Coco Tiki Slot Game

Coco Tiki Slot Game

Quick Overview of the Game

Welcome to our Coco Tiki slot game review! Coco Tiki is a 3×3 reel online casino slot that Mancala Games launched. The colorful, mobile-friendly game follows the adventures of Coco as he enjoys a sunny day on the beach.

The graphics on the Coco Tiki slot online are simple but beautiful, with several sea life symbols. Also, the game has a relatively high maximum payout of 600x. So it is both engaging and rewarding.

This Coco Tiki slot game online casino review will teach you about the features, RTP, volatility, betting sizes, and game payout. Also, you will learn how to play the game from any location.

How to Play Coco Tiki Slot

The best way to learn how to play Coco Tiki is to start with the demo. You do not need to bet any money on the Coco Tiki slot demo. Open the game on your mobile or desktop device and click the start button to load it. After it loads, you can choose how much you want to spend per spin using the plus and minus buttons at the bottom of the screen. Click the large round button in the middle, so the waves wash away the symbols. If you get a winning combination, you secure some coins.

Symbols and Gameplay

There are six paying symbols on Coco Tiki. These are the crab, starfish, multi-colored fish, jellyfish, turtle, and big-eyed fish. The red crab is the highest-paying symbol, while the lowest-paying is the big-eyed fish. The game also has some special symbols, like the bottle that triggers the Coco Tiki bonus round and the symbol X, which only makes an appearance on the bonus round and acts like a wild on the bonus round. Finally, there is the symbol O, which makes winning combinations during the bonus round.

The Coco Tiki slot online has a similar gameplay to other online slot casino games. However, while other online slots require spinning the reels, Coco Tiki involves washing the reels with waves from the sea. This unique feature makes the game relaxing.

Betting Sizes & Paytable

Coco Tiki has a wide betting range. You can pay as little as $5 or as much as $450 per game. The high maximum bet makes Coco Tiki slot online ideal for high rollers who like to risk it all.

The maximum payout on Coco Tiki is x600 times your bet, but it will only come on rare occasions. The table below will illustrate the payouts for the minimum bet.

Symbols Clusters of 3
Crab 100
Starfish 40
Multi-colored fish 15
Jellyfish 10
Turtle 6
Big eyed fish 3

Coco Tiki Slot Bonus Features

Coco Tiki online has a bonus game that offers free spins. These are divided into two bonus games.

  • Coco Tiki Bonus Rounds

If you’re looking for more information on how to trigger the bonus game in this slot, you may want to consult a casino guide. The bonus game triggers when the bottle containing a scroll appears on the reels. When you enter the bonus round, all spins become free. Typically, you will need at least three scrolls to have the X mark to win the bonus round. Also, you can speed up the waves by using the turbo button on the reels.

The bonus round ends when you simultaneously have three symbols with the O mark. You will return to the base game with everything you earned during the bonus.

  • Tiki Bar Bonus Round

This bonus game has three rounds. Completing the first round gives you five free spins, while the second round gives you 15 free spins. The third brings 25 free spins and a x2 multiplier. This bonus game activates automatically when you fill up four tropical drinks during the base game.

Coco Tiki Slot FAQs

Can I win real money on the Coco Tiki slot online?

Yes, it is possible to win real money on Coco Tiki. However, this is only possible when you sign up for an online casino and bet with real money.

Is Coco Tiki Slot Online mobile-friendly?

Yes, Coco Tiki is a mobile-friendly game fully optimized to suit different screen sizes. You can enjoy the game on your phone or tablet.

Is there a Coco Tiki slot demo version?

Sure. You can access the demo version of the game anytime you want. In fact, you don’t need to make any deposits to play the free version.


The Coco Tiki game review above shows that the slot game offers a variety of features. It is ideal for anyone who loves online slots but desires a different theme from traditional games. With a potential maximum payout of up to x600, the Coco Tiki slot online is worth the hype.

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 9 reviews
 by Ava Mitchell

Coco Tiki Slot is tropical fun! Love the island vibes!

 by Ethan Reynolds

Addictive gameplay on Coco Tiki Slot! Big wins!

 by Olivia Patel

Coco Tiki Slot's graphics are vibrant! Exciting!

 by Mason Thompson

Bonuses on Coco Tiki Slot are fantastic! Huge payouts!

 by Sophia Nguyen

Coco Tiki Slot keeps me entertained! Can't get enough!

 by Liam Campbell

Features on Coco Tiki Slot are tropical! Addictive!

 by Noah White

Navigating Coco Tiki Slot is easy! User-friendly!

 by Isabella Garcia

Coco Tiki Slot offers non-stop fun! Love it!

 by Harper Martinez

Coco Tiki Slot is my favorite! So exhilarating!

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