Fruity Fortune

Old-school gaming style that gives you a nostalgic moment of the old days

Fruity Fortune Slot Game Review

A lot of casino software developers are releasing retro-style slots, which have become very popular. The games appeal to players who prefer the old-school gaming style that gives them a nostalgic moment of the old days. Fortune developers never wanted to miss out on the wave, which is how fruity fortune came into place.

Fruity Fortune Slot Game Review

Fruity Fortune Details

A lot of casino software developers are releasing retro-style slots, which have become very popular. The games appeal to players who prefer the old-school gaming style that gives them a nostalgic moment of the old days. Fortune developers never wanted to miss out on the wave, which is how Fruity Fortune slot game came into place.

The classic machines heavily influence the game with fruit slot games. For example, five reels fruity fortune features five reels and fifteen paylines, a special gamble mode, free spins, a mini-game, super wheels, and a progressive jackpot.

Theme And Soundtrack

The game's background features a stylishly colored grid displaying all the game symbols precisely spread out on the reels. The bright colors give it an appealing outlook that feels welcoming to the eyes.

The symbols underwent top-notch detailing to give them a 3D look, combining old-school symbols such as bells, lemons, oranges, cherries, and diamonds. However, the most impressive thing about the symbols is how they animate when you land a win because they first squeeze before bursting out a fruit onto your screen.

The soundtrack on this game has been optimized to give the feeling of playing a classic fruit slot machine. In addition, its sound effects have been perfectly selected to make sure the game maintains its thematic expression all through the gameplay.

RTP And Variance

One impressive thing about this game is that it has one of the highest variances. This means that the top payouts are higher but extremely hard to get. However, compared to low and medium variance games, they are still better when rated in winnings. You can bet from $0.05 to $5.00 for each payline. So you could be in luck when you land five wild symbols on the active line winning $125,000 from one spin.

Fruity Fortune Slot Payouts

The five-reel fruity fortune has a table that shows the number of fruits required to win. The fruit symbols have to be aligned from the uttermost left and be consecutive. Check the table below for the fruit symbol payouts.

Pomegranate: You need 3 or more of these to win, for three fruits, you get five coins. For 4 fruits, 25 coins, and 100 coins for five fruits.

Lemon: The minimum payout starts at three. After that, you get 10 coins for three fruits, 50 coins for four fruits, and 200 coins for five lemons.

Orange: You will get 20 coins for three fruits, 100 coins for four fruits, and 400 coins for five oranges.

Apple: The payouts begin at two fruits. 3 coins are awarded for two fruits, 25 coins for three apples, 150 coins for four, and 750 for five apples.

Bananas: Payouts are awarded from two bananas, and you get three coins for 2 apples, 50 for three, 200 for four, and 1000 for five. Grapes You get payouts from two grapes or more. For example, you win 3 coins for two, 50 coins for three, 250 coins for four apples, and 1500 for five apples.

Coconut: Payout from two coconuts. You get 5 coins for two, 50 for three, 500 for four, and 2000 for five coconuts.

Star: Starts paying out from two stars. You win 25 coins for two, 250 for three, 2500 for four, and 25000 for five stars.

Game Features

The wild symbol is shown by a star in a light blue background. It can be used to replace all the other symbols except the scatter symbol. The most excellent feature about the wild symbol is that you can get up to 300 times your payout amount if you land any winning combination.

To trigger free a free spin bonus, you need to land three free spin symbols appearing on a payline. The free spin symbol is coconut, and the more you land these symbols, the more free spins you get. For example, if you land five free spin symbols, you earn nine free spins.

How To Play Fruity Fortune

Fruity fortune allows players how to win fruity fortune and a lot of money by slicing fruit lines. The game pays reels that have consecutive fruit symbols. With a payout system that awards a minimum of two sequential fruit symbols, five reels fruity fortune is guaranteed to give you endless enjoyment and winning action.

The first thing to consider when you are learning how to play Fruity Fortune is to choose the value of your coin. You can bet a minimum of $0.05, while the highest you can wager is $50. The maximum number of play coins is 9, with each valued at $5.

Once you set your coin value and settle on your coin amount to bet on, you can spin the reel and observe the lines. Keep doing this until you get aligning symbols on a reel.

The game controls in this slot feature the coin value manager. It lets you change your coin value from minimum stake to the highest. The controls are Bet One, Bet Max, spin, payout table, and cash out.

As you play, the symbols you will be watching out for are the lemon, pomegranate, melon, apple, orange, bananas, coconut, grapes, and star. The star is the wild symbol, and it substitutes all other symbols apart from the scatter, the martini.

To play the five-reel fruity fortune bonus rounds, you have first to get a bonus. After scoring between three to five martinis, you get a bonus round, and despite your wager amount, you get free spins. The free spins will be awarded after every spin, meaning that with a $45 max bet and 100 points, you can win $4500.


Five reels fruity fortune is one of the best-designed fruit-themed games that portrays the classic fruit slot machines well. Even though it mostly appears old school, it is very stylish and has some of the most disguised modern features. The gameplay is equally fascinating, and the features are very appealing.

The bonuses and winning rates are very lucrative, which is why many people have opted to play this game. If you are a big fan of fruit-themed slot games, then you should not miss out on this five-reel slot. The paylines may not be many, but they are enough to get players smiling to the bank. Remember, if you want to know more about Vegas Aces, check our social media and be aware of every news.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Can I Play Five Reel Fruity Fortune On My Mobile?
Yes. Five reels fruity fortune has been developed on the HTML5 software, which supports cross mobile compatibility. The website feature has been optimized to function on desktops, android devices, and Apple devices. In addition, the instant play feature does not require you to download any software, making the game accessible from anywhere.
2Can I Win Real Money On Five Reel Fruit Fortune?
Yes, you can. Similar to any other online casino, you have the option to play the game for money. The game has a high variance and an RTP of %97.42, which can get huge winnings. You might get lucky as you play and get some lucrative bonuses that would boost your winnings up to $500,000. But you need to have a set budget to avoid losing all your money trying to recover your losses.
3Are There Any Bonuses On Five Reel Fruity Fortune?
Yes. There are various bonuses that you could be awarded when you land the scatter symbol. For example, you can get a free spin which can be used to trigger other free spins. Unlocking a bonus may not be accessible with the high game variance, but they are worth the trial.

Five Reel Fruity Fortune Slot Game Review

Fruity Fortune Slot Game Reviews
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 10 reviews
 by Mohammad Turner
It is essential to participate in the demo

It is essential to participate in the demo before going for your first primary game. The demo offers you a learning opportunity to cultivate your skills and know-how to play to avoid losing your money on the first try.

 by Frank Jackson
Understanding the game's sequence

This game is fantastic, and gamers have a good chance of winning when they correctly select symbols. The only requirement is understanding the game's sequence and playing as you should after that.

 by Green Dylan
It gives me a good time

I can't say much about the slot because it gives me a good time when I play. I have not yet won, but I anticipate the next game shall be my lucky one.

 by Sander Carter
I have won a lot these days

This game is fantastic, and I can attest to how it gives me the joy to participate again and again. Since joining the slot, I have made significant progress, and I have won a lot these days.

 by Jason Nelly
It is easy to combine

I like games that have multiple winning ways. It is easy to combine three symbols in one of these paylines, thereby landing yourself a huge win.

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