Kawaii Kitty

Brace yourself for a once-in-a-lifetime feeling of this cat-themed game

Kawaii Kitty Slot Game

This game is exclusive for cat lovers who play slot games. It has five reels and ten paylines that payout on both sides of the slots. With free spins in between the games to help you recover your money. This game is flexible, With awesome 3D graphics and awesome playback music to help you settle in the game.

Kawaii Kitty Slot Game Review

Kawaii Kitty Details

This game is exclusive for cat lovers who play slot games. It has five reels and ten paylines that payout on both sides of the slots. With free spins in between the games to help you recover your money. This game is flexible, With awesome 3D graphics and awesome playback music to help you settle in the game. On your lucky day, you can land on the jackpot of 50,000 coins multiplied by your stake amount. The game is crafted in the latest HTML5 technology, meaning that it can be played as a mobile slot on the laptop, pc, mobile phone, or tablet. As long as you have a flexible internet connection, you will enjoy this kitty game.

Themes And Graphics

This animal-themed slot game comprises cats, cat food, fish, milk, and mice on the reels. These symbols have different payouts and different outlooks on the reels. On the boundaries of the reels is a cat symbol that shakes and smiles vigorously when the reels are on. The highly-defined graphics and animations add to the quality of the game.

The graphics and animations are on point and highlight the major components of the game. The animation blends well with the cat theme of the game. There is an explosive animation on the reels when a gamer wins with celebratory cheers in the background to compliment the graphics and animation. On the background is a musical soundtrack that adds to the overall feeling of the graphics.

Gameplay And Payouts

This game has five reels and ten potential winning paylines on it. The gamer can win on all sides of the reels from left to right and from right to left. It is available online and can be downloaded on iOS and Android phones. Playing the kawaii kitty game is quite easy and quick. The best options are plenty and flexible for all. On the bottom of the reels, there is a ’choose a coin' button. The button helps the gamer choose the amount they wish to bet. There is also a ‘bet level’ button beside it, enabling the gamer to adjust the bet size per coin. You can choose from a minimum of 0.01 to a maximum of 1 coin on the pay line. The paylines are usually on a default of 10, but the gamer can increase or decrease the amount.

There is also an autoplay feature on the lower side of the reels just beside the 'choose coin 'button. This button helps the gamer set the reels on an automatic mode .you can freely deactivate it anytime. This feature is helpful for those gamers who take breaks and would not want to break the game's momentum.

Each feature on the reel has a different payout depending on the times it appears on the reels:

  • Milk: It pays 200 coins when it appears three times, 2000 coins for four appearances, and 2500 coins when it appears five times on the reels. When a brush symbol appears more than three times on the reels, it pays 250 coins for three appearances, 600 coins for four appearances, and 1200 coins for five appearances.
  • Mouse: 10 coins for three appearances, 250 coins for four appearances, and 600 coins for five appearances.
  • Fish: 80 coins for three appearances, 200 coins for four appearances, and 500 coins for five appearances
  • Bow: 70 coins for three appearances, 150 coins for four appearances, and 400 coins for five.
  • Cat bowl and tuna tin: 50 coins for three appearances, 100 coins for four appearances, and 250 coins for five on the reels. The cat's symbol smiles on the side of the reels as it watches the game wins handsomely on this app.

Bonus Features

Apart from awesome graphics, huge payouts, and musical soundtracks, this incredible game has bonus features for its loyal players and newcomers alike. These bonuses are spread out on the game.

Double–or–Nothing: This awesome bonus is available after every win except using Wild Yarn. The gamers have a chance to pick heads or tails with the potential of winning double their winning or nothing.

Re-spins: After playing for quite some time, a wild yarn symbol appears on your screen ad covers the entire reel. When the symbol appears, you will get a free re-spin on your previous bet amount. The wild yarn expends only on reels 4, 3, and 2 only.

Double payment: The gamer can win spontaneously from right to left and left to right for every lucky pay line. This double payment gives it an edge over the other slot games and is flexible.

Kawaii Kitty RTP

On top of the awesome payments and immersive graphics, this game has a return to play percentage of 95.27% and a lower volatility rate which means the gamer makes winnings regularly.

Wrapping Up

Kawaii Kitty slot game is revolutionary in the slot game market thanks to Betsoft. With the rare animal theme to couple up with the huge winnings that come with it. It gives gamers, especially cat lovers, an experience of a lifetime. This slot game is easy to play, and a gamer can win up to 50,000 coins on the jackpot. For new and experienced gamers, it is punctuated with re-spins and double, or nothing features in between plays to boost your winnings. All slot gamers should try their hands on the kawaii Kitty game for an awesome feeling with huge payouts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is the minimum and maximum a gamer can pay on the Kawaii Kitty slot game?
The maximum a gamer can place a bet on is 100 coins and a minimum of 0.1, making it flexible for all gamers to risk their fortunes on it.
2Does Kawaii Kitty Slot Game have any bonus features?
It has many bonuses to elevate the gamer to any winnings. On reels 2, 3, and 4, the game can land on a wild yarn. This wild yarn allows the user to play re-spins on their previous bet amounts. Kawaii Kitty slot game pays on both sides of the reels: the gamer can win from right to left and left to right, which payouts a higher payout than the rest of slot games. Also, after every win, the gamer has to choose between a head or tail. The gamer can walk away with double the winnings or nothing depending on their luck.
3What is the highest amount one can win on Kawaii Kitty Game?
On a lucky day, you can land on a jackpot of 50,000 coins. These winnings depend on the betting amount. Your winning amount is the betting amount multiplied by the coins.
4What is the RTP of the Kawaii Kitty Slot game?
This game has a relatively awesome RTP of 95.27%, ensuring that the gamer has a higher chance of winning than losing.

Kawaii Kitty Slot Review

Kawaii Kitty Slot Game Review
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Emily Anderson
Fantastic 3D graphics

I always lookout for a game that has fantastic 3D graphics and melodious background music. Kawaii Kitty has all the above characteristics to add to the animal theme fell in love with it in the first play.

 by Sam Rickson
Fantasist graphics and huge payments

Easy to play the game with fantasist graphics and huge payments. I always watch out for the wild yarn. I learned to play it in a day, and I cannot wait to show it to my colleagues at work.

 by Jane XX
I have no regrets so far

As a newbie in slot games, I always look for a slot game with an animal theme. I  bumped on the Kawaii kitty slot game online, and I have no regrets so far.

 by Lyon Ten
This slot game is easy to play

This slot game is easy to play and follow the reels. I  always look forward to the cat smiling o the lower parts of the reels. For the shortest time I have joined, it has been winnings after winning; I cannot wait to land on the jackpot.

 by Lency mercy
Huge payments

As a veteran in the slot game, I never expected to find a game that offers huge winnings with a theme and animations from my hobbies; cats! For anyone looking for a game with huge payments and an awesome kitty feeling, I would recommend kawaii kitty any day.

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