Fruit Solar Slot Game

Fruit Solar Slot Game

Quick Overview of the Game

Embark on a fruity adventure with the Fruit Solar slot game by Inbet Games, where luscious symbols await your spin! Juicy jackpots, mouthwatering multipliers, and a splash of sun make this the go-to free online slot for a tropical twist. Want a taste of the fruit-filled fun? Dive into the Fruit Solar slot demo today and get spinning!

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How to Play Fruit Solar Slot Game

Beginning your journey with the Fruit Solar slot game is an exhilarating experience filled with vibrant visuals and the potential for hefty rewards. To start:

Set Your Bet

At the bottom of the game screen, you’ll find buttons to adjust your bet size. Whether you’re a beginner betting the minimum or a high-roller looking for some adrenaline, the game’s range caters to all.

Choose Paylines

Fruit Solar offers multiple paylines to increase your winning chances. Decide how many you want to activate for each spin, remembering that more active paylines might increase the bet but also up the ante for potential wins.

Spin and Win

Once satisfied with your bet and paylines, press the ‘spin’ button to set the reels in motion. Combinations of similar symbols across your chosen paylines will result in wins.

Autoplay Feature

If continuously pressing the spin button isn’t your style, the game offers an autoplay feature. This lets the reels spin automatically for a predetermined number of times, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay. You can also set win or loss limits, so you’re always in control.

Special Features

Be on the lookout for the game’s bonus symbols – the Wild and Scatter. They’re not just there for show; they can significantly boost your winnings!

The rules of Fruit Solar are simple and straightforward, yet each spin offers a new thrill, ensuring players remain on the edge of their seats.

Fruit Solar Slot Game RTP and Variance

With an RTP of 95.40%, which is a bit lower than the one in the Pet Farm slot game, the Fruit Solar slot game offers players a fair chance at striking big wins. The medium variance ensures balanced gameplay, giving players a blend of frequent smaller wins and the occasional larger payout. This combination keeps the game exciting and unpredictable, perfect for both novices and online slots enthusiasts.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Fruit Solar slot game caters to all types of players, from penny pinchers to high rollers, thanks to its flexible betting range.

Symbol 5 in a Row 4 in a Row 3 in a Row
777 5000 250 50
Star 1000 200 50
Bell, Watermelon 700 120 40
Grapes 200 40 20
Plum, Orange, Lemon, Cherry 150 30 10


Fruit Solar Slot Game Bonus Features

Like the Darkness slot game, the Fruit Solar slot game truly comes alive with its impressive bonus features. Let’s dissect them:

  • Wild Symbol

More than just a substitute, the Wild Clover can turn a near-miss spin into a winning one. When it appears, it can replace any symbol (except for the scatter) to create a winning combination. And if that wasn’t enough, the Wild often comes with multipliers, meaning your wins get even bigger!

  • Scatter Symbol

The Scatter is the star of the bonus show. Landing three of these symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5 not only gives you a payout but also triggers a special bonus round. This round often includes free spins, allowing you to play without dipping into your balance, yet still reaping the rewards.

Symbols and Gameplay

This real money online casino game is adorned with a myriad of symbols – 777, Star, Bell, Watermelon, Grapes, Plum, Orange, Lemon, and Cherry. Each symbol has its unique value, with the 777 symbol being the most lucrative. The gameplay is enriched by the Wild Symbol (clover) which substitutes for all except the scatter, and the Scatter (dollars) which appears on reels 1, 3, and 5, unlocking special features.

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Fruit Solar Slot Game FAQs

Can I play a demo version of the Fruit Solar slot game?

Yes, the Fruit Solar slot demo is available on the Inbet Games website.

What are the special features of the Fruit Solar slot game?

The game boasts Wild and Scatter symbols which enhance gameplay.

Is there an autoplay feature in the Fruit Solar slot game?

Yes, there's an autoplay option for players.


Wrapping up, the Fruit Solar slot game by Inbet Games is not just another slot game – it’s a vibrant escapade into a world of juicy rewards and thrilling gameplay mechanics. With a medium variance and a commendable RTP, it strikes the right balance between frequent payouts and sizable jackpots. The bonus features, especially the Wild and Scatter, add layers of excitement, ensuring that players have more than just the base game to look forward to. Whether you’re in it for the fun, the fruit, or the fortune, the game ensures every spin is a sun-soaked adventure.

Ready to immerse yourself? Dive into the Fruit Solar world, and may the fruits of fortune be with you!

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Fruit Solar Slot Reviews

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Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Ethan Bennett

Fruit Solar is a shining star in the slot world. Vegas Aces, you've lit up my gaming experience

 by Mia Turner

I'm addicted to Fruit Solar! It's the perfect blend of fruity fun and solar-powered excitement.

 by Daniel Parker

Fruit Solar is my solar-powered slot of choice. Vegas Aces, you've captured the sun's energy!

 by Isabella Wright

Fruit Solar is like a sunny vacation on the reels. The payouts shine as bright as the sun!

 by Oliver Carter

Vegas Aces' Fruit Solar is a star in the slot galaxy. I can't get enough of those solar spins!

 by Sophia Foster

Fruit Solar is out of this world! The cosmic design and juicy wins are pure magic.

 by Henry Mitchell

Fruit Solar is a fruity delight with a solar twist. Vegas Aces, you've got a winner here!

 by Emma Thompson

I'm over the moon with Fruit Solar! The vibrant fruits and solar energy theme are electrifying.

 by Lucas Adams

Fruit Solar is a ray of winning sunshine! Vegas Aces, you've made my gaming days brighter.

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