Gold Heist Slot Game

Take the role of the miner and use the available tools in locating the gold nuggets

Gold Heist Slot Review

The Gold Heist Slot is a 5 reel and 30 pay line for the dragon software provider with a very good reputation. In the game, you will have the wild west, which is very rich in gold. The player takes the role of the miner and uses the available tools in locating the gold nuggets.

Gold Heist Slot Game Review

Gold Heist Slot Overview

The Gold Heist slot game is a 5 reel and 30 pay line for the Dragon Gaming software provider with a very good reputation. In the game, you will have the wild west, which is very rich in gold. The player takes the role of the miner and uses the available tools in locating the gold nuggets. 

The slot takes the player on an adventure where he finds many other metals of the world. During the exploration process, the chances of getting more metals increase, and winning and getting the bonuses also increase. It makes a very good choice for the players who want to have the wild west experience.

Theme and Graphics

The Gold Heist Slot has a nice theme and atmosphere that attracts the users to enjoy their playing sessions.  It takes place outside the gold mine, and in the background, you will notice the presence of the carts, ladders, mine entrance, the ladders, and the pick-axes.

The graphics are nice and quite interesting as they look like symbols that are perfectly done. While playing, the players use symbols to make the game more interesting. You will also notice the presence of the music, which has the western beat. It makes the wild west have the escalation feeling from the bottom upwards. Such an atmosphere is very interesting for the whole gaming session. 

You will notice more symbols such as the trolley gold and the pistol. The ryal cards A, K, Q, and J, wrap it up for the best winning combination.

Gameplay and Payout

The slot game is wonderful as it provides for both mobile gaming and normal online gaming. The good thing about the game is that it is playable over HTML5 and all other devices. You have an assurance that you have the opportunity to play the game over devices such as laptops and your mobile devices.

The functions when playing online of using the mobile devices as you get a chance of getting the equal winnings. 

When playing, you will take a close watch of the symbols that are active on the payline. These are the ones that make the change in the gaming experience different. 

The symbols are good as they activate the bonus features. You will have extra spins, bigger wins, or have a single big win when they are active. On the play table, each of the symbols has a specific mission to accomplish. 

We have the wild represented by the outlaw and the scatter represented by the miner. Cart tracks represent the bonuses. Other features are the bank, gold nuggets, gold bars, revolver, and cards. The regular symbols can do the multiplication of the bets to as much as 1000 times. This happens when you bet on the 5 basic symbols. 

However, if you bet on the outlaw, you will get bigger benefits as it multiplies to as much as 2000 times. This is a stake for 5. It is also great because it substitutes the remaining 5 icons hence making the winning bigger.

While playing, you will trigger the minecart bonuses that bring the second screen, usually full of gold carts. Determination of the prices comes from picking any of the carts as it delivers 50 spins. This depends on your luck. 

You can also land on the 3+ bonus symbols that trigger the mine trail. Here you get extra and bib bonuses. These can multiply 2 times to the maximum of 200 times, which comes from your stake total. 

There are other betting options that you need to look at closely. These are things such as the gold coin ranges, between $0.01 and $3, and manages the numbers from 1-30. If you use the $3, you will utilize the 30 lines. You have a chance of betting with the largest amount being $90.

Bonus Features

Some of the features that make the game deliver great bonuses are as follows;

Mine Trail is the symbol of good as it represents the 3 or more bonuses that also activate the main bonus. When you spin the wheel on the screen, you will advance the trail, and in that round, you will get 200 times the total bet you have placed. When you keep spinning, you will see it maintaining the standing position. 

Wild- the wild is good because it is a substitute for all other symbols. However, it does not remove the scatter symbol and the bonus symbol. The good thing is that it doubles the wins that you get this time. 

Minecart bonus- if you get 3 or more scatters on the reels, you activate this feature, and it makes the winnings grow to a maximum of 50 free spins.  If you get any spin, you will get a chance to rescatter the other bonuses of the free spins.

Gold Heist Slot RTP

The RTP of the gold heist slot is 96.12% which is good and above the average. If you compare it to normal, you will notice that it is much better and has more enhanced performance. A fair number of payouts come, which help in the backroll. The volatility is between medium and high.

Wrapping Up

Gold Heist Slot is a game of its kind. You will do a few tryouts and the next thing you find yourself floating in the game. We have covered all that it takes to have you enjoying the game. The features are amazing, and the theme is of its kind.


Frequently Asked Questions

1Who is the developer of the game?
Dragon Gaming is the developer of this game. It has used interesting and very enticing features to make the game look colorful. The software in use has a good reputation for making the game effective and improving playability.
2Can I win real money by playing the game?
Yes. You can win real money on this game as it is like other online casinos. It has great wins, especially when you start getting the biggest bonuses. The beauty of this game is that you will stake a small amount to start and then continue seeing the funds growing. The maximum you can bet is $90.
3How much do I need to start playing the Gold Heist slot?
You don’t need to break the bank to start off playing the game. With as little as $0.03, you will get the chance to access the game and place your bets. The good thing with the bets is that you have no limits for the amount you want to stake with so long as you have not exceeded $90.
4Are there good bonuses in the slot?
The slot is one of the most interesting because of the wins that you get from the bonuses. You can get big bonuses, especially if you identify the symbols with the largest cash amounts. Identifying such symbols is not complicated as they disable the rest of the symbols when active.
5Can I use the phone to play the game?
The compatibility of the Gold Heist Slot is wonderful. You don’t need to worry because of the available slots. You have reasons to enjoy it because the features are adaptable even when you use small devices. The HTML5 software makes the average device able to manage the game.

Gold Heist Slot Game Review

Gold Heist Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Reson Belly
Very nice game

Very nice game for mind engagement. I don’t get tired when playing this game. I can spend the entire day playing because it has all it takes to make me comfortable. It is the best game for weekends and holidays. The rewards are also quite amazing.

 by Mary Jackson
We sit and play this one

My husband was the first person to discover the game. We no longer bother looking for other casinos. We sit and play this one.

 by Gabriella
Wonderful game

I don’t wonder why I no longer have stressful moments. This game keeps me ever occupied. Wonderful game.

 by Granton Graham
It is amazing

I learned the game from a friend. I can tell you I don’t let a day go without having the play. It is amazing.

 by Daisy Levy
Amazing game

The bonuses are beautiful. You do a simple play and get a bombshell of rewards. I feel good because I  don’t have to overthink so that I make the bonuses. Amazing game.

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