Burlesque Slot Game

The slot features a princess-like character that dictates the game

Burlesque Slot Overview

Burlesque online slot is a 5 -reel game that features additional bonuses to make gameplay enjoyable. This review shall discuss the slot in detail and explain its various features and what it entails in the gaming world.

Burlesque Slot Game

The slot features a princess-like character that dictates the slot game. The game has layers to peel away to reveal your rewards. There is a collection of free spins that are activated by making correct combinations. A staked amount can be multiplied 12000 times when won, giving a good profit margin. The princess symbol is seductively dressed, and one needs to uncover what is beneath the images. 

If the answer is correctly chosen, three to five bonus spins are made available. The game also features various alluring themes that make it more likable. A cash bonus of $ 4500 is given when a jackpot spin is won. The game is terrific to play when all rules are observed. The upside of this game is that it does not require a download. You can play it on your browser.

There are multiple ways to win a cash reward, and it goes from matching symbols to activating a particular number of spins. All these rewards are high, but the amount you receive depends on your stake and the number of paylines you choose to stake on.

Theme And Graphics

A seductive theme can be witnessed in the burlesque slot game. There’s an array of images that are alluring to the eyes and command a lookout. The princess character is half-dressed and wears lipstick makeup. The images in the display are in HD, creating a clear view. 

There's a windmill and Eiffel tower sight that can be seen in the background when playing the game. Jazz soundtracks can also be heard in the background as you enjoy spinning the reel. Symbols associated with this Slot include; lipsticks, dresses, princesses, and many others to bring about a theme of beauty. It is a game of power, and the feminine aspect of management is the ultimate illustration. This power functions financially. This, in turn, is signified by the slot's ability to reward through free spins, jackpots, and other promotions.

How To Play

We start by placing a staking amount below the screen on their page.  The slot has a total of 25 paylines, and you can stake at a range of 0.01 or 1 per pay line. The next step is interacting with the characters in the play, including corsets, fans, devil horns, masks, shoes, and a hat. You get awarded depending on the number of symbols and icon appear on a single payline. 

The highest payout is 2000 coins and is obtained after landing five symbols on a single payline. Landing 3 characters will reward a minimum of 10 coins. The trick here is to match a particular symbol a certain number of times. It is therefore essential to note what kind of reward do these symbols represent.

Matching paying symbols is the order of the game. Different symbols have different paying options, and they activate additional spins bonuses. Knowing how to select a particular character for a play is crucial as it can dictate the amount of money you earn a reward.

Playing Options And Features

There are two modes of play, the demo and the real mode. Here you will not have to stake any amount to play; however, there are no payouts or rewards. The real mode is the money-making opportunity. The minimum stake is $0.01, and the highest is $1 per payline.

Picking the Blue Dita symbol awards ten spins, and wins are multiplied five times. Selecting purple Dita will turn random symbols into wilds. Matching 3, 4, or 5 Dita images while dancing in a pink dress activates free spin bonuses.

There's an inclusion of wild features that activates ten free spins. This feature is showcased by the queen sitting on a glass bottle. If this feature is matched 3, 5, or 4 times, cash rewards can be claimed. It gives a chance to win more for a small stake per payline.

Bonus Features

All symbols have their respective rewards, but some of them have bonus rewards. Some of the bonus features include; 

Wilds – These symbols activate a doubling of wins. It also initiates up to 10 free spins. It has incredible wild features that will trigger five reels at once. 

Scatters – Matching 5,4, or 3 symbols will activate free spins and a bonus combination. Examples of bonus combinations in the free spin feature include 5x multiplier + ten bonus spins, 20 bonus spins, 15 bonus spins + queen feature, and 25 bonus spins + Moulin feature.

Jackpot – The jackpot feature is the ultimate battle. However, it is not found as a feature in itself, but there's a similarity in the payment of 12000x the staked amount following a win. The bonus is £4500 following the grand success. This is a huge payout compared to that of many other slots. 

Burlesque Slot RTP

This slot has a high rate of volatility. This implies a need to stake low paylines before rising on the scale. The RTP for this slot is 96.69% which is standardly above average.


Burlesque is one of the best online slots overall thanks to PlayStar. The slot provides standard payouts, which are instant and relatively high. Players can enjoy every minute of the game, and it is therefore recommended for tryouts. The credibility of this slot can be seen from the above customer reviews. Potential gamers should make a decision to join the place based on these reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How Can I Play Burlesque Slot?
Playing only requires an understanding of the game. The first step is to stake your required amount and choose the number of paylines to bet into. When satisfied, locate your preferred characters below the screen and spin the reel to match them. If you have checked your chosen character symbol a required number of times, you will be able to receive bonus spins or cash rewards.
2Is Burlesque Slot The Best Online Slot?
When it comes to the display of fashion and design ideas, this Is the best online slot. It functions similarly to other online slots, except for themes in the play. It would therefore depend on the gamer's taste and preference to decide which is the best for them. In terms of payouts, this slot does not disappoint. That said, it is much safer to conclude that Burlesque is one of the best online slots.
3Can I Play Slot Burlesque With Bonus Money?
Yes. Bonus money can be used to play. The bonus money comes in handy when a gamer hasn’t any real staking cash left. It is advisable not to withdraw all bonus money following a win as it may serve in times like these.
4How Can I Win Real Money From Burlesque Slot?
You can win real money by staking real money. The first step is to sign in to the account and deposit the minimum amount. You can then select your symbols and make a spin. If you match five symbols on a particular set of reels, you win bonus spins. The culmination of these spins will determine whether you have won or not.

Burlesque Slot Review

Burlesque Slot Game Review
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Freda Erickson
I can say they never disappoint

Nice game. I have followed Microgaming developers, and I can say they never disappoint. I assume they shall add more features to this one or simply develop another similar one.

 by Marcella Sanders
The good thing

Burlesque has answered my long-awaited prayer when it comes to online slot games. I prefer something like this, less masculine but appreciates the feminine qualities. The good thing, though, is that anyone can enjoy it. It is cost-friendly when staking too.

 by Claude Warner
I play now and then

Nice game. I play now and then. I am also glad to say that I win it occasionally. These wins are big to cover a number of my bills. Awesome graphics.

 by Audrey Gonzalez
Good job to the developers

I like it. The graphics are smooth, and the 3D animation quality is perfect. Good job to the developers. Fun to watch how the symbols combine.

 by Sandra Lee
Make more slots like this

Excellent presentation by Microgaming developers. It has given us ladies something to relate with as we have fun. Kudos! Make more slots like this; nice work. 

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