Fairy Forest Tale Slot Game

Fairy Forest Tale Slot Game

Quick Overview of the Game

Venture into a realm of fantasy with the Fairy Forest Tale slot by KA Gaming. Every aspect of this online slot whispers enchantment, from its meticulous graphics to the captivating sound effects. As you traverse through the mystical woods, symbols of fairies, deer, and moon potions beckon, promising both thrill and treasures. Why settle for the mundane? Let the Fairy Forest Tale transport you to a land of magic, mysteries, and monumental wins. Experience it yourself and let the fairy’s fortune favor you.

How to Play Fairy Forest Tale Slot

Engaging with the Fairy Forest Tale slot offers an effortless experience. Set your bet amount within the broad range, and initiate your journey by pressing the ‘spin’ button. Symbols cascade down the reels, and aligning them in winning combinations opens up pathways to rewards. The Fairy, being the most valuable symbol, is the coveted prize every player desires. Yet, the game is more than just spinning; it’s about immersion. Let the narrative of the forest captivate you, making each spin a chapter in the story.

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Fairy Forest Tale Slot RTP and Variance

Fairy Forest Tale slot game boasts an impressive RTP of 96.00%, positioning it as a player-friendly choice. The medium variance indicates balanced gameplay, offering a mix of smaller frequent wins and the potential for larger payouts. This makes the game appealing for both casual players and high rollers.

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Symbols and Gameplay

The game thrives with symbols like the Fairy, Deer, Bird, Butterfly, Ring, Clover, and Golden Tree. Card symbols like Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, and Clubs are also present. The Moon potion stands out as the Scatter Wild. These symbols enhance the game’s magical ambiance and play crucial roles in landing significant wins.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

In the Fairy Forest Tale, players can place bets ranging from $0.01 to $100, catering to various bankroll sizes. The paytable is generous, especially when landing Fairy symbols:

Symbol Payout for 3 Payout for 4 Payout for 5
Fairy 0.75x 2.25x 10.50x
Deer, Bird 0.60x 1.20x 4.50x
Butterfly, Ring 0.45x 0.90x 3.75x
Clover, Moon potion 0.30x 0.60x 3x
Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs 0.15x 0.30x 1.20x
Golden Tree 7.50x 37.50x 75x


Fairy Forest Tale Slot Bonus Features

Bonus features add layers of excitement to the Fairy Forest Tale slot:

  • Scatter Wild

The Moon potion takes center stage here. It’s not just a wild; it’s a multiplier, elevating your chances for massive wins.

  • Free Spins

Secure three or more Moon potion symbols, and the forest rewards you with free spins. This isn’t just a chance at more playtime but potential windfalls too.

  • Progressive Jackpot

A rarity among online slots, this feature holds the promise of life-altering wins, with the jackpot growing every time a bet is made.

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Fairy Forest Tale Slot Game FAQs

What is the RTP of the Fairy Forest Tale slot online?

The game offers an RTP of 96.00%.

Are there free spins in the Fairy Forest Tale slot game?

Yes, free spins are triggered by the Moon potion symbol.

Can I play Fairy Forest Tale slot on mobile?

Yes, the game is optimized for both desktop and mobile platforms.


Fairy Forest Tale slot online by KA Gaming isn’t just a real money online casino game; it’s an experience. The seamless blend of top-notch graphics, alluring audio, and meticulously designed gameplay ensures players are treated to an immersive fairy-tale adventure. With generous bonus features and a player-friendly RTP, the game is a must-try for both slot enthusiasts and novices alike. So, if you’re ready to embark on a magical journey filled with wonders, Fairy Forest Tale awaits.

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