Greedy Goblins

Be ready! Elfania is their territory, and the green creatures are set to invade it

Greedy Goblins Slot Game

The Greedy Goblins Slots is a five-reel slot game with thirty pay lines options. The character symbol known as goblins has a house in which the reels are set to open. Elf symbols pay the highest, and other symbols include the goblin, crown, jewels, cup, the mushroom cottage, moon, and needed banners. Game rules are easy to follow since Goblins are too clever to handle, meaning help is needed to conquer Elfania.

Greedy Goblins Slot Game Review

Greedy Goblins Details

The character symbol known as goblins has a house in which the reels are set to open. Elfania is their territory, and the green creatures are set to invade it. Elf symbols pay the highest, and other symbols include the goblin, crown, jewels, cup, the mushroom cottage, moon, and needed banners. Additionally, coins will show up on the reels, but the goblin character is the one to collect them.

The wild wooden house symbol triggers Re-spins, and this happens for a single play. Free spins are triggered by the elf symbol, while bonus games are activated by the scatter symbol, such as a book of secrets.

Game rules are easy to follow since Goblins are too clever to handle, meaning help is needed to conquer Elfania. The release in 2013 featured three rows, five reels, and rows thirty paylines. Payment is from left to right, beginning with the left side reel, with three matching symbols equivalent to landing payouts.

Every single pay line has a minimum stake requirement of $0.30 for a single spin. The bet per pay line and coin value can fluctuate, enabling gamers to stake up to $150 for a single spin. The administrators offer these options as they are standard in operations.

Themes And Graphics

Greedy Goblins slot game has a setting inside a green forest, which is both magical and mystical. The slot has a theme relating to fiery tales, and it is very enchanting. The storyline will hook you up as the play is interesting. There's an atmosphere of creepiness when you play since goblins are watching every move you make.

The animations and graphics in the slot game are splendid, and the display is clear. The slot has reels covered in vines, which is a creative representation. Other symbols present, including full moons, toadstool houses, chalices, and gems, have an HD quality display that makes play effective.

Gameplay And Payouts

The bonus for the book of secrets is triggered by two or more of the same symbol on the second and fourth reel. This outcome opens another tab where you'll find goblins to assist you in stealing the secret of the elves. Time is the crucial factor, and for every secret, you steal in time, multipliers and bonus credits are awarded to the gamer.

Gold coins are given as bonuses, too, and are activated by the elf-minted coin. The elf coin appears to reward a two in one bonus. Winning combinations are built when goblins try to steal coins and symbols above the goblins fall. For every single coin, 150 credits are awarded. Greedy Goblins provide other extra features that help boost gamers' winning potential.

The Sticky reels kick in at random, and by this, a Wild symbol stays in place for extra three spins on the reels. Lastly, landing three Elfania symbols awards free spins that may build up to 25 free spins and a 10x multiplier.

Bonus Features

The Greedy Goblin Slot boasts numerous bonus features that come in handy for gamers to enjoy the play. They include:

Coin Drop Feature: Occurs when there's an appearance of two gold coins on any reel. The gold coins are collected by goblins coming out of the house. Cascading reels help to add new symbols to fill the gap in the house. The coins bring up instant wins, therefore wins in this feature are counted before the play or after.

Sticky Wild Feature: The feature is activated by Landing a Sticky Wild on any reels. A reel will be turned into a wild reel when it contains any wild symbol. Sticky wilds rew8ard three spins when they land on the wild. Landing two sticky Wilds activates six re-spins which is a good start to make a win.

Free Spins: Elfania scatter symbols trigger free spins when three or more of them land on any reel position. The free spins can go up to 25 or 10 and 15 free spins, depending on how many scatters have landed. The scatters can also award 10x multiplier bonuses in the free spin feature.

Bonus Game: Landing two or more Book Of Secrets symbols will trigger a bonus game. The symbols should appear on the second and fourth reels. You can also activate The bonus game feature by successfully robbing elves, which rewards cash prizes.

Greedy Goblins RTP

The RTP (Return To Player) for The Greedy Goblins Slot Game is 97.2%. This number reflects the amount of cash to be paid back from the game following a win. The number, however, is theoretical as it is computer-calculated. The above RTP has high volatility, meaning the stakes can only begin from left to right within the paylines. This RTP works best for new gamers.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Greedy Goblins Slot is incredible in offering quality gameplay. The gold coins, goblins, elf symbols, and the rest depict how magic and fantasy unfolds to the fun. The theme brings about a thrill of play when engaging in this slot game. Gamers have been satisfied by the slot's development by BetSoft gamers. The space has a promising future, having been developed in 2013. We shall see whether BetSoft shall add more features to enhance the gameplay. According to customer reviews, Greedy Goblins Slot is the future of slot games, making it highly competitive in the online world of gaming slots.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Who is the developer of Greedy Goblins Slot?
BetSoft developers are the creators of the Greedy Goblins Slot. The slot was developed in 2013.
2How much do I need to start playing The Greedy Goblins Slot Game?
The staking deposits for this game are affordable. The slot allows a minimum bet of $0.30 per pay line or a maximum of $ 150 for every single pay line. The demo does not need staking. You can play it in a free mode, and this only entails choosing your symbol and reels. The next step would be spinning the reel. Winning for this option is rewarded by credits and bonus spins.
3Are there bonuses in this slot?
The slot offers multiplier options that double, triple, or multiply the staked amount by a specific figure. Free spins, gold coin bonuses, and multipliers are amongst the bonuses in this slot.
4Can I play Greedy Goblins Slot using a phone?
Yes. The game is supportive of mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. It has an average capacity software that requires no downloads. Gamers can enjoy playing in the browser web without a problem. You can access it on Android, iOS, and Mac mobile devices. Tablets work the best with this slot since the device has a fast operating system and is portable.
5What are the minimum and the maximum payouts of this game?
Gamers have a massive chance to win big payouts. The slot can award multipliers from free spins, which trigger 10x on particular symbols. The coin drops feature can also activate jackpots, and this gives out massive payouts. You may win up to 2,100,000 coins instantly. The minimum payout is $ 5 or a 2x multiplier.

Greedy Goblins Slot Review

Greedy Goblins Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Bennie Farmer
My bonus money is still intact

I like the imagery and storyline associated with this slot. I was able to win myself a cash reward some time ago. My bonus money is still intact inside my dashboard. I can play it anytime I feel like it and still win! BetSoft developers have yet again brought us a bundle of joy.

 by Terry Mccormick
This slot is exciting

This slot is exciting. I have been playing it ever since it was released to the market. I like how the slot pays instantly and award credits. One can play and enjoy it more often.

 by Betty Stevenson
This mode is adventurous

Fantastic development by BetSoft gamers. I enjoy playing the demo. This mode is adventurous and a good training ground before venturing into the real mode.

 by Kelly Hudson
I like how this game works

I like how this game works. The gold coins make an excellent motivation to search for cash rewards. I like how the symbols interact with one another.

 by Velma Carlson
Instant payouts are my fascination

Instant payouts are my fascination. The payouts add to the game's credibility. I like how professional the structure is, and gamers can understand how to navigate. BetSoft has done an excellent job.

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