Dwarf’s Gold Slot Game

Dwarf’s Gold Slot Game

Quick Overview of the Game

Inbet Games brings you an enchanting treasure hunt experience with the Dwarf’s Gold slot game. Unearth riches beneath the mountains and experience the charm of the mythical dwarf miners. With top-notch graphics, engaging gameplay, and a captivating theme, this game will definitely leave you wanting more.

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How to Play Dwarf’s Gold Slot

Playing the Dwarf’s Gold slot at your favorite real money online casino is a truly immersive experience. Inbet Games has ensured the game’s interface is simple and intuitive, suitable for beginners and experienced players alike.

Once the game loads, you’ll find yourself in a detailed world of dwarf miners, set against a backdrop of a sparkling gold mine. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll find the game controls. You can adjust your bet size by clicking the ‘bet’ button, with options ranging from a minimum bet of 0.01 to a maximum bet of 5 per payline.

After setting your bet, click on the ‘Spin’ button to set the reels in motion. Wins are awarded for matching symbols on the paylines from left to right. The paytable in the game settings will provide information about the exact payouts for each symbol combination.

During gameplay, look out for special symbols such as Wilds and Scatters. These symbols can trigger bonus features like free spins and multipliers, dramatically boosting your winning potential just like in the Crypto Chain Slot game.

Dwarf’s Gold Slot RTP and Variance

The Dwarf’s Gold slot has an appealing RTP of 91.2%, which puts it in the higher bracket of top slot games. It’s a medium variance game, meaning you’ll enjoy regular wins throughout your gaming session. This combination of RTP and variance strikes a fine balance, making it suitable for both high-risk takers and casual gamers.

Symbols and Gameplay

Much like the enchanting dwarf miner theme, the Dwarf’s Gold slot symbols revolve around the life of a dwarf. From helmets, lanterns, and pickaxes, to piles of gleaming gold and dwarf characters themselves, every symbol is designed to enhance your in-game experience. The dwarf is the highest-paying symbol, followed by the gold and the mining tools. Each symbol’s exact value will be discussed in the following section.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

The Dwarf’s Gold slot allows a flexible range of bet sizes, making it accessible for all kinds of players. Here’s a quick overview of the paytable:

Symbol 3x 4x 5x
7s 100 1000 5000
Diamond, Candle 50 200 500
Butterfly 10 50 250
Dwarft, Gold Pot, Gold, Fire 20 50 200

Dwarf’s Gold Slot Bonus Features

The Dwarf’s Gold slot is not just about its attractive design and exciting gameplay like the Wild Funland Slot game, but it also shines brightly with its bonus features.

  • Free Spins

Free Spins are a central attraction in the Dwarf’s Gold slot. These are triggered by landing three or more Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. The more Scatters you land, the more free spins you earn. This can considerably extend your gameplay and improve your chances of bagging substantial wins without betting extra money.

  • Wilds

Wild symbols have the power to substitute for any other symbol in the game, except for the Scatter. This makes them significantly valuable as they can help you form winning combinations even when you’re missing a specific symbol. The Wild in Dwarf’s Gold slot is represented by the dwarf miner himself, adding a fun element to the gameplay.

  • Gamble Feature

The gamble feature provides an adrenaline rush and can significantly boost your winnings if you’re willing to take the risk. After every winning spin, you have the option to activate the gamble feature. You’ll be presented with a deck of face-down cards and asked to guess the color of the next card. A correct guess will double your winnings, but a wrong guess will result in losing your recent win. This feature is perfect for thrill-seekers who like to add an extra level of excitement to their gameplay.

Dwarf’s Gold Slot Game FAQs

Can I play the Dwarf's Gold slot on mobile?

Yes, the game is fully optimized for mobile play.

What is the maximum win on the Dwarf's Gold slot?

The maximum win is 500 times your bet for landing five Dwarf symbols on a payline.

What is the RTP of the Dwarf's Gold slot?

The Dwarf's Gold slot has an RTP of 91.2%.


According to the best online casino reviews, the Dwarf’s Gold slot game by Inbet Games offers a beautifully designed gaming environment, brimming with exciting features. Its user-friendly interface ensures a seamless gaming experience, whether you’re a novice or an experienced player. The game’s high RTP and medium variance balance regular, smaller wins with the thrill of potentially significant rewards, catering to a wide variety of gambling styles.

Moreover, the bonus features like Free Spins, Wilds, and Gamble Feature amplify the thrill and winning potential, making each spin an adventure in itself. The flexibility in betting options makes it suitable for both high rollers and casual players. The Dwarf’s Gold slot game truly is an immersive experience that combines fun and thrill with the potential for significant rewards. So why wait? Embark on this exciting journey with the dwarf miners and delve into the world of gold and treasures today and learn more about other casino topics, like the 52 factorial concepts!

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Dwarf’s Gold Slot Reviews

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Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Olivia Wright

Dwarf's Gold is pure gold! Love it!

 by Alex Mitchell

Brilliant game, hours of entertainment.

 by Sophia Rodriguez

Impressive design, generous payouts.

 by Daniel Carter

Dwarf's Gold never disappoints, top-notch.

 by Emily Hayes

Addictive gameplay, big wins ahead.

 by Michael Collins

Dwarf's Gold is my new favorite slot.

 by Jessica Turner

Love the bonus rounds! Highly recommend.

 by Mark Patterson

Great graphics, exciting features.

 by Alice Grant

Dwarf's Gold is a gem! So much fun!

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