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Bring fortune and good rewards with the Fortunes Frog slot

Fortune Frog Slot Review

The Fortunes Frog slot is a game with the golden money from Dragon Gaming. It has a nice Chinese theme and great quality that makes it adaptable and usable. It has 3 slot reels and a single slot line. At the minimum, you will bet with $0.25, and to the maximum, you can bet with $20.

Fortune Frog Slot Game Review

Fortune Frog Slot Overview

The Fortunes Frog slot is a game with the golden money from Dragon Gaming. It has a nice Chinese theme and great quality that makes it adaptable and usable. It has 3 slot reels and a single slot line. At the minimum, you will bet with $0.25, and to the maximum, you can bet with $20.

You can do the game for free or use the premium ones, which allow you to begin staking. On it, you will find responses, symbols, a wild frog that does the multiplication of bets, and the number of times it does. You can get 5, 8, or 10 times.

Theme and Graphics

The Fortunes Frog slot game has a Chinese new year theme. It has various sections that you tap when you are doing the game. The theme and the graphics are compatible and will make the playability even on small devices possible.

The combination of the golden frog and the animations makes the game have a realistic impression of the casino play. As you play, you will have lovely attention as the features do not promote boredom.

Some of the things you will notice at first impression that happen to be the game's features include the symbols such as the colored pot and a wild frog. The wild frog keeps changing, which represents the various wins on the game slot.

Gameplay and Payout

The Fortunes Frog slot is a game whose main feature is the wild frog. The fortune frog comes with various wins and bonuses when it multiplies. The combination of symbols has a specific representation that makes the players get the wins. 

Getting the symbols will mean specific things. Those that have different colors will have different prices for the winners. Re-spins come when you get 2 wild frogs and a blank symbol. It will also trigger the re-spins so that you finally get the more winning combinations. 

Another thing you will get is the wild frog symbol. It can do good multiplication of the symbols and make them reach the maximum of 120 times. If you get the 3 symbols in a single row, the chances of winning 120 times the bet you placed now come. 

The wild frog multiplier is another symbol that you can have good times with. It has a nice winning combination that can multiply 5 times, 8 times, and even 10 times. Your winnings become high as they get multiplied after placing a single bet.

Exploding symbols are other effective ones as they show a countdown from 0. If you see the countdown going down, the symbol explodes, and you get the spaces filled with many other symbols. This means that the chances of winning have a great multiplication. A cascading reel feature brings about the fortune of winning in chains. 

The moment you see the cascading reels, the symbols disappear, and the original ones come. These are good as they will increase the chances of winning. The cascading symbols keep appearing until there are no more payouts available. 

When they disappear, you have to wait for another countdown time to come before you get the next chance. The good thing with the chances is that they multiply the chances of winning once more. Another low volatility of the frog symbol is that it can open chances of winning more than 150 times. 

Moreover, there are 243 ways to win in the Fortunes Frog slots. You will notice that the playing field will always have 5 reels and 3 rows which is great. However, there are more fascinating things because people have no more interest in the winning lines. Most players no longer care about the winning lines as they wait for the magic frog to multiply the bets. 

Players can use the free modes and many other devices as the game has great compatibility. You can start as a beginner and become a pro because the game offers the simplicity you desire in understanding and playing the game. 

When starting to play, you will start by doing the first spin. The spin will bring about specific symbols. Once the game system picks the symbol, you will be assured that there is a winning and multiplication of the bet you have placed.

Bonus Feature

The game does not have many bonus features. You will note the first thing of the game as the deposits you make, which come with cashback. You can get as much as $50 000. While you play, you will be getting the various symbols that have different meanings too. The Fortunes Frog symbol plays the biggest role in the multiplication as it can make as much as 150 times the bet you have placed. 

The other thing that happens with the bets is that they get multiplied when you get specific symbols. You have to check them closely so that you see the effect that comes along with them.

Fortunes Frog slot RTP

The Fortunes Frog has an RTP of 96%. This is amazing because of the high efficiency. It means that the chances of winning are high, and the multiplication of the bets and the wins is also very high.


Enjoy the great multiplication of your bets and winnings from the Fortunes Frog slot. There are no complicated processes that you have to follow for the game, as everything is clear.  No more worries about the transparency, as the slots are straightforward to understand and use. Remember, if you want to know more about Vegas Aces, check our social media and be aware of every news.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is the RTP of the Fortunes Frog slot game?
The RTP of the Fortunes Frog slot game is 96%. It is high such that you are sure you will make the biggest wins with it. Considering that it offers 20 play lines, you have the assurance that the game is cute. If you are not careful, addiction will become part of you with this game.
2What is the payout for the Fortunes Frog slot game?
There are short time and long-term payouts for the game. Depending on the slot's volatility, you can get very high payouts, especially if you get the greatest multiplications of the best.
3Which is the best game in Fortunes Frog slots?
The core gaming in the Fortunes Frog is a nice thing. You have to play along with the wilds because they both can make you have great wins. Therefore, all the games in the Fortunes Frog are wonderful as they can multiply the bets to make you have the greatest.
4Can you play the Fortunes Frog from any point?
Considering that the Fortunes Frog has great compatibility, it means that you can enjoy the game from various points and parts. You have to ensure that the device you are using has the compatibility you desire and then has the features working well hence the biggest rewards.
5Is the game easy to play?
This is the question that most beginners love asking. The best thing about the game is that it is very easy to play. So long as you have the technical know-how and all that you desire to have, the game will pose a simple one to play. So long as you have the best devices, you will enjoy it.

Fortune Frog Slot Game Review

Fortune Frog Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Marvin Mark
Great Game!

I am no longer disappointed because of the theme of this game. You have no worries about the transparency as you can see the machine allowing you to do the next game without a challenge. I feel more energetic once I see and touch the machine to place bets here.

 by Julius C
The Fortunes Frog slot is the best of all time

I have no reason for looking for another slot game. The Fortunes Frog slot is the best of all time. It has an enthusiastic nature and will make you have restful moments. Learning and understanding it is not complicated. You will make the first bet and find yourself making a successful bet every day.

 by Molly K
Wow! Such an amazing game

Wow! Such an amazing game. No more worries about the no bonuses. I made the first deposit and got a cashback bonus. Now I have to make as many as I wish and continue enjoying the game. Very interesting.

 by James Kim
The game is very interesting

The game is very interesting. I love how the Fortunes Frog does the multiplication of the bets and brings the symbols that will make the game nice once more. Playing it when resting in the evening hours is nice as hours pass by so quickly.

 by Aaron Kim
I am a big fan of sports and a video fanatic

I am a big fan of sports and a video fanatic. This game has a nice iced and latte when you play it while resting. Taking a break after writing makes it enjoyable and more fun.

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