Faerie Spells Twins Slot Game

Get immersed in the mystical faerie forest with pixie princesses and crowns

Faerie Spells Twins Slot Review

Faerie Spells features a variety of mystical forest creatures that conjure up winnings with certain combinations. The game features a toadstool bonus, free games, and even a double-up feature where players can wager their winnings to multiply them based on their bet.

Faerie Spells Twins Slot Game Review

Faerie Spells Twins Slot Overview

Faerie Spells features a variety of mystical forest creatures that conjure up winnings with certain combinations. The slot game features a toadstool bonus, free games, and even a double-up feature where players can wager their winnings to multiply them based on their bet. When you play Faerie spells, you’re immersed into an enchanted world of faerie queens, magical trees, potions, and more for an immersive, magical experience.

Theme and Graphics

Faerie Spells is themed after a mystical forest. It has striking graphics that feature high-quality artwork of faerie queens, pixie princesses, enchanted trees, dragonflies, crowns, wands, twin spirits, and green tree guardians. Luminescent butterflies perch atop gilded letters. Winning combinations illuminate on the screen to reveal where the combination is and how much the payout is. 

The background of Faerie Spells featured rich purple, blue, and green tones and forest textures to transport you to the undergrowth of the magical forest, where enchanted creatures rest behind every corner. Reels are framed with beautiful green-leaved vines to boost the aesthetically pleasing nature of the game.

These illustrations create an air of magic, luck, and excitement that thrill players and make for a blood-pumping gambling experience with a playful, enchanting mood about it.

How to Play Faerie Spells Slot

Playing Faerie Spells slot game is as simple as familiarizing yourself with the rules. Click the “i” symbol at the bottom right of the screen to learn about the rules, understand winning combinations and how your bet impacts how much you can win, and what bonuses exist, as well as how you can win them.

Gameplay Options and Features

Faerie Spells holds special features within the reels. The magic toadstool bonus features mushrooms with a specific dollar amount suspended in a bubble at the forefront of the symbol. This toadstool bonus is activated when combined with a faerie queen, which awards extra cash to lucky winners.

The green-bearded tree guardian is a beautiful depiction of a magical male entity that matches all symbols on the pay reels except the faerie queen and scatter symbol. A few different multipliers are possible when the tree guardian falls, depending on how many tree guardians fall and where.

The last exciting feature of Faerie Spells is the unique ability to double up on any winnings. When you choose this option, you wager half or all of your winnings from a particular round. At the flip of a coin, you could double your wager or forfeit it. You choose to bet heads or tails. If you’re right, you double your winnings. If you’re wrong, they are lost.

If you enjoy playing bonus games on-demand, you’ll appreciate this next feature. For a “buy-in” price, you can activate 25 free spins any time you’d like

Bonus Features

Faerie Spells features exciting bonus games triggered by a combination of three to three to five faerie queens. Three faerie queens win ten bonus spins, four queens win 15 free spins, and five or more queens triggers 25 bonus spins.

Bonus reels on Faerie Spells are played on what’s called Faerie Queen Jackpot Reels. These reels feature specialized symbols such as potions, diamonds, jewels, gold bars, and coins. The game plays from left to right, and there are 1024 different ways you can win.

Faerie queen free spins feature four bonuses triggered by corresponding colored potions when they fall on the reels. Here is a rundown of the possible bonus wins:

  • Riches
  • Wealth
  • Luxury
  • Plenty

Faerie Spells RTP

Faerie Spells RTP, or return to player, is 96.03%. Remember, if you want to know more about Vegas Aces, check our social media and be aware of every news.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Who is the developer of Faerie Spells?
Faerie Spells was developed by BetSoft, a well-known authority in online slot machine software.
2Do Faerie Spells slots online pay real money?
Faerie Spells online slots are designed to pay players real money for wins - that’s the fun in it! If you’re looking to learn how to play before risking your bankroll, you can choose to play in demo mode first, which allows you to get the feel of the game without betting any money.
3Is Faerie Spells rigged?
The beautiful thing about online slots is that they are pre-programmed to pay you without any casino intervention, and Faerie Spells is no exception. Wins are randomized and controlled by anything except a mathematical equation, so you can trust that the game is fair and square.
4What are the jackpots in Faerie Spells?
Faerie Spells features four possible jackpots that can be won during faerie queen bonus games: riches, wealth, luxury, and plenty. You must get three matching potions corresponding with the jackpot on the free game reels to win this. Payout is given at the end of free spins

Faerie Spells Twins Slots Game Review

Faerie Spells Twins Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Walter Vaughn
I’m obsessed!

Faerie Spells is as enchanting as it sounds. I haven’t met someone yet that doesn’t love it. It’s simply amazing; I’m obsessed!

 by Marcos Beck
It helps me know how to win

I love that Faerie Spells illuminates the pay lines that resulted in a win. It helps me know how to win and adds a different layer of excitement when you see what you’re looking for.

 by Josh Fletcher
It so lovely to look at while you play

The symbols in Faerie Spells are so beautiful, props to the illustrators! It makes it so lovely to look at while you play to win.

 by Darrell Wood
It’s an exciting adventure

Faerie spells has been one of my favorite online slots ever since I discovered the game. It’s an exciting adventure every time I sit down to play.

 by Jenna Fowler
I instantly fell in love

I stumbled upon Faerie Spells when I was playing online poker. The color scheme drew me in, and it looked like something that would be fun to play. I was right! I instantly fell in love. It’s the best!

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