Kitty Cutie

Have you always fancied an animal-themed slot game with great payouts?

Kitty Cutie Slot Game

Kitty cutie is cat-themed with excellent graphics and relatively huge payments. This game has a relatively high winning rate with an RTP of 95.27%: It is a game of sheer luck, with many gamers making a fortune after betting on it. If you are looking for an animal-themed slot game, then you are home.

Kitty Cutie Slot Game Review

Kitty Cutie Details

If you are looking for an animal-themed slot game, then you are home. Kitty cutie is cat-themed with excellent graphics and relatively huge payments. Gamers around the globe have embraced this game because it is easier to play on the five reels with ten pay lines with each unique symbol on the reels.

This game, like any other game, has a demo period. On this, a new gamer has the time to get to know the game basics and have the game's feelings before investing in it. Unlike other casino games, you can continuously regulate the bet amount and range. The minimum amount you can bet on is 0.20 and 100 coins per spin. You can also skip and click on the ‘max bet button that allows you to bet on the highest amount on your wallet per spin. There is also an Autoplay option that will enable you to relax as you watch the reels roll and the winnings flow.

This game has a relatively high winning rate with an RTP of 95.27%: It is a game of sheer luck, with many gamers making a fortune after betting on it. It has various deposits and withdrawal methods from credit cards, debit cards, online bank transfers, and Ewallets.

Themes And Graphics

At first glance, the game looks like a kid's game but many adults like it. The classical setup of the reels and general theme of the Kitty Cutie slot game is up-to-date with 3 D graphics. The slots highlighted component is an adorable white kitty sitting on a pink pillow. It has a 3D background that looks like a resting room of royalty. There is a curtain, chair, table, and curtains on the sides, all in the shade of pink. The setup is rather girlish and has musical soundtracks in the background to help you settle down in the gaming ambiance.

On the reels, there are different symbols, with each character having an additional payment when you land on it three or more times on the pay line .there are five symbols on the reels, namely: milk carton, hairbrush, mouse, toys, bow, and a bowl of food. Each character has a different color, but the dominant color is pink.

There are different sound effects on the reels when the reels are rollings and when there is a win. There is an explosive animation on the reels to complement the celebratory cheers on the background for success.

Gameplay And Payouts

You should check out the paytable before placing any bet. You can always find the paytable and any questions you may have on the slot game in the FAQS section. The FAQS section is a question mark sign on the bottom left of your game.

There are several buttons on the lower sides of the slot game. There is a '+/-'button for you to choose the betting amount you would like to bet. The amount you select reflects on the lower left side of the reels. The betting amount is flexible from 0.2 to 100 coins per pay line. The default pay line sets on 10, but the gamer can increase or decrease the value.

For the gamer who wishes to bet on a particular number of spins, an autoplay feature allows you to spin the reels automatically for up to 1000 spins. The gamer can always stop the spinning by clicking on the 'stop' button. To set the ball rolling, you will have to click on the start button placed on the bottom of the reels.

Different symbols have varied winnings on the reels when they are matched three or more times on the pay line.

  • For checking the food bowl five times on the pay line, you will get 2.5 coins
  • Four coins for matching the 'bow' 5 times on the reel
  • Five coins for five appearances of the toys on the reels
  • Six coins for five mice on the reels
  • 12 coins for five hairbrushes on the reels you will get Twenty five coins for matching five milk cartons symbols on the reels.

Bonus Features

After each win, the gamer has a chance to double their winnings. There is a 2x button on the lower right of the reel. It allows you to risk your coins on a head or tail coin toss. If luck knocks on you, you will win double your winnings or end up with no winnings at all.

There is also a free respin if you land on the Wild Yarn. The wild yarn occurs only on reels 2, 3, and 4 and spreads out on the whole of the reel to indicate winnings. If you land on the respin and win, you won't use the multiplier on the lower side.

Kitty Cutie RTP

Apart from the 3D graphics and animal theme, Kitty Cutie has a Return to player percentage of 95.27%, which provides a high rate of winning patterns in the play.

Wrapping Up

For cat lovers and animal-themed casino lovers, Kitty Cutie is their first choice. This game is easy to play and has mind-blowing graphics. The dominant color is pink, which makes it attractive for all, especially ladies. On a good day, a gamer can rake in up to 500 coins. On reels 2,3 and 4, a wild yarn appears. This wild gives the game free respin on their previous betting amount. This slot game is favorable for experienced and newbie gamers to earn a fortune thanks to Nucleus Gaming.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is the highest amount a gamer can win on the Kitty Cutie Slot game?
The highest winning depends on the betting amount and the coins you won. The highest number of coins you win in this slot game is 500.
2The maximum and minimum bets a gamer can play on per game?
The betting amount is flexible from 0.2 to 100 coins per pay line. This range provides a wider variety of options and is adjustable for all gamers.
3What is the RTP of Kitty Cutie Slot Game?
It has a return to player rate of 95.27%, which increases the winning patterns of the gamer at any time.
4Does Kitty Cutie have any bonus features?
Kitty cutie has two bonus options: wild yarn and double winnings. After every successful win, the gamer has an option to choose head or tail on a coin. This coin doubles their winnings, or they walk away with nothing. After playing for some time, you can land on the Wild Yarn that occurs on reels 2,3 and 4, depending on luck. Each Wild yarn provides a free respin on your previous betting amount.

Kitty Cutie Slot Review

Kitty Cutie Slot Game Review
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Frank Luther
Double or nothing

Graphics, huge payouts, and the double or nothing have always attracted me to the Kitty Cutie game. The wild yarn has given me considerable winnings in between reels.

 by Ruth James
Awesome slot game

Awesome slot game, love the graphics and the music in the background. I have made many winnings so far. I am slowly becoming addicted to it.

 by Elly Rock
I heard some melodious music

I have never played slot games, leave alone a kitty slot game. I saw a friend playing it on their phone. I heard some melodious music in the background, and I wanted to risk it. So far, the regular winnings are encouraging. I always look forward to the cheers on the ground and the winnings.

 by Rosey Lyn
The reels are easy and entertaining

The reels are easy and entertaining to follow. I love pets, especially cats; I always looked for a slot game that would compliment my pet and colour: Kitty Cutie did that perfectly.

 by William Villio
I fell in love with it

As a regular player of the slot games, I have always wished to have a slot game that has an animal theme. At first glance at the Kitty Cutie casino game, I fell in love with it. The huge payouts and the double winnings made me play this game for more than I had expected.

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