Hero School

Become a superhero and join the adventures of school fighting monsters

Hero School Slot Game

This is a gaming slot particularly designed for Superhero fans. This game has various features and themes that create amazing gameplay for punters. The Slot has a simple interface for gamers to navigate through, which is favorable to newbie players.

Hero School Slot Game Review

Hero School Details

The slot game is a five-reel, ten payline game with three rows. You can play the game in the demo, where no betting deposits are required. You can also enjoy this game in real mode, where a minimum stake is required to access the play. Gamers playing in the demo will receive no payouts as the game is free to play. However, bettors in the basic model will have a chance to win big in cash or bonus prizes.

The game has several bonuses that a gamer can claim, including cash rewards or free spins. The Slot has a simple interface for gamers to navigate through, which is favorable to newbie players. You can win big by landing four or more hero symbols. The Slot also has a jackpot feature that tops in payouts.

The advantage of staking in this Slot is that it allows credit cards and bitcoin currency. A gamer gets their money paid instantly in the wallet account if they win. These payouts are instant. The game has expanded symbols that generally fill the reels and replace other symbols. The advantage of this factor is that the expanding symbols will spread the odds of matching symbols and boost wins. A particular phase of matching will reward free spins while another will reward a multiplier.

The determinant factor for this result is the reel position and the landing payline. Gamers should match three hero icons to generate a combination reward of free spins and added cash bonuses. Fortunately, the Slot has a medium variance that allows winning odds to equal to slightly above the losing odds.

Themes And Graphics

This video slot takes you to the adventures of school superheroes fighting monsters. The 5x3 background showcases a set of high school children who are named heroes. The images are shaped with an animation design that is in 3D. The area includes snowmen, elves, other symbols, plus themed decorations.

The colorful presentation of 3D imagery makes the game professional, and gamers can play better. You can hear background soundtracks depicting Superhero activity. All these customs are the graphical design of the game's framework. Hero School Slot is perfect for Gamers who like comical adventures. This characteristic opens up the theme of fantasy gaming where all characters are imaginary, which is a standout adventure to most players.

Gameplay And Payouts

We can see that Dragon Gaming has not been left behind in providing quality games. You can play the Hero School slot game in two ways, the freeway or the earning way. You may first adjust the sounds in this game by clicking on the bottom icon on the left side of the screen. After this, you will concentrate on the guidelines that will assist in knowing how to go about the game. You can find the guidelines on the help icon.

When it comes to gameplay, you select your favorable superhero kid. Each character has a different payout which comes in the form of odds. The good thing about this Slot is that it has an autoplay feature. This feature generates free spins automatically, therefore expanding the winning potential.

Landing three of any of these symbols has its reward. Bettors only need to make a good guess on which hero symbol will appear. However, the payout is generous and incredible.

Bonus Features

Bonus features add more to the game's quality. You may see various features on display while playing, and they include:

Wilds Symbol: The wild symbol is represented by any hero symbol that appears several times and transforms into a wild. This wild will also transform other symbols that appear on the same reel. This expansion will create a space for free spins and cash bonuses.

The Re-Spin: This feature is triggered by landing three hero icons on any reel position. The free spins may accumulate up to three bonus rounds.

Multiplier: Three wild symbols will also trigger a multiplier factor. The stakes made by a gamer will be returned by 2x to 200x following a successful landing.

Jackpot Feature: The Jackpot is the main feature of this game. It awards up to a 200x multiplier bonus or $222,100 Jackpot bonus following a successful landing. The requirement is to match five symbols on the fourth and fifth reels.

Bonus Symbol: This symbol appears after the successful landing of four superhero characters. This symbol awards a bonus game or a bonus cash reward depending on its nature and odds.

Greedy Goblins RTP

The Hero School Slot has a 95.43% RTP and has a medium variance. The high volatility rate accrued by the high return value allows gamers a chance for high stake returns.

Wrapping Up

Hero School is splendid for tryouts. It has an average RTP compared to many slots but pays instantly. The features excite the gamer who comes across them, and this slot looks decent enough to be worthy of trying out. The features are pretty nice; you get Free Spins and guaranteed wins. The slot is a massive development, and gamers hope to see more advancement in the features.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Who Is The Developer Of Hero School Slot Game?
Dragon Gaming developed this game. The play is, however, accepted worldwide, including in far eastern countries. It was launched in 2020 and has been gaining massive audiences over the years.
2How Much Do I Need To Start Playing Hero School Slot Games?
The advantage of playing in this Slot is that you get paid instantly following a win. The minimum possible stake for a single payline in the game is £ 0.20, while the maximum is £ 100 per payline. However, this stake is for the basic play mode. The demo does not need staking, and you can play it for free. The minimum bet range is £ 0.20 to £ 10.
3Are There Bonuses In This Slot?
Yes, the bonuses included in this slot game include the Jackpot, free spins, wild features, and multipliers. The bonuses could also come in the form of cash rewards and a bonus game or even go as far as generating automated rounds. These bonuses add to the game's adventure and fun.
4Can I play Hero School Slot Using A Phone?
Yes, The only key requirements are good internet and the staking amount. The game's customization features the HTML5 software of average size and can operate on an average cellphone. You may access the Slot on Mac, Android, Windows, and iOS mobile versions.
5What Are The Minimum And The Maximum Payouts For This Game?
The minimum payout for this game is ten coins. The maximum payout is $3,100 for the basic gameplay. However, the Jackpot awards $222,100 for the featured games.

Hero School Slot Review

Hero School Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Lucas Pullman
Everyone should try it out

This Slot is amazing and intriguing too. I enjoy every bit of interacting with the symbols. The wild symbols are rewarding to the extreme, and they are my main focus. Everyone should try it out.

 by Silvio Brownie
I like the graphics and themes

I like the graphics and themes associated with this game. I appreciate how the developers have combined reality with fun. I'm looking forward to playing the Jackpot when it comes out. The Jackpot is my main aim.

 by Meshach Evander
Dragon Gaming has done a good job

Dragon Gaming has done a good job in creating this Slot. I hope they advance the features to include more payment options and actively increase the winning options too. I hope I win the Jackpot soon enough and make a change of lifestyle.

 by Jacinta Green
Superheroes are my favorite theme

The payouts are instant, and that is wonderful. This game is exciting than that of many other slots. Superheroes are my favorite theme when it comes to movies and gaming. Hero school serves me right.

 by Pamela Anderson
I am hooked to the game's creativity

I am hooked to the game's creativity and the interaction of hero symbols. I aim to win the $3100 very soon. The credibility accruing from the game's reputation gives me more reason to stake it highly.

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