All-Star Slot Game

Experience the best of football matches from the comfort of your home

All-Star Slot Review

Football, or Soccer as Americans call it, is a worldwide game that has attracted fans to the tune of hundreds of millions. The game is magical, and you can see the passion oozing from the fans and the players who kick the ball to get scores.

All-Star Slot Game Review

Football, or Soccer as Americans call it, is a worldwide online slot game that has attracted fans to the tune of hundreds of millions. The game is magical, and you can see the passion oozing from the fans and the players who kick the ball to get scores. 

Every player gets into the pitch hoping that he will manage to kick the ball into the back of the net as fans cheer on when their favorite team is taking the lead. This is precisely what Ruby Play is bringing to the table. 

The slot features footballers across all walks of life with awards and goals. If you want to know if the match is good, it entirely depends on the team playing.

Theme And Graphics

This slot takes its storyline from the football theme, and the reels are set against a green grass background in a stadium with all its floodlights turned on for the fans to catch all the action as they cheer on their favorite team. 

The graphics are excellent, and they feature both female and male players with their soccer gear and trophies. Even the developer's logo has been designed to look like a soccer team, and the highest value symbol is football. 

The graphics are incomparable, and we have never seen anything like this in a slot for a very long time. Creating this masterpiece likely took so much time, and we commend Ruby Play for this. The animations are lively, and they blend in with the soundtrack, which pumps energy into the play.

Even though the theme is not related to the game, you can still mute it if you wish. There is no difference between playing FIFA on your PlayStation and playing All-Stars Slot.

How To Play

To set the mood for the game, you can select your preferred sound volume from the speaker icon below the screen. The square icon lets you play the game on full screen. Proceed then to check the paytable by clicking the "I" button—here, and you can peek at the odds, bonuses, payouts, and the general game features.

If you want your reels to spin automatically, you may have to set some auto-play limits first; the number of spins, the playing conditions, and the loss limit. In addition, you can cancel the auto-play features or the auto-pay itself.

For normal gameplay, press the spin button to start spinning the reels. With the total bet bar found on the left side of the screen, you can set your preferred bet amount. This begins from 0.20 credits.

Playing Options And Features

The slot is played on five reels, three rows and has 243 ways to win. The white ball is the most precious symbol that you need to watch out for. It has a prize attached to it, and it can combine those to give you hefty tips, up to 50x your bet.

Besides, you have two female players and two male players who are among the regular symbols. You have the cup and a pair of boots as well. They can form a winning combination to give you an impressive payout.

Bonus Features

The game comes along with so many entertainment factors, mainly contributed to by the symbols and animations. Numerous unique features make the game worth considering.

You have a wild symbol which is represented by the Ruby Play club crest. It is used to substitute all other symbols except the footballs. You also have the repeat riches, which is the most interesting symbol in this game. When you land six white balls, you will trigger this feature which is made up of five spins, totaling to five.

When the white balls are triggered, the ball symbols will stay in their position, increasing your winning chances. Any other balls that you land when playing free spins will maintain their positions until you get the red, purple, and gold balls with bigger prizes than the result white ones.

When you have depleted your free spins, you will be awarded the prizes displayed on the balls. If all the reel positions are shown with footballs, you will get a championship jackpot of up to 500 times your bet.

Reel All-Stars can be played with a minimum bet of 0.20, and the bet can be pushed to a maximum of 30. The bet winnings will be shown in your selected currency, and they can update them automatically when the bet is changed. You are awarded for a range of three to five matching symbols.

All-Stars Slot RTP

The return to player in this game is 96.47% which makes it a low volatility slot. This means that you can get some small regular wins even though landing a significantly huge payout may take some time.


With all the one-dimensional features with high-quality colorism and graphics, the gameplay for this slot turned out to be very inspirational. It is a perfect way to pass the time. Do not hope to land big wins, and you will also not lose too much. This game is perhaps one of the best soccer reels.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What Is The RTP Of All-Stars Slot?
The RTP of this slot is 96.47% which means it is a low to medium volatility game. This means that the slot's regular symbols pay out the least, and when you land a huge payout, it will not be as huge as high volatility games. However, you can still frequently win some smaller amounts with every spin.
2What Is The Highest Jackpot In All-Stars Slot?
The maximum amount of money you can win in the game is 50x your bet amount. If you are lucky enough, you can win up to 500 times your initial bet amount. The highest jackpot as recorded is at $1500, and many people are always pursuing to hit the jackpot.
3Can I Control My Bet Amount On All Stars Slot?
Yes. This slot has been well developed, and it offers players a chance to set their minimum and maximum bet amounts. You will be asked to set your win and loss limit to determine how much you can win using the auto-play feature. This is a very fantastic choice of action for every slot player.
4How Can I Play All-Stars Slot Without Being Addicted?
It is straightforward to play without being addicted. One reason people get addicted to playing online slots is by chasing their losses. To avoid this from happening, you may need to set an appropriate bankroll, and once depleted, you need to stop playing. This way, you also get to save money.
5Can I Play All-Stars Slot For Money?
Yes, you can. All-stars slot was created for people who want to play for money, and you too could get that win. When playing at online casinos, ensure that you deposit money into your playing account and ensure that all the wins you get are in the form of real money.

All Stars Slot Game Review

All-Stars Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Vienna-2010
Slots are very much exciting

For the first time, I have found a slot that caters to my needs as a punter. Slots are very much exciting, and I have found this one to be among the best. The developer put together high-quality sensible features.

 by Tim Alex
The game is pure magic

Magical is all I can say. The game is pure magic, from its gameplay, features, bonuses, free spins, and many things that bring slot players together. I want to explore more slots taking this direction and see how they perform.

 by Johnny Pierce
The adrenaline rush

This is perhaps the most exhilarating gambling experience, and I am sure many people would find it fun to play. The adrenaline rush that comes with spinning the reels, anticipating to land a huge win, as the symbols clash to form combinations.

 by Bilal Aziz
Something that is worth the time

I do not play online slots that much, but I found something that is worth the time and effort this time. I am impressed by how it turned out and how much money you can win from a single bet. I love it.

 by Tiana XT
I never had any trouble

I enjoyed this game a lot, and I never had any trouble spinning the reels. The symbols are easy to locate, and the paytable offers excellent winning chances. I would highly recommend this slot for any slot lover.

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