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If you are looking for something to take you back to ancient Greek times, do not look further than the legend of Hercules. You will get immersed in the action. Like other games featuring the ancient times' theme, the reels are bound by various temples.

Legends Of Hercules Slot Game Review

The legends of Hercules is a game created by the collaboration between Stakelogic and Hurricane games. It combines an appealing theme, outstanding features, and standard gameplay on its five reels.

If you are looking for something to take you back to ancient Greek times, do not look further than the legend of Hercules. You will get immersed in the action. Like other games featuring the ancient times' theme, the reels are bound by various temples.

As you enter the reels, animated fires have been set up to light your way, completely immersing you into the game. Most of the symbols you will see on the reels are very familiar, giving life to the tales you have always heard about.

One thing about the game is that it will ultimately draw you into the game with its well-designed theme, and the big wins are also something to marvel at. However, you will also see that it has a high variance, which makes landing special features tricky.

Legends Of Hercules Themes And Sounds

Legends from ancient Greek depict Hercules as the most respected Hero. He is regarded as a demi-god, simply half-man, half-god. So it is pretty amazing that you can now experience Hercules' most narrated feats right in your hands.

On the reels, you will get a thick mane lion, a ready-to-fight soldier, bull and Hippolyta, and a well-designed wild symbol that looks like a shield. The other low-value symbols are made to look like carved stones.

The setting and the background clearly show the mythological background of the theme. At the same time, Hercules himself appears to be further grounded. The sound effects are not off the track as well. They are somewhat ostentatious, which perfectly fit the setting of the game.

Legends Of Hercules Slot Features

With the setup of the paylines, you will already anticipate the big wins it can rake in. the trick to getting the money rolling is targeting the special features, and they will give you wins from the regular reels and bonus features.

Super Stake

The super stake can be activated for all kinds of spins. It can act as your double-up feature that adds the chances of getting a random special feature. It further assists you to get the higher value symbols when you land them on the reels. Lastly, it acts as a multiplier that can get up to 10000 times your bet.

Stacked Wilds

Stacked wilds are also known as the super symbols in this slot game. The stacked feature implies that anytime it lands on an active reel, it counts as a repetition of the same symbol. Thus, if you land between two or five stacked wilds, you can get prizes worth 1000 times your bet.

Free Spins

Just like the wild symbols, the scatter symbols are also stacked in this game. You will need more than average symbols to trigger the bonus spin. Seven to nine scatter symbols will trigger eight, fifteen, and thirty free spins. These games need to be played on a new reel which allows you to get bigger wins.

Gamble Feature

The gamble feature offers you two options: you can settle for the red and black or the four suits. The feature of your choice will award you a double win or a quadruple win, but you need to watch out not to make the wrong guess that results in losing your bet.

Legends Of Hercules Gameplay

This game allows the players to use 16 varied bet levels; you do not have to select any pay lines from your 30 because they are all payable. With as low as $0.30, you can start betting, and if you are looking for big wins, you need to wager a considerable amount. This can be a maximum of $60.

How To Play Legends Of Hercules

Now that the greatest champion of humankind has chosen you to fight beside him, you are now required to learn and get ready. Information is the best weapon to have by your side, so you first have to understand your grid which will be your battlefield in this case.

The grid has five reels arranged in three rows. And just like the power you have, it is also limitless. You can test how strong you are by betting from $0.30 up to $30 at the bottom. Apart from this, you can get more powers with quick action.

You can be awarded free spins, wild symbols, and a super staking ability. The royals from ten to ace will present a challenge to you, with incarnations in the form of magic runes. The runes bear some cracks that show how much time has passed since they were up.

After you have aced the lowest level challenge, you can now fight alongside Hercules. The following three symbols represent the value of Hercules’ hard work and the things he went through as reparation.

One of them is the Cretan bull known as the father of the Minotaur, the Nemean lion known for its thick-sized fur. And lastly, the last task is to take the belt off Hippolyta, the queen of Amazon. This is shown by the attractive woman standing before the purple sky.

The second highest paying symbol is the Greek spearman, who appears to be armed and ready for war. By showing that you are a good friend who can be trusted, you could hit the stacked wild, especially the five stacked ones with the highest value.

Legend Of Hercules RTP

The legend of Hercules has an RTP of 95.05%, which is an average figure for slots. This means that your chances of winning money are lower than expected. Being an average return to player figure implies that a $100 bet can get you $95 as winnings. However, your win or loss amounts can be determined by the RTP.

Legends Of Hercules Winnings

The super stake feature can boost your winnings up to $600,000 if you have a good day. To achieve this, you will have to place a bet of $60, the maximum allowed amount. Nevertheless, this wine is not easy to come along with in terms of return on investment. When comparing the reel symbols, the wild is the highest paying which can pay more than 33 times your bet when five of them appear on your paylines.


Being an original production of Hurricane games, Stakelogic was responsible for publishing legends of Hercules. This game is recommended, especially for people who fancy great graphics and a touch of 3D animations.

The only downside to playing this game is the RTP of 95.05%, making it hard to come up with a substantial profit. However, this still makes a few ancient Greek-themed games better than legends of Hercules.

But we hope that players can have more fun as they play and then build their profits with time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Can My Mobile Support Playing Legends Of Hercules?
Yes, it can. Most of the recently released games are built using the HTML5 system that is mobile-friendly. So you can play this game directly from the website on any device, including desktops, iOS, and Android-powered devices.
2What Is The Key Feature Of This Slot?
The game is from Stakelogic and features five reels and 30 paylines. You can play the game from as low as $0.30 to $60. The payouts are also attractive, with a possibility of getting up to 10,000 times your wager amount.

Legends Of Hercules Slot Game Review

Legends of Hercules Slot Game Reviews
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