Japanese 7 Heroes Slot

Japanese 7 Heroes Slot

In a distant land, Samurai Warriors protect the people. They each have some pretty awesome powers, too, which help you rack up the returns in the Japanese 7 Heroes Slot from KA Gaming. Specifically, they can slash through the reels and dish out 2000x returns if you’re lucky enough.

That’s not all. Among one of the best online casino real money games, by combining military-grade features such as free games, double wilds, and improved multipliers, you could be rolling in the dough before you know it.

Sample the Japanese 7 Heroes Slot right here.

How to Play the Japanese 7 Heroes Slot

Craftfully elaborated among our casino games, the story of the warriors of the Japanese 7 Heroes Slot might seem intimidating initially, but they’re pretty friendly once you get to know them. And what better way to do that than to spin the reels to encounter them all? To do this, you must first pick your bet size (through the ‘new bet’ icon) and then proceed with either manual or auto-spins.

You tap the spin button once for the former, yet you must hold it down to initiate the latter.

Read a full breakdown of the Japanese 7 Heroes Slot Game via the “?” link to play at your favorite safe online casinos.

Japanese 7 Heroes Slot RTP and Variance

No specific variance exists for this game, but that’s not overly surprising, given KA Gaming’s track record. The RTP is an average of 94%, which is fairly normal for slots of this style.

If you want a game with a higher RTP, try the Gold Sea Slot, and dive into the adventure!

Symbols and Gameplay

Due to an immense range of superheroes dancing through the reels, there’s never a dull moment in this online slots game. Each reel spin brings forth pulsating visuals and Asian dynamics, too, setting the stage perfectly for a top-level Oriental experience. Things can also get pretty hectic due to the 243 paylines, stacked wilds, and other exciting features this game boasts.

If you spin the reels enough times, you might even feel like you’ve become friends with these heroes – especially if you unlock free games, as this feature brings them all out of hiding.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

This title has 15 bet levels available, and the limits of this range show wager sizes of $0.35 and $175 per spin.

Symbol 3x 4x 5x 6x 7x
Scatter 3.50 17.50 87.50 X X
Blue Shield 0.05 0.15 0.25 0.75 1.50
Green Shield 0.05 0.15 0.25 1.00 2.00
Yellow Shield 0.10 0.20 0.50 1.25 2.50
Orange Shield 0.10 0.25 0.75 2.00 5.00
Blue Hero 0.20 0.40 1.00 2.50 7.50
Purple Hero 0.25 0.50 1.25 3.75 10.00
White Hero 0.30 0.60 2.00 5.00 12.50
Red Hero 0.40 0.75 2.50 6.25 15.00
Orange Hero 0.40 1.00 5.00 7.50 17.50
Green Hero 0.75 1.25 6.25 10.00 20.00
Yellow Hero 1.00 2.00 7.50 12.50 25.00
77 Wild 1.25 3.75 X 20.00 30.00

Japanese 7 Heroes Slot Bonus Features

The bonuses match the strength of these mighty warriors, making this one of the more ‘bonus rich’ KA Gaming slots vs. others in our online casino guides. The menu here consists of free spins bonuses, two sets of wilds spread across all five reels, and a stacked warrior filling the middle reel for each free spin. This comes with multipliers between 1x and 7x, too!

Japanese 7 Heroes Slot FAQs

Is there a demo version of this game I can try?

Yes. To play this game without real funds, sign into your account and select ‘demo.'

Does the wild symbol appear on all of the reels?

Yes. However, the single 7 wild appears on reels 1, 3, and 5, while the double 77 wild appears on reels 2 and 4.

Which of the 7 Heroes will feature in the free games bonus?

One of the 7 Heroes is selected to fill the middle reel for each free spin, which keeps things refreshing throughout the feature.


See exactly why these heroes are so famous by taking those reels for a spin today.

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