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Blades Of The Abyss Slot Game

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Fascinating underwater theme
Five reels slot machine
High-definition graphics
Special bonus features
Adjustable bet sizes
High RTP and variance

Quick Overview of the Game

The Blades of the Abyss slot game, developed by the gaming gurus at Nuclear Gaming, is a truly captivating journey into an underwater world filled with mystery, treasure, and adventure. Awash with exquisite graphics, intriguing gameplay, and an enthralling theme, it offers players a high-stakes pursuit of underwater riches. Dive in, conquer the deep, and emerge victorious. You’re one click away from an exhilarating aquatic adventure in a free online slot – don’t miss out!

How to Play Blades of the Abyss Slot

The enticing Blades of the Abyss slot game, with its simple yet engaging gameplay, makes for an enjoyable gaming experience regardless of your expertise level. To start your underwater adventure, first adjust the betting options located at the bottom of the screen. You can modify your coin value and bet level to suit your preferences like the Student Discipline Slot and The Youkai Club Slot.

Once you’re satisfied with your bet settings, click on the ‘Spin’ button to initiate the game. Alternatively, you can use the ‘Autoplay’ feature to set a predetermined number of spins and let the game play automatically. Winning combinations form when you match identical symbols from left to right on the paylines.

Blades of the Abyss Slot RTP and Variance

The Blades of the Abyss game boasts an impressive Return to Player (RTP) rate and high variance, ensuring a gratifying and exciting gaming experience. The high RTP percentage signifies the potential for considerable returns over time, while the high variance means the game can offer substantial winnings, albeit less frequently.

Symbols and Gameplay

Blades of the Abyss online comes adorned with beautifully designed symbols to augment the deep-sea theme. Expect to find an array of marine life, including mysterious sea creatures, ancient underwater relics, and of course, the titular Blades of the Abyss. Among these, some symbols like the golden treasure chest and ancient sea god icon, pay more than others. Stay tuned for the next section for a detailed insight into the value of each symbol.

Blades of the Abyss offers more than just spinning reels, making it an enticing choice for players looking for casino game reviews. The bonus features and special symbols in this game add an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay. Keep an eye out for the Wild and Scatter symbols, as well as the exclusive Blades of the Abyss icon, as they hold the key to unlocking unique bonus features that escalate the thrill and potential wins of the game. Engage in Blades of the Abyss and discover the excitement that awaits you in this captivating casino game.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

In the Blades of the Abyss slot game, players can adjust their bet sizes according to their preferences.

Symbol Pay for 3 Pay for 4 Pay for 5
Golden Chest 50x 100x 250x
Sea God 40x 80x 200x
Sea Creature 30x 60x 150x
Underwater Relic 20x 40x 100x


This table outlines the pay for landing three, four, or five of the same symbols on an active payline.

Blades of the Abyss Slot Bonus Features

The Blades of the Abyss game excels in its diverse bonus features that keep players engaged and amplify their winning potential.

  • Free Spins

Landing three or more Scatter symbols on the reels triggers the Free Spins round. Not only does this feature prolong your gameplay, but it also boosts your chances of scoring bigger wins without any extra wagering.

  • Wild Symbol

The Blades of the Abyss symbol acts as the Wild in this game, replacing any other symbols (except the Scatter) to complete a winning line. This elevates your chances of scoring a winning combination.

  • Treasure Bonus

This unique bonus round unlocks when you land certain symbol combinations. Players are transported to a separate screen where they get the opportunity to unlock various treasure chests brimming with rewards. This adds an intriguing element of surprise to the gameplay and can considerably amplify your total winnings.

Blades of the Abyss Slot Game FAQs

Who is the provider of the Blades of the Abyss slot game?

The game is provided by the acclaimed online casino games developer, Nuclear Gaming.

Can I play Blades of the Abyss online for free?

Yes, most online casinos offer a demo version to play for free before wagering real money.

What is the RTP of the Blades of the Abyss game?

The game has a high RTP, promising potential for good returns over time.

Are there bonus features in the Blades of the Abyss slot game?

Yes, the game includes several bonus features such as free spins, wild symbols, and a treasure bonus game.

How many reels does the Blades of the Abyss online slot have?

The game features a standard five-reel slot setup.


In conclusion, Blades of the Abyss, powered by Nuclear Gaming, offers a spellbinding gaming experience that expertly combines engaging gameplay with ample winning opportunities. Its captivating underwater theme, enhanced with top-tier graphics and sound, effortlessly draws players into an immersive journey.

We aim to provide online casino reviews, and Blades of the Abyss stands out among the wide range of casino games available. The high RTP and variance, coupled with rewarding bonus features, make this slot game a worthy choice for both casual players and high rollers. Whether you’re a fan of marine adventures or just enjoy feature-rich slots that promise thrilling gameplay and sizable returns, Blades of the Abyss is a game you won’t want to miss. It’s time to dive deep into the abyss and seek the underwater treasure that awaits!

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