends. Overall, gambling is an addictive activity, and many people are engulfed with the thought of winning a lot of money. This might end up chasing losses and trying to recover the money. For some, gambling is for fun, and they only focus on graphics and free bonuses.
3What Can I Do To Win The Jackpot?
There is a possibility that you could win the jackpot, but there is no secret or strategy to follow. The only thing to do if you want big wins is to bet the maximum amount. For instance, you can bet $125 for all the paylines and see how the results turn out to be. But it would be best if you were prepared in case of anything going sideways.
4How Much Does It Cost To Play A Christmas Carol?
To play this game, you have to bet within the allowed coin denominations. You have to select between $0.01 up to $1 to get the max coins. When converted into real money, you need to have a minimum of $0.25 and as high as $125 to place a winning bet.

A Christmas Carol Slot Game Review

A Christmas Carol Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Ronald
Christmas mood

I loved the 3D renditions of the game, and it made me reminisce about Christmas, which is months away. I will keep playing this game to put me in an all-time Christmas mood.

 by Valentino Choos
The results have been impressive

I was bored scrolling through games trying to find Christmas-themed slots, which was the first on the list. I could not hesitate and started playing immediately. The results have been impressive, and I would like to keep up the motivation.

 by Suarez Vasquez
Hit the gold coin!

I expected to find Santa in the game, but I still had more fun playing with the Scrooge. With time I will finally learn how to hit the gold coin jackpots. I would not miss out on collecting gold coins all through the game.

 by Loko Mojo
The best festive games

If anyone had told me to play online casinos some years back, I would have just walked away, but I am playing A Christmas Carol since everyone loves Christmas. This is one of the best festive games so far.

I have seen good times

When I am not studying, I am either playing PUBG or A Christmas Carol. I tried combat-themed slots but did not like them so much. I guess all hope was not lost when I landed this game, and I have seen good times with it.

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