Bombs Away

Fascinated gameplay that offers real-life scenarios in gaming modes

Bombs Away Slots Review

If you're looking for a fascinated gameplay that offers real-life scenarios in gaming modes, then the Bomb Away slot is a perfect spot. It is based on actual military events that happened at the onset of the 20th century. This review focuses more on the features of this gaming slot and its detailed analysis.

Bombs Away Slot Overview

The game is based on a military setting where one needs to resolve a conflict within the camp. The player's task is to ensure the army gets all the supplies required to sustain them through the fight. 

If this is done successfully, a huge reward can be earned. It contains reel symbols that can be split into two groups about their design and value.

The game features fixed 50 paylines and five-reel spins in total. This renders a player with no other choice apart from betting on all fifty paylines each. Winning combos trigger cash rewards for symbols appearing on fixed paylines. 

The cash reward is calculated following involved characters and bet settings. The game has an intriguing taste of originality, being crafted from real-life scenarios of the 1940s.

Theme And Graphics

The entire screen is decorated with colorful warplanes that are well arranged. Sounds and undertones playing in the background give a thrilling experience as though one is present in the moment. The reels are framed to resemble an old device that can be assumed to be a radio.

The military theme is evident in the screenplay as everything about full combat is well displayed. The working animation is in 2D but enjoyable. Colors and symbols are also showcased for easy identification of your target. 

The imagery in this slot includes jeeps, fighter jets, and grenades. All these combinations of themes and graphics render Bomb away slot one of the most adventurous game slots.

How To Play

The three rows, five reels, and 50 paylines require matching symbols in their respective positions. A gamer spins the reels and watches as it turns all the way to reveal the next stop. 

If this stop matches one picked symbol, then there's an explosion in effect. This is an indication that the spin was successful. The gamer can then collect their reward or perform a re-spin depending on what the symbol entails. 

Choosing a wild symbol may offer a re-spin but could also trigger a win. It depends on the number of Paylines chosen and the type of reel selected. This slot game can be complex. The symbols have not been masters but could also be much easier when identified. 

An explosion of a bomb symbolizes the completion of the spin and will also reveal the award to be won. Matching similar symbols on the same reel a particular number of times is equivalent to winning a jackpot.

Playing Options And Features

You may choose to spin the reels and match your symbols correctly to win or join the army in battle. In either case, rewards can be earned. However, a good understanding of the gameplay is required to know which symbols offer bonuses alongside dormant ones. This will guide you into choosing the right step in making a perfect selection. 

One may also opt for a demo game where deposit funds are not required. This is a friendly play where one needs not feel bad about losing the game after taking an amount. The next option, which is the actual gameplay, will require a quick deposit before you begin. 

This option is recommended after going through the demo and understanding how the slot works. The advantage is that you will have known the tricks on how to maneuver your opponents so that you establish your win. 

Bonus Features

Bomb wilds are one of the features that generate multiple spin rewards when matched with the corresponding symbol. This feature also rewards other bonuses when activated.

Another key feature is the free spins. Matching the wild/girl symbol on the reel may activate free spins, which could total up to a significant ten free spins. This feature opens a wide door of opportunities to win big.

Bombs Away Slot RTP

The return to play for Bombs Away J slot is 97% which is relatively high compared to many other places. The reason behind this is to encourage gamers to participate in the game. 

Following a win, the staked amount will rise by that rate which is a good start and can motivate a player to make more tries for successive wins.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How Can I Play Bombs Away Slot?
All that is required to start your game is to first sign up for an account. You can then see two options for play, which are the demo and real money game mode. Depending on your choice, click and start gaming. You will be required to choose a target and navigate it to detonate the bombs and give you a free spin. Exploding wild bombs guarantee payouts and rewards when conducted as per the requirements. Two symbol sets can be seen on the slot, and they consist of other minor symbols which act as subsets. The leading set has regular symbols with average card values, while the second set has wild symbols. A gamer chooses which character to showcase on the reel with the hope of matching them with consecutive reels. If successful, they get to collect their reward.
2Is Bombs Away The Best Online Slot?
The answer to this question will vary from one player to another. Generally, it is the best online slot when it comes to strategic gaming. In terms of actual cash rewards, it can also be put on the list of one of the best online gaming slots with high payouts. The slot is also user-friendly, meaning that it does not require special skills to understand how to use it.
3Can I Play Bombs Away J With Bonus Money?
Yes. Bonus money can be withdrawn from the site or re-used for play. It is advisable that gamers only remove a small portion of bonus money and leave the rest for the next gameplay. This ensures consistency whenever one finds themselves without a real cash deposit to play the game.
4How Can I Win Real Money From Bombs Away Slot?
Winning real money will require depositing real cash on the Bombs Away J account. The 50 pay-line options require a minimum deposit of $0.50 which could reward up to $5000. One could also stake $100 on each pay line. When the mission is completed, you will see a notification on the dashboard to collect your rewards. These rewards could also be in the form of credits which can be redeemed to cash depending on the gamer's preference. The credits may also be carried forward to be used in the following gameplay if one does not have the money to deposit.

Bombs Away Slot Review

Bombs Away Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Carol Weaver
I enjoy playing this game full-time

I enjoy playing this game full-time. Being in the military served me well in understanding how to go about it.

 by Whitney Torres
I love how it makes my heart skip

To my amazement, this game has an exciting real-life thrill that would make you feel you're on the battle line. I love how it makes my heart skip. Kudos to the game developers!

 by Louise Logan
Mind-capturing theme

Fantastic graphics, mind-capturing theme, and unique combinations of gameplay. I enjoy playing this game on demo to pass the time, but when I need money, I go for the real money game mode.

 by Benny Taylor
Anyone can play this game

Such a fantastic game of strategy. I love the graphics. Anyone can play this game, really, regardless of age. It is also user-friendly and an excellent way to lighten your days. 

 by Bernice Potter
I loved it so much

Ever since I was introduced to this game by my kid, I loved it so much. I only came to learn that you can make real money playing this game. My child still plays on demo, and she probably can't understand why I am so much hooked on the game than he is.

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