Lucky 81 Slot Game

Lucky 81 Slot Game

Quick Overview of the Game

Lucky 81 slot takes you back to the days of classic retro-themed slot games. Released by Apollo Games at the online casino, is a classic 4 x 3 reel slot game with colorful graphics. The soothing background music matches the gameplay and plot of the game.

Also, Lucky 81 offers 81 ways to win with an impressive maximum payout. The mobile-friendly slot game is accessible on iOS and Android mobile devices, but it also has a suitable desktop version for those who prefer PC. Also, the wide betting range makes it suitable for everyone.

Our online casino reviews will always tell you how to win your favorite games. Today we’ll teach you about the slot’s paytable, bonus features, special symbols, and betting sizes.

How to Play Lucky 81 Slot Game

You don’t need any special skill to learn how to play, and the Lucky 81 slot demo is available for free! The game is easy to play, thanks to the traditional slot design. It is a 4×3 slot with 7 pay lines, but a unique feature offers 81 ways to win. Adjust the bid on the screen to suit your bankroll. After that, click on ‘Start’ to spin the reels. To win prizes the same symbol must appear four times on the reels horizontally. The only exception is when the 81 wild symbol pops up.

Lucky 81 Slot RTP and Variance

The Lucky 81 slot review machine has an average RTP of 85-99%.  According to Apollo casino games, the slot has a medium-high variance.

Symbols and Gameplay

As you will see in this Lucky 81 game review, the game has eight regular symbols and one wild. There are seven fruit symbols including watermelon, bell, kiwi, plum and more. It also has one Lucky 7 symbol. The Lucky 7 is the highest-paying symbol besides the wild. The lowest-paying symbols are the plums, kiwis, oranges, cherries, and limes.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

The slot has a large betting range. Budget players can start with as little as $0.10, while high rollers can bet with as much as $6 per spin.

You will need a cluster of four of the same symbol to win. The payout for the symbols range between high, average, and low values. The table below presents a vivid picture.

Symbols Clusters of 4
Lucky 81 (wild) 150
7 50
Watermelon 10
Bell 10
Plum 2
Kiwi 2
Orange 1
Cherrie 1
Lemon 1

Lucky 81 Slot Bonus Features

The wild symbol activates the major bonus feature on the slot. It significantly increases the number of pay lines available, thus increasing your total prize.

  • 81 Ways to Win

Four wilds appear on the reels horizontally simultaneously, which activates 81 ways to win. With this wild feature, you will get up to $9,000 when you max out your bet. Note that the regular game only has seven pay lines.

Lucky 81 Slot FAQs

Can I play Lucky 81 for free?

Yes, you can play Lucky 81 for free. The Lucky 81 slot demo game is available for those who want to play for fun before betting with real money.

What is the RTP of Lucky 81?

The RTP percentage of Lucky 81 varies between 88-99%. The RTP for most slots by Apollo Games ranges from 85% to 99%, so Lucky 81 has an average RTP.

Is Lucky 81 compatible with mobile devices?

Lucky 81 is fully compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices. This feature allows you to play the game on the go.


Lucky 81 is an immersive classic slot. As you have seen in this game review, it offers more features than traditional retro-themed Online slots. Despite the simple graphics, the gameplay, betting size, and paytable are impressive. While the RTP is not exceptionally high, the med-high variance ensures relatively frequent payments. Join us today to play for real money.

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 9 reviews
 by Sarah Johnson

Fantastic graphics and smooth gameplay on Lucky 81! Highly recommend.

 by Michael Chen

Lucky 81 Slot is my go-to for thrilling spins and big wins!

 by Emily Carter

Addictive gameplay and great payouts on Lucky 81 Slot!

 by David Lee

Lucky 81 Slot never disappoints! Exciting features and easy wins.

 by Samantha Rodriguez

Lucky 81 is pure excitement! Can't get enough!

 by Daniel Patel

Lucky 81 Slot offers non-stop entertainment! Love the bonuses!

 by Olivia Taylor

Smooth interface and Lucky 81's jackpots keep me coming back for more!

 by Ethan White

Lucky 81 Slot at Vegas Aces Casino is my new favorite! Thrilling gameplay!

 by Ava Martinez

Impressive graphics and Lucky 81's features make it top-notch!

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