Blades Of The Abyss Slot Game

Detailed Review On Blades of The Abyss Slot Review

Blades Of The Abyss Slot Review

Any fan of ancient slot games will find Blades of the Abyss an exciting and adventurous experience. The slot game invites you to the venturesome world to both a beginner and becomes more amusing as more experienced to the game as one becomes.

Blades Of The Abyss Slot Overview

Blade of the Abyss by Nuclear Gaming is the best experience for slot gamers, especially the medieval ones. The heated battle that includes loads of action provides free spins and sticky wild reels, giving online gamers a chance to bag various amounts.

The symbols create a warrior-like experience making it exhilarating for the player to contend and win decent bets. The slot is five-reels and comprises 20 slot lines, each character paying for three, four, and five symbol matches. Be sure to enjoy the war with sparked reels and free spins.

Themes And Graphics

Gamers are welcomed to the obscurely lit part of the woods familiar to any fan of medieval times and having a stone fortress seen in the background. The slot game immerses the players into it for hours. The blonde-haired Swordsman and auburn-haired Shieldmaiden, who act as main characters, release magical beams that shoot, adding an extra feel to the theme. The characters

The slot also comprises fascinating graphics and sound effects, and although not animated, the static Swordsman and Shieldmaiden keep the players glued to their spaces to win coins. The authentic graphics play well with the theme giving a wholesomely great outlook. In this game, you're sure to handle such ancient items as Book of Spells, crests-white and red, a crown, a chalice, Helmet, and crossed swords, clearly bringing out the medieval warrior theme. The experience is an all-time fun one for the players.

Gameplay And Payout 

As in any slot game, it is critical to note characters the gamer will come across. Some symbols used in Blades of the Abyss include the Blades, Cup, Book, Crown, swords, Swordsman, and Shieldmaiden. The slot’s unique features make it different from other games. 

Blades of the Abyss has the lowest, medium, and highest-paying symbols. The lowest paying being the five gem symbols; the medium paying are the Blades, Helmet, Cup, and Book of Spells, while the highest is the Crown and Shield symbols. The game has five slot reels and 20 slot lines giving the player multiple chances to select a winning combination while spinning. The minimum stake is 0.40, while the maximum stake is 100.00. To commence playing, load the game, after which one presses the 'Spin' button. Top wins only occur when players press the MAXBET button. The game has pay lines across a 3, 4, 5 grid; hence players can place bets from 0.40 to 10.00 per spin. The player should ensure they adjust the coin value from 0.02 to 1. The game is enjoyable while promising an incredible amount.

Bonus Feature

Blades of the Abyss slot provides great bonus features worth trying for all players. The features include the wild symbol involving the Shieldmaiden and the Swordsman.

Swordsman and Shieldmaiden wilds. When the Swordsman is on the reel, upon spinning, a magical and vertical beam is released, shooting either below or above him, making all symbols turn wild hence earn more. The Shieldmaiden has a horizontal beam; hence upon spinning, the shaft is released, acting either left or right of the Shieldmaiden, making the symbols turn wild. 

One beam per reel turns wild when the beam passes over two icons.

War of the Wilds. Ten free spins are awarded, where the Shieldmaiden and the Swordsman appear on the reels simultaneously, and their magical beams intersect. Additionally, the point at which the beams intersect is turned to a Sticky Wild.

One can re-initiate the above feature and get an additional ten free spins with another Sticky Wild on the reel. This way, one can get a more significant stake in the account.

Warriors are blocked on the reels when free spins occur, giving the player an easier time to get awarded with coins.

Blades Of The Abyss RTP

The return percentage of Blades of the Abyss is not specified, and its volatility rate has not been established yet.

Wrapping Up

Blades of the Abyss has proven to be one of the best gifts invented and handed to us by Nucleus Gaming owing to its great graphics and themes and the slot game itself. The symbols unique only to the contest make the game even more exceptional hence a favorable choice to many casino game lovers. The music and basis on ancient times live to favor lovers of medieval times and melody ones too. Let us all try this game and earn real money while having fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Can I use bitcoin when playing Blades of the Abyss?
Yes. Blades of the Abyss allows for the use of cryptocurrency as a payment option. Apart from the various currencies, bitcoin can be used to be more available to the user. Most users prefer bitcoin today as a form of payment over other methods.
2What other devices can I use to play Blades of the Abyss other than the computer?
The game is accessible to mobile phone users, android and ios users with a connection to the internet. Blades of Abyss have been made more common by mobile phone users; hence can even be played at any time of the day or night anywhere.
3Who is the developer of Blades of the Abyss?
Blades of the Abyss is a 3D slot game developed by Nucleus Gaming, a great developer of casino games. It is known to previously produce other grand slots making them a trusted developer for casino games. However, it is unique compared to its other games as this slot seems to apply a more ancient theme, feels, and graphics over other games.
4What are the minimum and maximum bets I can make per game?
You can make a minimum of 0.02 bet and a maximum of 100bets in a single slot play. Remember the bonuses offered, and the higher the bet, the higher the chances of winning.
5What is the maximum amount I can win in a game?
You can win a total of 138000 coins per spin, and the more you play, the higher the chances are of winning the game.

Blades of the Abyss Slots Game Review

Blades of the Abyss Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Harvey Clements
I would recommend it to all slot game lovers

The minimum bets are low hence can place severally, allowing me to win more and more. I am enjoying this game more than I thought I would. I would recommend it to all slot game lovers and medieval times lovers who will find the whole experience unforgettable.

 by Wesley Brown
Plenty of opportunities to earn a win


I love how ample the options are to get free coins and the bonus features. This slot game ranks highest on my list, which I have already recommended to my friends, and they seem to have liked it. I cannot seem to stop playing it. Blades of the Abyss runs smoothly, providing plenty of opportunities to earn a win.

 by Philip Cavanagh
The site did a great job

I have tried many other slot games lately, and I am surprised at how good the graphics are. The site did a great job. The sounds balance well with the slots and represents the forest theme perfectly.

 by Chloe Aldean
Involving yet fun slot game

Getting to the bonuses is pretty fun and doing the challenges keeps me busy and more determined to win. The bonus features are also beneficial and have helped bag many coins severally. Thanks to Nuclear Gaming for making such an involving yet fun slot game.

 by William Shaw
I keep winning with every spin

This game is fantastic, and I keep winning with every spin. I am encouraged to play more and aim for the bigger bets and wins. I would recommend Blades of the Abyss to players of all levels, from beginners to advanced players. 

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