Bushido Slot Game

The Slot Game is designed following a Japanese warrior culture

Bushido Slot Overview

Bushido is an online gaming slot developed by Nolimit City. It is a five-reel game with at least 12,288 winning ways. This review shall discuss the slot in detail and highlight some of its best features operations.

Bushido Slot Game

The slot game is designed following a Japanese warrior culture. It features the wild geisha symbol that activates bonus spins and cash rewards, amongst other features. Transforming symbols can also be witnessed, and these serve to switch symbols. Free spins are available. The wilds feature has the most rewards, and they should be the main focus of the game.

The free spin feature gives the allowance to earn 30000x the staked amount following a win. The game can be played in a demo or real earning mode. It is an enjoyable game with numerous characters. The minimum number of available paylines to stake on is 1024, the number of winning ways possible. This slot has six bonus features with a staking range starting from £0.20 to £100. 

Theme And Graphics

The theme guiding the idea behind the Bushido slot is that of ninja warriors. The characters in the play are Samurai warriors following the Bushido code. In the background, a Japanese soundtrack can be heard. The game has 3D graphics with a powerful visual display and color annotation. Geisha maintains the Japanese theme as the classical representation of the queen in the culture. 

Several samurais have been arranged together with their symbols of value. Destruction is another theme in the play, depicting smoke-filled air and a guarded watchtower. The display is in HD making visuals clear enough to see. The top value symbol is the red samurai. The slot has supportive software that allows playing on mobile phones, desktops, and tablets. 

Overall, the theme is enchanting, and the graphical design of these symbols is outstanding. They all add to the game's taste which can be seen as thrilling.

How To Play

Please select your preferred symbol and place it on the reel on the left side. Matching 3 symbols will create a coin reward. There are five low-value ten aces royals, eight pay symbols, and three warrior symbols. A required amount should be staked first before playing in the earning slot. This is what activates the game

Spinning the reel is the next step after picking your preferred character symbols. You will then have to wait and see if you have activated a bonus feature or won some coins, depending on your choice. You will have many payline options to a maximum of 12,288 and can stake in all of them if possible. However, the maximum payout is 30000x the amount staked.

Playing Options And Features

You can play the game on demo or real earning options. On the demo, you do not require staking as this is a training session. Real earning mode needs a cash deposit to unlock the play. Payouts can be witnessed in this mode of play following a win.

There are multiple features in play, and this includes free spins and cash rewards. For the free spins, you can activate them after matching 3 to five wild symbols. Free spins are also activated when matching scattered symbols fall on the reel at any point. 

The scatter and wild payout features are not as high as paying 2 to 4x the staked amount. However, this is compensated by a large number of paylines available. The general payout for matching other combined symbols in a particular set of reels is 30000x the staked amount, which offers better relief.

Bonus Features

Bonus features add to the taste of any gaming slot. Bushido is no exception; here are some of the bonus features enjoyed by its gamers: 

Oni Feature – Activated when both the scatter and stacked symbols land at equal intervals. This feature transforms the low values of the named symbols into high-paying values.

Geisha wild feature works with a nudge feature that commands an increased multiplier win by +1. It is activated by matching three, four, or five wild symbols.

Shogun Spins – This is an eight-free spin feature that is activated when three scatter symbols fall at any reel point. An additional spin is also awarded for every scatter symbol.

Bushido Slot RTP

Bushido slot has a 96.02% RTP which is standard. This means it has a high volatility rate implying a minimum stake is required for the first session of plays while going up the ladder. This offers a suitable way to gauge your performance before staking a high amount.


Bushido slot has gained much respect in the world of online gaming thanks to Nolimit City. Players have multiple winning options, and this creates a standard motivation to stake. The payouts are instant. Customer reviews add to its credibility making this slot receive more acceptance in the online gaming market.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How Can I Play Bushido Slot?
The play is set when a character symbol is chosen for play. You then select the reels to land your symbol on and make a spin. When three or more symbols are matched, then a reward can be claimed. You can select multiple paylines for specific symbols or inter-match symbols and reels. Inter matching provides a large winning chance but will require a higher stake. In the demo mode, staking is not required; hence you will begin setting the reel in motion soon after picking your symbols. It is recommended that players should begin with the demo mode so that they sharpen their skills before joining the earning mode. Bonus options are activated following successive wins. It is important to learn what Bushido slot symbols stand for and their respective rewards before joining the play.
2Is Bushido The Best Online Slot?
It depends on a gamer's preference and taste. The Asian theme brings about a stimulating effect. In terms of gameplay, it provides a unique setting and display but functions like many other online slots. Payouts are instant. This makes Bushido ranked as one of the best online slots.
3Can I Play Bushindo Slots With Bonus Money?
Yes, you can. Bushido offers multiple bonuses, and these can also be used for play. Bonuses can be redeemed for cash or re-used to stake a deposit. This is an advantage for gamers who have no cash to stake but still have bonuses in their accounts.
4How Can I Win Real Money From Slot Bushido?
You can win real money by staking a standard amount in the account deposit and matching symbols on given reels. The staked amount has the potential of multiplying 30000 times which is a great start. Bonus rewards can also be converted into cash rewards through redeeming. There are about 12,288 ways of earning, and this speaks volumes about how to make real money in this slot. Payouts are instant and can be transferred to your account as soon as it is verified.

Bushido Slot Review

Bushido Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Bernadette Hines
The game is exciting

I love the instant payouts and massive bonus options. The game is exciting and offers builds more adventure, unlike other slots. Kudos to the developers.

I am looking forward to seeing more added features to make the play more inclusive in all positions.

 by Gregg Hogan
I like how they combine culture and fun

Nolimit developers are best at strategy games. I like how they combine culture and fun. I enjoy playing this slot game in the demo as the enjoyment is extreme. I am about to stake on the earning mode and see how it goes.

 by Josefina Evans
This slot does not disappoint

Nice graphics overall, good display, and color effects. The payouts are instant. This slot does not disappoint. Massive bonuses give me enough reason to play more and more.

 by Gene Carlson
Maximum thrill

Good job by Nolimit developers. They never disappoint. I like how they feature various symbols within their slot. Maximum thrill, can't wait to see their next creations. 

 by Tanya Watts
The samurai warriors

Symbols are colorful and lively. The samurai warriors give a unique treat to the atmosphere making gameplay interesting. I would like to see an updated version of this slot game to enjoy more and more features. 

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