Dragon and Phoenix

A royal couple in pursuit of making you rich and have loads of fun

Dragon and Phoenix Slot Review

Wealth and success are around your corner with the new BetSoft Gaming invention Dragon and Phoenix, a royal couple in pursuit of making you rich and have loads of fun. The slot game to the Far East part of Asia, the Republic of China, will win great payouts

Dragon and Phoenix Slot Game

With increasing popularity in Asian-themed slot games, BetSoft Gaming's newest addition to their collection of video slot games is sure to sweep the player off of their feet and keep them glued to their slots for a long time. 

The slot game tours you to the far East part of Asia to China, where a royal couple, the golden Phoenix and Chinese dragon, take the players on a lucky ride to the classical Asian way of life coupled with their exotic and exquisite fashion. 

The two creatures are symbolic in their culture, the dragon symbolizing power and riches, while the Phoenix symbolizes masculine and feminine unity. 

The qualities of these two powerful symbols are the main drive in the game. The slot machine has five reels and twenty pay lines. Brace yourself as a player for one of the best experiences of the slot game world. 

Themes And Graphics  

This slot game revolves around the ancient Asian theme, with China as the focal point of reference. BetSoft uses a mix of Asian cultural symbols related to the beasts and themed generic playing card symbols. The icons lead to the player earning great payouts. 

The game has goldish brown reels that blend well with the colorful symbols that are on the screen. The symbols have a range of colors, from deep red and glowing gold to green and eye-catching azure. 

With a background of imperial China designed in a blend of red, blue, and lilac hues on the golden temple with the roof on the screen, the slot machine's whole outlook is gorgeous and visually appealing.

The music in the background has the ancient Asian culture influence with flute sounds filling the slot machine with entertainment. The slot has five reels, three rows, and twenty pay lines that are easily navigable to the player. 

The symbols such as the golden Phoenix, Chinese dragons, the dragon statue, dragon egg, pagoda, Sycee ingot, the number 88, and themed generic cards from the jack, queen king, to ace complement the theme and design. The graphics are impressive unique only to Dragons And Phoenix slot games. Be prepared to join in and earn big with this game. 

Gameplay and Payout

The player needs to familiarize themselves with the characters before committing to play the game. The characters and symbols include the golden Phoenix and Chinese dragons comprising the main characters, the dragon statue, dragon egg, pagoda, Sycee ingot, the number 88, and themed generic cards from the jack, queen king, to ace. The slot game has included all these symbols and characters to aid the player earn more extensive and valuable means. 

The slot action of a five-reel, three-row, and twenty pay line set up has a couple of buttons to aid the procedure. The Speaker controls the background music. The balanced button displays the credits available to place the bets. 

The bet button shows a range of bet values between 0.20 and 20 coin values, and players have to choose one to be used per spin. The stakes for each line are between 0.01and 1 coin value. The curved arrows act as the spin button. The auto-play button activates the auto-play function that activates as many as one hundred consecutive spins.

The players are allowed to make bets of a minimum of 0.20 and a maximum of 20 in a single spin. Manual and automatic spinning approaches are both embraced. The player has a maximum winning stake of 8098x their stake hence a maximum jackpot of 161,920-coin value. 

The generic themed cards A, K, Q, and J, the dragon statue, dragon egg, pagoda as low paying symbols, while the medium paying symbols include the Sycee ingot and number 88, while the high paying symbols are the Golden Phoenix and the Chinese Dragon. Loads of fun and great winnings are waiting for you. Commence playing the game.

Bonus Features

Apart from a fantastic base game, Dragon And Phoenix offer various bonus features to help you win more, including the Wilds, the Gamble Feature, the Scatter, and the Free Spins.

The Wilds

The wild symbol is the golden Phoenix and the Chinese dragon who land on all reels except the first. The wilds have the power to complete a winning combination of symbols adjacent on both sides to it except the Scatter. The Wilds further can enlarge to cover the entire reel increasing its chances of landing a winning combination. 

The Scatter

The Sycee ingot is the Scatter and rewards the players on any position on the grid and those not necessarily aligned on one of the twenty pay lines. Landing at least 15 of these symbols rewards the player. 

Free Spins Feature

The Free spins feature is awarded when three scatters land on a pay line. A free spin is also awarded when a scatter is removed, which can go for as many as fifteen times at a go. 

The Gamble Feature

This feature is activated after any win and gives the players the option to double their winnings. The player clicks the double-up button and flips a coin after guessing, and when their guess is correct, the payout is doubled. The round plays as many times as possible as long as the right choice is landed each time.

Dragon and Phoenix Slot Game RTP

The return to player percentage is 96.01%, and the game has a high volatility rate enabling the player to make huge payouts.

Wrapping Up

Dragon And Phoenix are unique in terms of themes as well as the wager. The slot game offers players an opportunity to have winnings differently from a standard slot; hence is loved by so many. Incorporating the ancient Chinese world into the game is a significant adjustment and creative to the relevant slot game world. The graphics are of high quality and exude realism. Let's all play this game and win cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Who is the developer of Curious Machine Slot Game?
Dragon and Phoenix is a 3D online video slot game developed by BetSoft Gaming. BetSoft Gaming has previously been known for similar exciting and high-quality slot games. BetSoft Gaming is one of the best slot game developers in the online world today.
2What are the minimum and maximum bets payable in a single spin?
The minimum bet is 0.02 while the maximum is 1.00 in a single round, but a minimum of 0.06 and 150 is made as a coin size.
3What devices can the player use to play the game?
Players can use desktop computers and mobile phones to play the game. Both Android and ios users are compatible with mobile phone users due to the HTML technology. Most players opt to use mobile phones as they are easily accessible. No downloads are needed; hence a simple log-in to the website will get you started on the slot game.
4What is the RTP of Curious Machine?
The return to player percentage (R.T.P) is 96.01%, and the slot has a high volatility rate; hence players have an easy chance to win big.
5Do Dragon and Phoenix have any bonus features?
Apart from a fantastic base game, Dragon And Phoenix offer a variety of bonus features to help you win more, including the Wilds, the Gamble Feature, the Scatter, and the Free Spins.

Dragon and Phoenix Slot Review

Dragon and Phoenix Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Zack Dalton
I am glued to the slot

The application of the bonus features that pop regularly has been of great help to my total winnings. I am glued to the slot every time I play this game.

 by Warren Vincent
It is an excellent game

The characters, the dragon and empress, are skillfully employed to play their roles perfectly. It is an excellent game.

 by Flavian Gray
This happens to be one of my favorites

Being a player of slot games for eleven years now, I have laid bets on many games, and this happens to be one of my favorites as I get winnings almost every time I place a bet. I am having a lot of fun, that's for sure.

 by Valerie Hardy
This is a new experience for me

Since my introduction to the game by my friend Sally, I have had so much fun. This is a new experience for me, and I love every minute. Being taken aback by the ancient Chinese has been nostalgic. Other slot games developers should adopt this theme to fill the void in the online gaming market.

 by Ernest Young
The quest for great rewards seems promising

The offers for betting are favorable, and even with the small wins I have made, I am enlightened to make bigger ones as time goes by. The quest for great rewards seems promising, and I'll be increasing my bet sizes with more playing.

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