Diamond Strip Slots

Brace yourself for a trip to Las Vegas with just the click of the screen

Diamond Strip Slots Review

Diamond Strip takes you back to the classical game world to boost the player nostalgia of the vintage world. With a Vegas-themed style, the game gives the true satisfaction of gambling.

Diamond Strip Slot Overview

Brace yourself for a trip to Las Vegas with just the click of the screen and prepare yourself for the best experience of your online gaming world. With luxurious items such as large and sparkly diamonds. The slot game incorporates fruits, too, such as cherries and lemons. The slot has three reels and three pay lines, and winnings are multiplied by the prize set for that line. This is a classical, simple slot game popular all over the world. It is an experience worth every minute of your time, promising great rewards.

Themes and Graphics

Diamond Strip slot game takes you to the Las Vegas world and luxury theme. Nucleus Gaming has filled its fans with nostalgia taking them back to the classical world of Las Vegas. The slot game has created a fantastic take on the vintage and traditional slot machines more accessible to man. The background is in Las Vegas is bright and dazzling, creating a partying mood. You can be in Vegas in less than a minute, courtesy of Diamond Strip.

The slot machine is simple, with three reels, three rows, and only one active pay line. Spin the reels and get to witness several vintage symbols such as large dazzling diamonds, cherries, and lemons. The graphics are spectacular with an old-school design yet designed to suit the slot so well. The evocative soundtrack of an old place is set to complete the whole scene and complements the theme and graphics. Special features, including the wild symbol and multiplier, go a long way to stay in line with the traditional Vegas slot machine. Diamond Strip is your opportunity to delve into the Vegas world and let your nostalgia and yearning be satisfied as bag great prizes thanks to the outstanding features provided by the game.

Gameplay and Payout

The slot machine is a simple structure; hence playing the game is comparatively easy to play. The symbols in this game include the fruits (cherries and lemons), the bell, themed cards king, and ace and large diamonds. The characters are vital in playing the game and winnings too.

Check the paytable, select the symbol on your right side on the screen, and click "…" to reassess your payments. The menu allows the player to adjust visual and sound settings and effects on the slot machine. To speed up the game, the player can choose to activate the fast play button. The player adjusts the total bet they wish to make by clicking on the coin button below the spin button, and since the game provides only one active pay line, the player only chooses the total bet per spin. Diamond Strip allows for an autoplay feature for up to one thousand spins and set loss or win limits.

Diamond Strip allows for a bet range of 0.08 to 4; hence the minimum bet is 0.08 while the maximum is four; hence the game is suitable for all types of players. The slot game allows the player to win up to twenty-five thousand three hundred and forty-four times (25344x) your stake, which when calculated totals to one hundred and one thousand three hundred and seventy-six (101,376). Line up three symbols towards the right to win. The themed cards Ace, King Jack, and Queen are low-paying symbols. The Cherry and Bell are medium-paying symbols. The Double Diamonds and The Single Diamond are the highest paying symbols. The game is very involving, promising loads of fun and great wins.

Bonus Features

Diamond Strip offers bonus features inclusive of the Wilds represented by the Double Diamonds and the multiplier. 

The Wilds

The Double Diamonds symbols act as wilds hence replacing all symbols when triggered. The Double Diamond wilds can make a winning combination with any symbols on the reels as the slot game lacks a scatter symbol.

The Multiplier

The Multiplying Double Diamond is triggered when the player lands three double diamond symbols on the reel and wins an initial two hundred and eighty-eight times your stake (288x). The player can multiply the winnings by another amount ranging from two (2x) and eighty-eight (88x) times; hence the massive win would be twenty-five thousand three hundred and forty-four times (25, 344) your max bet. The features provide an opportunity for the player to win big and have fun.

Diamond Strip RTP

The return to player (RTP) percentage value is 96.64% and has medium volatility; the average wins regularly. Remember, if you want to know more about Vegas Aces, check our social media and be aware of every news.

Wrapping Up

Diamond Strip is indeed one of the best inventions of video slot games in recent times. With a fantastic view of Vegas, it is undoubtedly entertaining with distinctive graphics and a unique soundtrack. The game is comparatively easy to play hence all people should try and get to have a wonderful experience as the players are having.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Who is the developer of Diamond Strip Slot Game?
Diamond Strip is a 3D online video slot game developed by Nucleus Gaming. Nucleus Gaming produces such credible, fun previously, and reliable slots for the players to enjoy. The slot game developer has been in the online video slot game long enough to learn its way around the slot game world.
2What are the minimum and maximum bets a player can make per game?
The minimum bet a player can make in this slot game is 0.08, while the maximum is 4. The betting range is available and affordable to all types of players, promising concurrent wins and big prizes per game.
3What is the RTP of Diamond Strip?
The return to player (RTP) percentage value is 96.64% and has medium volatility; the average wins regularly.
4What devices can be used to play this game?
Both desktops and mobile phones can be used in playing this game. Both android and ios users can access this game through their mobile phones. The preference for mobile phones over desktops is prevalent, mainly because mobile phones are portable hence can be used anywhere and at any time.

Diamond Strip Slot Review

Diamond Strip Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Francis Harrison
The theme graphics and soundtrack are the best

For me, the theme graphics and soundtrack are the best I have seen in a slot game recently. Well done!

 by Vincent Grey
It is easy to navigate

It is easy to navigate through the reels, and not much time is taken to win. The game is accessible to both beginner and experienced players.

 by Danny Blue
I have made significant improvements

The regular payouts made to the player are very lovely. I have made significant improvements as I continue to play this game. Greta job Nucleus Gaming

 by Favor Price
The slot game is so refreshing

The slot game is so refreshing and engaging. It immerses me in it for a long time. I have been able to bag quite some rewards, and the payouts are favorable.

 by Lionel Pearse
Nostalgia of the older times

As a regular slot game player, it is enthralling when a software developer decides to give the players the nostalgia of the older times. The slot game takes you to Vegas, and the traditional setup is beautifully set out with a great theme and characters appealing to the eyes. The slot glues you to it for hours.  

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