Hu Hu Fighting Slot

Hu Hu Fighting Slot

After seeing the title of this game, it’s hard not to get the song ‘Everybody was kung-fu Fighting’ stuck in your head. Of course, that’s a deliberate play on words from KA Gaming following the release of the Hu Hu Fighting Slot. Subsequently, there’s a slight kung-fu element to this game, as a grumpy-looking cat tends to kick the other animals around.

However, putting the theme aside, the real money online casino game hosts 108 paylines, free spins bonuses, and highly enticing multipliers – all of which create value when zipping through those reels.

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How to Play the Hu Hu Fighting Slot

You can leave the martial arts gear at home whenever you’re ready to dive into the Hu Hu Fighting Slot. With simple gaming requirements, you can master this one in no time, even if you’re a total newcomer to online gaming. We say that since you can easily change the bet size via the ‘new bet’ link, and the next step is to select ‘play’ to get things moving.

That’s all there is to it. And if you’re feeling somewhat lazy or just want to kick back to observe things from a better angle, you can trigger autoplay any time you like.

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Hu Hu Fighting Slot RTP and Variance

The variance isn’t known for the Hu Hu Fighting Slot. However, with an RTP of 94%, similar to that of the Circus Train slot game, the reels shouldn’t be too unforgiving concerning the regularity of payouts experienced. Then again, everyone’s experience will be different, and the unknown variance adds an element of uncertainty to each spin.

Symbols and Gameplay

With its unique design and cute-looking characters, the Hu Hu Fighting Slot is entertaining. It also captures the imagination, especially when the cat slot machine symbol starts karate-chopping through the reels and producing gold coin explosions as they go. Of course, KA Gaming implements regular ‘meows’ and other martial arts strikes as sound effects, promoting a humorous and engaging experience.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

To push this unique matrix into gear, you can wager anywhere from $0.35 – $175 per spin. All of our online slots real money games also have a free demo version to play without real money.

Symbol 2 on a Payline 3 on a Payline 4 on a Payline 5 on a Payline
Q X 0.15 0.25 0.50
K X 0.15 0.50 1.00
A X 0.40 0.75 1.25
Peach X 0.50 1.25 2.50
Apple X 0.75 2.50 5.00
Prosperity Tree X 1.00 4.00 7.50
Bird X 1.25 5.00 12.50
Cat X 2.50 6.25 25.00
Scatter X 5.25 8.75 17.50

Hu Hu Fighting Slot Bonus Features

The casino games are always home to a flurry of awesome bonus features. That’s what separates the best from the rest, and it’s also where the Hu Hu Fighting Slot comes into its own. With 15 free spins available at a time by combining 3x scatters, this already shows something ‘extra’ for all to enjoy.

However, this feature has been boosted thanks to the improved multipliers floating around, which can go as high as 5x. That’s the boost you get on top of the original return, and since wilds remain active, you’ve got high chances of pulling in the big bucks.

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Hu Hu Fighting Slot FAQs

Where can I try the Hu Hu Fighting Slot Demo?

Right here! Just hover over the title and click ‘demo’ rather than real money play, and you can sample the game for free.

Do wild symbols appear on all reels in this game?

No. The wild symbol only appears on the 1st and 5th reels in this game.

Can I re-trigger the free spins bonus?

No. To re-enter the free games bonus round, you must land another 3x scatters in the base game.


Ready to show those animals who is the boss in the Hu Hu Fighting Slot? Loosen up, take a deep breath, and unleash your fury on those reels right here.

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