Kick Pumpkin Slot

Kick Pumpkin Slot

Do you find pumpkin heads scary, or have you been pranked with one before? KA Gaming has designed the perfect revenge for you in the Kick Pumpkin slot! Get your lick back by kicking the pumpkin head as hard as you can and making money off it. The higher you send it flying into the air, the more reward you’ll earn. So, strap on your boots, head over to Vegas Aces Casino, and play the Kick Pumpkin slot game now!

How to Play the Kick Pumpkin Slot

The Kick Pumpkin slot online is an easy game to play. You got to select it from our catalog of casino games and you only need to set your bet and click on the start button to begin. To continue to play, keep tapping the play button. But if that will be stressful for you, then long-press the same button to activate the autoplay feature.

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Kick Pumpkin Slot RTP and Variance

The Kick Pumpkin has no RTP or variance details. However, after playing the game repeatedly, we found it to be as enjoyable as any of the free slot games available. Players will get successive wins with every kick of the pumpkin, and that’s a good reward for your time.

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Symbols and Gameplay

Players will find the Kick Pumpkin slot designed to make gameplay easy. The moment it loads, you’ll be presented with a table of betting options. You won’t have to do it yourself. Then click on the play button to start. The Kick Pumpkin slot is unique; it has no symbols or paytable. The footballer is the main character, and as long as you’re willing to play, he’ll kick the ball to fetch you victory.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

The Kick Pumpkin slot game is so affordable that you can start playing with as little as $1. Players can increase the bet size to $100, but this should only be done if they have a huge bankroll.

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Kick Pumpkin Slot Bonus Features

The Kick Pumpkin has no bonus features. In place of symbols, the game uses multipliers to determine wins. As the pumpkin flies higher, so will your multiplier increase. At the end of the game episode, the multiplier will be multiplied by your bet to calculate your win.

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Kick Pumpkin Slot FAQs

What's the highest multiplier in the Kick Pumpkin slot?

If the game goes on long enough, you could get the maximum multiplier of 200x. If you land this multiplier with the maximum bet of $100, you'll win $20,000 at once.

What are the bet sizes in the Kick Pumpkin slot game?

There's a wide range of bet sizes in the game. It starts at $1 to $100.

Can I play the Kick Pumpkin slot online on my mobile device?

Yes, you can enjoy the Kick Pumpkin slot online with a mobile device. The smart gadget must have a good internet connection and be HTML5-enabled.

Kick your way to greater wins!

Sometimes, opportunity only comes once, but not in the Kick Pumpkin. Here, it’s a different ball game, where you’ll have uncountable chances to make a fortune. As long as you’re not tired, the game won’t stop churning out multipliers that will fill your coffers. Take your first shot of many now at our online casino real money, and have the time of your life!

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