Cherry Bombs Slot Game

Cherry Bombs Slot Game

Quick Overview of The Game

If you are looking for the best online casino experience for themed slots, Cherry Bombs slot is everything you want. With its fruity theme and 25 paylines, this game stands out from the numerous fruit-themed slots available online. Cherry Bombs slot offers impressive payouts and even bonus rounds for extra winnings. Give it a try at the best online casino and experience the excitement for yourself!

This innovative slot machine combines classic symbols with exciting Hawaiian music. Its well-designed background has an interesting combination of colors. Keep reading this Cherry Bombs review to learn what’s in store for you in this game.

How to Play Cherry Bombs Slot

Next, let’s review how to play the Cherry Bombs slot. The first thing to know about Cherry Bombs is that it’s similar to other slot machines. However, it has a different plot and ambiance.

Before getting started with any online casino game, it’s always helpful to read online casino reviews to get a better idea of what to expect. Once you’ve chosen your game, such as the Cherry Bombs slot, begin by selecting your desired bet amount. Then, simply click the spin button and wait for the reels to come to a stop. If you’re in a hurry, you can speed up the animation with the turbo button. Your winnings will be determined by the symbols that appear on the paylines. Make sure to study the paylines in the help section before starting to increase your chances of winning.

An autoplay feature is suitable for anyone wanting to bet multiple times. You’ll choose how many times you wish to bet and click the button. You can stop the autoplay at any time.

Cherry Bombs Slot RTP and Variance

If you are interested in learning more about Cherry Bombs slot, be sure to check out a detailed Cherry Bombs slot review. While the game has an RTP of 95%, which is only a fair value when compared to other online slots, unfortunately, information on the variance of this game is currently unavailable

Symbols and Gameplay

The symbols in this Casino game include watermelon, blueberries, oranges, grapes, plums, and lemons. The most rewarding symbol is the watermelon in the base game. The scatter symbol is the match stick.

Bet Sizes and Paytable

The minimum bet on this game is $25, while the maximum bet is $2250. Below you can find a paytable for Level 1 (the base game).


Symbol Cluster of 3 Cluster of 4 Cluster of 5
Watermelon 75 1250 25000
Orange 30 400 10000
Grapes 20 250 5000
Blueberries 15 200 3000
Plum 7 50 700
Lemon 4 25 250


Cherry Bombs Slot Bonus Features

Like other top Free slots game, this game has bonus features. The bonuses are broken into different levels: levels 1, 2, and 3. Let’s see the levels and their bonuses below:

  • Levels

Level 1 is the base game and has a 5×3 slot. It offers a simple bonus called the Second Chance Spin. You’ll get a second chance to create a cherry explosion if you just narrowly missed out on one.

The game will take you to level 2 after you get enough explosions to fill the meter. This level is played on a 6×4 reel and offers five free spins. Its bonus is the Double Cherry Bomb.

In Level 3, with the help of online casino guides, you can quickly learn how to play this Cluster-wins game on a 7×5 grid. Keep an eye out for the Triple Cherry Bomb bonus, which can only be found in reel 4 and requires three fuses to be combined for maximum rewards.

Cherry Bombs Slot FAQs

Can I play the Cherry Bombs slot online for free?

Yes, you can enjoy the best features of the Cherry Bombs slot without paying real money. All you need to do is play the demo version. It’s a great way to quickly familiarize yourself with the game’s rules.

Can I play the Cherry Bombs slot on my mobile phone?

Mancala Games understands the importance of a strong mobile presence. That’s why they designed their game with HTML5 technology. Due to this development, Cherry Bombs slot online is compatible with smartphones and tablets.

Can I win real money on the Cherry Bombs slot?

Yes, it’s possible to win real money on the Cherry Bombs slot. But to achieve this, you’ll need to play the real version of the game. You’ll also wager with real money.


Without a doubt, the Cherry Bombs is a classic. It has a unique combination of creative graphics and immersive music. Despite having 25 paylines, it offers players the chance to win through excellent rewards and levels of the game. If you’re a fan of fruity-themed slots, sign in and get started immediately. Don’t forget to follow us on social media!

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 9 reviews
 by Madison Baker

Cherry Bombs Slot at Vegas Aces Casino is explosive! Big wins and fruity fun.

 by Alexander Kim

Cherry Bombs Slot is a blast! Love the cherry-themed action.

 by Sophia Nguyen

Cherry Bombs Slot on Vegas Aces Casino is addictive! Can't stop spinning.

 by Benjamin Lee

Cherry Bombs Slot is thrilling! Explosive wins await.

 by Olivia Patel

Impressed with Cherry Bombs Slot by Vegas Aces Casino! Fruity and fun.

 by Lucas Thompson

Lucas Thompson

 by Ava Garcia

Cherry Bombs Slot is a winner! Great features and bonuses.

 by Jackson Nguyen

Cherry Bombs Slot at Vegas Aces Casino is a delight! Love the fruity explosions.

 by Isabella Martinez

Having a blast with Cherry Bombs Slot at Vegas Aces Casino! Recommend to all.

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