Arrival Slot Game

Get to earn amazing rewards and cool graphics when playing this slot.

Arrival Slot Review

Arrival slot is a casino game that takes you to space and witnesses the supernatural world. Get to earn amazing rewards and cool graphics when playing this slot.

Arrival Slot Game Review

It occurs that there are not enough alien-themed slots for online casino lovers to play. They keep coming into the scene better and with more exciting features. The latest induction into the category is the Arrival slot from BetSoft, which is the ultimate slot perfection.

This slot is a standard 5 reel and 30 paylines, proving that BetSoft is still ahead in the game. It has the best cinematic 3D renditions, which assure you of so much fun. You will keep thinking that this slot is a cut from an alien movie, comic books, and cartoons. 

There are many features to watch out for, and they have so many bonuses to offer. You have trigger prizes, bonus rounds, free spins, wild reels, and cash winnings. We believe that this is one of the impressive slots that will keep you glued to your screen till you lose track of time.

Themes And Graphics

Arrival slot takes its theme from the outer space creatures that visit our planet. It is more of an alien invasion slot. However, the game's primary setting takes place aboard a space-traveling unit which Zarbon commands, and an alien donned in a NASA- space costume.

The whole slot is well-developed, and all attention is put in making sure the feature stands out. You have robust 3D icons representing aliens, robots, humans, and space gadgets combined with other things. All the symbols are 100% animated, as you would expect from BetSoft. You are sure that there are sufficient factors that make for great action.

The background soundtrack is befitting for this type of slot, and it definitely should be preserved for outer space activity. 

When the game opens, you will be welcomed with a short animated video that sets the right mood for the game. When the video time elapses, you will see the 5 reels with the special symbols. The principal alien will allow you to get the bigger spins and make sense of specific features—and still manages some of the processes.

Gameplay And Payouts

The game can be played by setting a coin size from as low as $0.02 up to $75 for a single payline. The highest amount of money you can bet is $150, which gives you a total jackpot payout of 10,000 coins. Each denomination can be priced from $0.02 up to $0.5. The extra feather in the game has 30 paylines, but you do not have to worry about dry seasons since the payouts are very regular.

The symbols on the reel are a marine hero, a spaceship, an alien, a marine badge, a mother ship, a spacecraft, and the target. There are also the scatter and the wild symbols which are the highest paying ones. These two symbols can unlock magnificent features that get you some big coins, and if you are lucky enough, you could win the jackpot.

The upside of this game that sets it different from the others is that it has two scatter symbols with their specific reward values. Overall, the two spreads and the wild can trigger extra features. The symbols are as; a ray gun, an alien symbol, and a girl in glasses.

Bonus Features

BetSoft built their games to have between three to five features that, when triggered, can get people a lot of bonuses. This game, too, does not miss out on the expectations. However, the game does not have so many winning chances since the free spins only pop up one time. Nevertheless, the other features make the game worthwhile, and you can land some hefty wins.

Click Me Ray Gun

The Pick-me bonus is more likely to be triggered than the other bonuses, and it comes with lucrative prizes. The bonus gives you a chance to select any of the three ray guns displayed on the screen. One gun out of them contains the collect icon where you can get your payout.

As you keep landing the money-gun, you still stay in the game. 

Wild Reel

There is no wild symbol, but the wild reel replaces the others for a free spin bonus. It is a good feature since there is a shortage of free spin bonuses, and you only get a few spins if you land one. When you get three brainy alien symbols, you will launch a new reel and a small number of spins.

This might be the lowest paying bonus feature since the wild reel is at the end of the reel, and the bonus does not trigger.

Bonus Round

Perhaps the most paying feature of this game mandates you to take the duty of a marine. Out of six buttons, you need to select four. Four buttons from these are suitable, and you can release the electrically charged one to keep the she-marine in the orb. 

If you are lucky enough to defeat the alien, you will get three or four charges which give you an impressive bonus payout.

Arrival Slot RTP

Arrival from BetSoft has a low RTP of 92.35, which means you can get some substantial small wins. The game is of low volatility, which implies that you will take time before landing a huge win payout— the jackpot.

Wrapping Up

BetSoft innovativeness in the Arrival slot displays the beauty of slot games, especially those built to deliver an above-average experience. The graphics are good, and many people will find it befitting for such a fantastic game. We hope to see more slots, such as this one gracing our screens. To finish off, this game is among the best sci-fi slots you will ever play.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Who Developed Arrival?
Arrival is a development from BetSoft, and it has been named one of the best alien-themed slots. BetSoft still holds its position as one of the most progressive slots that give all attention to detail. Their 3D renditions give you maximum fun as you play the slots.
2Can I Play Arrival And Win Real Money?
Yes, you can. The main reason why the game was designed in the first place was to give gamblers a wide range of options in regards to where they can play and win money. The slot is a volatile game that can provide substantial small wins and a huge jackpot payout.
3Does Arrival Have A Wild Symbol?
No, it does not. The only thing that is close to being a wild symbol is the wild reel feature. But this does not give so many rewards as a wild symbol would. To compensate for this, you have three wild symbols which have some impressive winning bonuses. Watch out for them as you play and see how much you can win.
4How Much Can I Bet In Arrival?
Arrival is an all-inclusive slot, and it can be played by both high-rollers and low-stakers alike. The minimum amount of money you can bet for a single coin is $0.02 and up to $5. Therefore if you want to bet the whole amount for your bet, you can place up to a maximum of $150 for a single bet.
5Can I Withdraw Any Winnings From Playing Arrival?
Yes, you can. Any amount of money you win while playing slots are accurate unless you are playing in demo mode. You, therefore, have to ensure that each time you play at an online casino, you bet with real money and win real money in the process.

Arrival Slot Game Review

Arrival Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Tomas
I came across this game

I am happy I came across this game. I did not know how to play slots, but I started with a demo video, and after a while, I was able to play the game from start to end.

 by Rico JNR
It is captivating

I loved this slot. It is captivating, motivating, and exciting at the same time. There are not many improvements I would suggest. Only a wild symbol is greatly needed.

 by Domani
I had so much fun playing

I hope that BetSoft keeps developing more impressive games such as this one. I would want to play it. I had so much fun playing even without the wild symbol. Since I am not a massive fan of playing for money, I do it for entertainment.

 by Sparxx
Top providers

I knew that this game would amaze me with everything it got. First off, it is from BetSoft, which is among the top providers, and also it has the best graphics with a touch of three animations to make the game enjoyable.

 by Tatiana Brooks
I have enjoyed the game

I wish this game had a wild symbol. I would have loved to know effective it is at getting more bonuses. So far, I have enjoyed the game, and I will keep playing.

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