Knights and Dragons

Enter into a world of warriors and fierce creatures in distress.

Knights and Dragons Slot Game

The Knights and Dragons game is all about evoking your inner Knight to become a champion of medieval times. The Slot has five reels 15 lines with a Bonus game. The game is straightforward as every symbol help boost a gamer's potential win. All you need is to identify various character symbols and know how to match them.

Knights and Dragons Slot Game Review

Knights and Dragons Details

The Knights and Dragons game is all about evoking your inner Knight to become a champion of medieval times. The Slot has five reels 15 lines with a Bonus game. It has auto-play features that allow the player to start spinning the reels. On the bet selector, choose the coin value, then click the 'Bet One button to increase the number of betting lines. 'Bet Max' bets on all 15 lines. Ideally, the more lines you bet on, the greater the chance of winning.

The slot game has a mini jackpot of 1,802.12, a super jackpot of 2,341.55, and a mega jackpot of 17,157.89. The jackpot amount keeps on increasing if it's not claimed. In addition, certain symbols on the slot award certain prizes even if it is not a winning line. Thus, comprehending the aid of the lines you on your quest is vital in increasing your chances of cashing in.

The game is straightforward as every symbol help boost a gamer's potential win. All you need is to identify various character symbols and know how to match them. Be prepared to spin the reels and enjoy bonuses and massive returns.

Themes And Graphics

The game's layout is a splendid dragon/knights theme for easy comprehension. It colorfully executes a 5x3 grid system with a simple layout. In addition, it displays variance symbols like swords, dragon breaking out of the egg, horse head, quest book, red liquid potion, and warrior coin head. The pay-table incorporates five buttons to use while placing a bet.

The game comes with melodious music and sound effects. Sound intonation from the spinning reels is just a motivation on its own. The reels are partitioned in different colors to integrate shaping outlines that make them real and solid. Play a fair game and win fair winnings at the comfort of your device.

Gameplay And Payouts

It is ideal for a gamer to familiarize themselves with character symbols in this Slot. Knight and Dragons game's winning lines start from left to right. The game has five reels with three symbols per reel to sum up 15 symbols displayed after each spin. Choose the number of lines to bet on by clicking on the number buttons on either side of the reels. Clicking on 15 lines maximizes your chances of winning.

The winning line is determined by the three symbols on the first reel or the left reels. With a minimum bet of 10 cents, the lines you bet on are the only ones that payout. In addition, the game awards instant payouts. Players who seek big wins can use the bet max button. For instance, a player making a 50 cent bet on all 15 lines, spending $7.50, can potentially collect $16. Increasing the total amount of money placed per spin directly influences the scatter payout.

Knights and Dragons Scatter significantly increases your chances of winning since they don't need to be in a line. If you have two or more dragons appear in your 15 symbols, you automatically win. Match the symbols for possible progressive earnings. All wins are showcased as currency and cents. Gambling through casino games allows you can enjoy the game as you win a good amount of money simultaneously. Lastly, gamers can access the demo/free play within the Slot.

Bonus Features

The Knights and Dragons slot boast an array of relatively helpful bonus features that gamers can enjoy. They include:

Bonus Game: The bonus game triggers when the top of the meters is reached. If you are lucky enough, you can trigger 20 spins at 1X.

Jackpot Feature: This feature awards the highest payout or claimed through matching a winning combination. The jackpot accumulates to higher amounts the more the spins fail to match a winning combination.

Autoplay Feature: A player can easily access the feature by simply clicking its icon on the screen. Tap on 'Bet Max' to trigger all 15 lines as the reels spin. The automatic spins allow gamers to save time and energy.

Free Spins: Wild symbols, Knight, and dragon work around the bonus triggering features. When either wild symbol falls on either upper right or bottom left, the number of free spins for the successive bonus increases. Gamers can quickly accumulate huge bonuses upon matching characters and symbols.

Bonus multiplier: Knights and Dragons scatter have to appear. They don't need to be in a line, thus, increasing your chances of winning big. The wild symbols give you even more chances to automatically win the amount listed on the pay-table.

Knights and Dragons RTP

The return to player for this game is 95%. This amount reflects the cash amount to be paid back from the game whenever there is a win. The payback is considered average for an online slot.

Wrapping Up

All things considered, Knights and Dragon jackpot slot is a pretty authentic game. With a classic touch of functionality, players can win big from spins and potential jackpots thanks to Amigotech Software Company. Winning pay-lines are determined by three symbols on the first reel or the reel to the left edge. The five reels 15 lines slot game can be accessed on basically any device. Jump right into the game and try out your luck.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Who Is The Developer Of Knights and Dragons Jackpot Slot?
The Knights and Dragons is a slot game that Amigotech Software Company developed. The developer is reputable for designing exciting online casino games in flash technology. Amigotech has previously crafted other genuine slots.
2How Much Do I Need To Start Playing Knights and Dragons Slot?
The game requires a minimum bet of 10 cents for a single pay-line. Placing a 10 cent spin reduces your chances of winning but offers minimal cost. Spinning all 15 pay-lines requires $1.50. Players can make deposits in different currencies.
3Are There Bonuses In This Slot?
Yes, there are multiple bonuses available. The rewards are crucial in increasing the probability of landing a win. The jackpot feature is known to attract more audiences as it motivates gamers to play more frequently to try out a successful bet on the jackpots.
4What Are The Minimum And The Maximum Payout For This Game?
Players can collect a maximum winning of up to x5000 times your stake with a minimum of $5.
5Can I Play Knights and Dragons Slot Game Using a phone?
Yes, the knights and Dragons jackpot slots are playable using handset devices. Smartphones, tablets, or computers with good internet necessitate effective play. Gamers can enjoy playing in the browser web or access it on android, iOS, and Mac platforms without a problem.

Knights and Dragons Slot Review

Knights and Dragons Slot Game Review
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Jackie Becks
The excitement to spin the reels

Since its induction in the market, I have played the Knights and Dragons Slot game, and I can courageously say that it's been fascinating. The excitement to spin the reels and waiting while praying to see if luck befalls you is all fun.

 by Timothy Di Capri
Winning is easy

This Slot is exciting. I have a positive experience with the Knights and Dragons slot game. Winning is easy if you understand how the game works. Matching up the symbols in the 15 pay-lines could grant you massive returns.

 by Simon Deville
I enjoy engaging in the Slot

For me, it's all about the simple interface that allows newbies to select choices and place them easily. I enjoy engaging in the Slot, and I hope I win a Jackpot.

 by Michael Juke
What an incredible slot game!

Indeed the developers have done it again. What an incredible slot game! Knights and Dragons is another splendid platform to make a gamer's day complete.

I am looking forward to seeing their newest developments.

 by David Bronson
Big wins on a good day

The enticing slot game could make you big wins on a good day. It doesn't matter whether you are a veteran or a beginner, as all have equal chances to win big. You can collectively have fun as you make money.

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