Lucky Clovers

Be part of a magical storyline where a goblin sets for the search of gold

Lucky Clovers Slot Game

The Lucky Clovers Slots is a five-pay-line slot game with forty pay-line options. The game has scattered and wild symbols alongside the main character symbols. These symbols and characters have different payout rewards, with some providing free spins and others cash rewards. The game has excellent payout options, which are instant.

Lucky Clovers Slot Game Review

Lucky Clovers Details

The slot game has scattered and wild symbols alongside the main character symbols. These symbols and characters have different payout rewards, with some providing free spins and others cash rewards. The game has excellent payout options, which are instant.

You can participate in this slot by selecting the primary or demo mode. It is a five-reel game depicting an Irish theme where a faraway land is covered with green vegetation. The game has forty pay line options, which are best to expand payouts. This game is enticing, with a magical storyline where a leprechaun sets for the search of gold. Some of the characters in this slot include lucky horseshoe, four-leave clover, poker cards, mugs of ale, and pots of gold. The wilds are represented by the woody wild symbols and the mega wheel icon.

The game starts with your selection of a preferable symbol and then choosing your reels. Matching three gold pots symbols or more in the third, fourth or fifth reels activates a cash reward and scatter symbols reward-free spins totaling up to twenty-five bonus spins. The game also gives a welcome bonus after staking. You will be thrilled by the Jackpot feature that the slot has in store since it awards highly compared to the basic game. This feature acts as a motivation for players to participate in the gameplay. The game has an exciting depiction of drama and suspense, which makes the game lively.

Themes And Graphics

The graphical display of the slot game is colorful. It embodies magical-themed symbols such as the leprechaun, which enhances gameplay for fairy tale lovers. This game has a magical theme designed to keep the gamers yearning for more. The background display of green vegetation enhances the cover theme. The image quality is in HD, giving a sharp focus of images and symbols.

The symbols in the play are in 3D, but it is finely structured to make the space enjoyable. The sounds playing in the background have also been designed to enhance the play. The sound effects heard when playing the game can be adjusted thanks to the game's graphical design. Gamers will enjoy playing in this slot since the themes are enjoyable to many.

Gameplay And Payouts

The leprechaun symbol also rewards free spins when it lands on reel 3. Scatter symbols award multipliers and cash rewards too, and they can spread to fill other reel positions. The spread will help boost wins as they open many options for landing. An autoplay feature is present in this slot, and it generates up to 1000 free spins automatically. The maximum payout for this slot will vary by matching symbols, and the card symbols have the lowest payouts. 

To begin the play, you activate the actual mode through staking on any pay lines. Payouts are instant following a win, and they vary for every gaming option. There are multiple ways to win, following the free spins and bonus games. The demo provides no cash payouts, and the slot's gameplay is enhanced with various features put in play. 

Gameplay is incredible. The demo requires no stake deposit, and what is needed is a careful selection of your playing symbols. You can choose any character to match them on a reel position. Each category awards the demo differently, mainly bonus spins and coin credits that you cannot withdraw.

Bonus Features

The Lucky Clovers Slot game has an array of bonus features that make the play enjoyable. These features include:

Bonus Game Feature: It is triggered by a reel combination in the fourth row, and the successful landing of five gold pots on any reel position activates this feature. The bonus game is another chance to play given by the slot.

Jackpot Feature: This feature awards massive cash prizes. The symbols that trigger wins in this feature include the leprechaun and any two-card symbol combinations. The jackpot has three categories, colossal, mini, and giant jackpot symbols. The jackpot awards the highest payouts

Free Spins: This feature can award up to eight free spins. It is initiated by matching three or more scatter symbols, and this landing, in turn, initiates up to eight free spins. Any symbol can initiate a free spin, but the leprechaun symbol awards the highest number of bonus rounds.

Multiplier Features: This feature is activated by landing three or more scatter symbols or wilds, and each character has a different multiplying factor. The highest multiplier is the leprechaun symbol which awards 100x for the regular game.

Mega Wheel Feature: This feature is activated by the mega wheel symbol when they march three or more of them on reel six. The feature also awards eight free spins plus a bonus cash reward.

Lucky Clovers RTP

The Slot's RTP is 96.3% which is high. The slot has a medium variance, and its volatility is fairly high. This factor implies that the jackpot or any pay line option is progressive, good for beginners and typical budget gamers.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Lucky Clovers Slot is incredible in offering quality gameplay thanks to Nucleus Gaming. The symbols are engaging to the gamer, and this makes it more lively. This depiction brings about a thrill of play when engaging in this slot game. The slot has a promising future, having been developed only recently. The addition of more features will bring about more attention and cheers to the world of Online Gaming.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Who is the developer of Lucky Clovers Slot?
Nucleus Developers are the creators of the Lucky Cover Slot. This company is based in Britain and has a good reputation for developing quality games. The game was released in 2017 following the long trend of Magical-themed Slots.
2How Much Do I Need To Start Playing The Lucky Clovers Slot Game?
The staking deposits for this game are affordable. The slot allows a minimum bet of $0.20 per pay line or a maximum of $200 per pay line. The demo does not need staking, and you can play it in an accessible mode, which only entails choosing your symbol and reels. The next step would be spinning the reel, and winning for this option is rewarded by credits and bonus spins.
3Are There Bonuses In This Slot?
The Slot offers various bonus features that reward in bonus credits or cash prizes. The SlotSlot also has multiplier bonuses which increase the staked amount by a multipliable factor. Other bonuses include daily promotions and vouchers that can be redeemed into money.
4Can I Play Lucky Lucky Clovers Using A Phone?
Yes. The game is supportive of mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. Gamers can enjoy playing in the browser web without a problem since supportive software allows mobile access.
5What Are The Minimum And The Maximum Payouts For This Game?
The maximum payout for this gaming slot is 10000x your staked amount. The wood symbols award this multiplier feature when it lands on the six consecutive reels. The minimum payout is 2x the staked amount when beginning the game.

Lucky Clovers Slot Review

Lucky Clovers Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Sebastian Taylor
I like the imagery and storyline

I like the imagery and storyline associated with this SlotSlot. The game has a magical vibe, and this SlotSlot takes me to the season even before it comes. I was able to win myself a cash reward some time ago, and I think I'll be playing more often.

 by Solomon Skunk
I am a fan of magical storylines

I am a fan of magical storylines in Video Slots. This game has brought up the idea of fun and adventure, and this combination makes me feel good.

 by Lambert Gibes
I enjoy playing the game

This game is a fantastic development by Nucleus Gaming. I enjoy playing the game as it helps me manage my tiredness from work. This demo is adventurous and a good training ground before venturing into the basic model, and gamers should not skip this part.

 by Victoria Shelly
I like how this game works

I like how this game works. The wood symbol is my best choice at any time due to its high payout ability.

 by Sean Michaels
Instant payouts are my fascination

Instant payouts are my fascination, and this quality adds to the game's credibility. I like how the Slot takes care of their clients' needs. The structural Interface is simple, allowing gamers easy access and exit from the SlotSlot.

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