Lost Slot Game

Lost Slot Game

Quick Overview Of The Game

Embark on an adventurous journey into ancient Egypt with Betsoft’s Lost Slot Game, immersing players in a mysterious and captivating world. As a renowned provider and creator of Frankenslot’s Monster Slot Game, Betsoft has carefully crafted this game, presenting a mix of thrilling gameplay, stunning visuals, and an engaging narrative. This 5-reel, 30-payline game is intricately designed, depicting the rich culture and mythology of Egypt in its symbols and graphics.

Experience the thrill of a treasure hunt in the Lost Slot Game, and explore the pyramid’s depths, seeking hidden riches. With its immersive bonuses, high volatility, and generous RTP, the Lost Slot Game offers rewarding gameplay in every session. Engage in the chase for monumental treasures hidden within the pyramids. Are you ready for the thrill of the hunt? Dive into this Lost Slot review!

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How to Play Lost Slot Game

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Engaging with the Lost Slot Game is remarkably simple, even for beginners. Betsoft has designed this game with an easy-to-navigate interface, making it straightforward to get started. Once the game loads on your screen, you’ll see the 5 reels set against the backdrop of an ancient Egyptian temple. The gameplay involves spinning these reels and aiming to land matching symbols on your active paylines.

Before you spin the reels, you’ll need to set your bets. This involves choosing your coin size and determining the number of paylines you wish to activate for each spin. The bet size per spin can range from a modest amount for low-stakes players up to a higher amount for high-rollers, providing flexibility to cater to different gaming styles and budgets.

Once your bet is set, hit the ‘Spin’ button and the reels will whirl, with the symbols landing in random positions. If a combination of matching symbols lands on an active payline, you win. This basic premise, combined with the immersive graphics, rich sound effects, and thrilling bonus features of this slot machine make every spin an exciting adventure.

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Lost Slot RTP and Variance

Slightly lower than the Gears Of Time Slot game, the Lost Slot Game comes with a favorable RTP of 96.3%, meaning there’s a good chance of seeing returns on your bets over time. Furthermore, the game has high variance, indicating that while wins might not occur frequently when they do, they’re often substantial.

Symbols and Gameplay

The Lost Slot Game offers an array of symbols echoing the ancient Egyptian theme. This includes our adventurous protagonist, a golden pharaoh’s head, an Ankh cross, and a menacing mummy. The game also incorporates classic symbols like the heart, spade, diamond, and club. Each symbol carries a unique value, with the protagonist being the highest-paying symbol.

Bet Sizes and Paytable Wins

The Lost Slot Game offers a range of betting options, accommodating players of all budget sizes when playing at their favorite online casino. Here’s a brief overview of the game’s paytable:

Symbol 3 Symbols 4 Symbols 5 Symbols
Protagonist 100 200 500
Pharaoh’s Head 75 150 375
Ankh Cross 50 100 250
Mummy 25 50 125

Lost Slot Game Bonus Features

  • The Mummy’s Tomb Bonus

Triggered by landing four staff symbols anywhere on the reels, this bonus sends you into a tomb where you must select doors to reveal prizes. Beware though, behind one of them lurks a mummy, which ends the feature!

  • Center Reel Respins

Every time you land a winning combination, the center reel respins, potentially yielding more wins. Each consecutive win from this feature also increases the multiplier up to 5x.

Lost Slot Game FAQs

Who is the provider of the Lost Slot Game?

Betsoft, a well-known and respected gaming provider, developed the Lost Slot Game.

What is the RTP of the Lost Slot Game?

The Lost Slot Game has an RTP of 96.3%.

Does the Lost Slot Game have bonus features?

Yes, the Lost Slot Game has several exciting bonus features, including The Mummy’s Tomb Bonus and Center Reel Respins.

Can I play the Lost Slot Game on mobile?

Yes, the Lost Slot Game is mobile-friendly and can be played on most modern devices.

How many paylines does the Lost Slot Game have?

The Lost Slot Game features a structure of 5 reels and 30 paylines.


The Lost Slot Game, developed by Betsoft, provides an immersive and exciting journey into the heart of Egypt. With its high-definition graphics, rich audio, and unique bonus features, this free online slot machine promises thrilling gameplay. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a beginner, the Lost Slot Game offers an unforgettable gaming experience.

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