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Cardinal Dragons invite you to the fascinating world of Asian Wild Dragon to win

Cardinal Dragons Slot Review

Are you a dragon fanatic? You’re in luck because Nucleus Gaming new development has come to your rescue. Cardinal Dragons invite you to the fascinating world of Asian Wild Dragon to win. Let the Legend of the Cardinal Dragon reward you luck and immense riches. Cardinal Dragons take you to the paranormal world ruled by the thunder of dragons. Brace yourself for a remarkable expedition to this mystical world, assuring loads of fun and memorable encounters with extraordinary characters.

Caishen’s Arrival Slot Overview

Cardinal Dragons set-up is of significant liberation to all dragon lovers slot gamers targeted at impressing the daily recreational slot gamer. With an attractive layout, the slot game involves the player to guarantee entertainment to the player throughout the game. The slot is visually appealing with a unique arrangement to comprise five reels, three rows and ten pay lines. Cardinal Dragons have excellent characters to evoke the elicit the wild dragon world better. Buck up and be rejuvenated because this game takes to a world of earning prime rewards with loads of fun.

Themes And Graphics

Cardinal Dragons slot game offers rich Asian, Chinese-based themes bringing out their way of life. The folklore behind the game involves a young boy who attempts to provide for his family by giving them rice from afar. In this venturesome search, he discovers a pearl, and he swallows it however is saved by the dragons. With an ethereal take on the mystical world of dragons and Chinese attributes such as coins, lotus, the dragons, and the hieroglyphs writing and background of the Great Wall, the diversely cultured slot game's outlook will tempt to submerge you to your slot for a long time. The animations of the characters and especially the colorful dragons blue, black, red, and white. 

The graphics are ravishing with crimson red reels, sparkly icons in luminous colors, and unparalleled effects complementing the contemporary yet ancient Asian vibe brought out in the theme.  The standard symbols, including a lucky coin, four playing cards, koi fish, gold ingot, and a jade object, give the entertainment and the slot a unique outlook. The soundtrack is theme-appropriate featuring the Dagu drum rhythm and of high quality. The fancy features will for sure draw you to the game and have a great time. The game is somewhat easy to play, and there is no need for much experience to commence making wins.

Gameplay And Payout

As in any other slot game, it is vital for any slot player of Cardinal Dragons. Some of the characters include the main dragons, colored brightly in red, blue, white, and black. Other characters include the lucky coin, the Dragon-themed playing cards, koi fish, the gold ingot, jade object.

The slot is unique, comprising five reels, three rows, and ten fixed pay lines. However, taking a look on the right side of the system, the player notes the second row has an extra reel place. The extra reel appears periodically; hence the player may find this position empty. The minimum bet for the player is 0.2 coins, while the maximum of 10 coins is made on a single game. The maximum betting level per game is shallow hence easily reachable by many players. The maximum win that can be made is 30000 coins to the player. 

To play the game, begin by selecting the '?' symbol on the main screen located on the left. And as you scroll down, details on the symbols are described, but the last option has the paytable and the thumbnails of the pay lines. There are features such as the wilds, the dragons, the scatter, the free spins, the multiplier. There is an autoplay button, and the player can control how it starts and stops. The game boasts of affordability by all its players and great rewards. 

Bonus Features

Cardinal Dragons are packed with bonus features that pop up regularly to aid the player in increasing their wins. Some of the features include the wilds, which are the dragons, the Scatter the Dragon Pearl Symbol, the free spins feature, and the multiplier. 

The Wilds: The Dragons of the four seas act as the Wilds. The blue Dragon is referred to as the Azure. The Azure launches one free spin when triggered on the reels, and during this spin, the Dragon holds in its place. The White Dragon generates an extra White Dragon on either adjacent reel. In case the Black Dragon accomplishes a winning combination, the wins are tripled. The Red Dragon perchance the best sharer is giving a random of four hundred times your bet if it lands on the reel. 

The Scatter: The Dragon Pearl Symbol acts as the Scatter. The pearls on the 3rd,4th, and 5th reel trigger 6,10, or 15 Free Spins. If the player is lucky and gets the Magical Dragon Pearl on the extra reel position, the Free Spins are doubled, doubling the number of Free Spins. The Cardinal Dragon has a 2x multiplier and enlarges to cover the entire reel.

Free-Spins and Multiplier Features: The free spins and multiplier feature is applied in the Wilds and Scatter as explained in the first two bonus features. Additionally, the free spins can be purchased at an extra fee. 

Cardinal Dragons RTP

The return to player percentage (R.T.P) of Cardinal Dragons is not specified, and its volatility rate has not been established yet.

Wrapping Up

Cardinal Dragons invention by Nucleus Gaming is a gift to all slot gamers, especially ancient times lovers and dragon lovers. Beautifully themed well-done graphics and an entertaining soundtrack. Its bonus features are regular and lead to more winnings. It is a game recommendable to both beginners and regular slot gamers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1Who is the developer of Cardinal Dragons?
Cardinal Dragons is a 3-D video online slot game developed by Nucleus Gaming, previously known to generate credible and genuine games. Nucleus Gaming is one of the best developers of online slot games today.
2What are the minimum and maximum bets?
The minimum bet to be made in a single spin is 0.02, while the maximum is 1.00 coin size. The bet is affordable to most players; hence can be played by almost anyone.
3Other than the desktop, is Cardinal Dragons accessible to cell phone users?
This online game has a mobile version available to Android and IOS users. The slot games are accessible to all users easily, and no downloads are required. A simple visit to Cardinal Dragons website will get on the go to playing the game.
4Are there any bonus features in this game?
Cardinal Dragons have several bonus features to boost your wins. This includes the Wild represented by the four seas Azure, Black White and Red, the Scatter represented by the Dragon Pearl Symbol. Free Spins and Multipliers apply to the Wild and the Scatter.
5What is the RTP and volatility rate of Cardinal Dragons?
The return to player percentage (R.T.P) of Cardinal Dragons is not specified, and its volatility rate has not been established yet.

Cardinal Dragons Slots Game Review

Cardinal Dragons Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Oscar Julius
The bonus features regularly pop

Cardinal Dragons have a great design, graphics and entertaining sounds. The bonus features regularly pop, giving more chances to win more every time.

 by James Roberts
The slots are free

I love the fact that the slots are free and easily accessible. The bonus features are favorable too. I love this game

 by Rob Roads
I am a lover of dragons

I am a lover of dragons, and Cardinal Dragons have beautifully animated its characters. I've been playing this game for a while now, and I'm still amazed at how much fun I'm having.

 by Anne Riley
I love how unique the slot looks

I have been playing online slot games for now, and I love how unique the slot looks. The features are amiable, and I'm often winning even with small bets I have been making. I’ll aim for the bigger bets.

 by Emily Grace Patterson
I have an easy time winning prizes

My younger brother Mark introduced me to Cardinal Dragons, and I haven't had as much fun as I am since I started playing this slot game. The features are so friendly that I have an easy time winning prizes.

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