Mega Gems NJP Slot

Mega Gems NJP Slot

Quick Overview of the Game

Has Betsoft, owners of the most exciting casino games, ever let us down regarding visually striking slot games? Our reviews are full of Betsoft classics, and the Mega Gems NJP Slot is another to add to this already impressive collection.

This game radiates class through crisp, 3D graphics, and with a two-way payout system in place, the rewards can be quite spectacular. Once the priceless gems flood the reels, their sheer beauty makes it impossible not to be mesmerized.

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How to Play the Mega Gems NJP Slot Game Online

The main appeal of online slots, in general, is that they are so easy to play. No matter how unique or complex the mechanics of an individual title might seem, their functionality remains steady and consistent. This relates to the Mega Gems NJP Slot, making it suitable for beginners and casino gaming veterans.

How so? It’s simply a case of choosing your desired combination of three variables – the bet, bet level, and number of lines covered. This creates such a large betting scale, allowing you to control the risk per spin. Once you’re happy with your chosen combination, just tap spin to let the fun begin.

More information on how to play the game is available through the “?” icon. You can test the game for free if you plate the Mega Gems NJP Slot demo.

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Mega Gems NJP Slot RTP and Variance

It can be a bumpy ride when zapping your way through the reels of the Mega Gems NJP. That’s because this, one of the best online casino games, has a high variance rating and an RTP of 95.18%. However, such characteristics mean that big payouts could be yours in a flash – even if you must endure periods of ‘unfavorable’ returns to get them.

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Symbols and Gameplay

High class is the best way to detail the gameplay experience of the Mega Gems NJP. Its vibrant visuals and engaging jingles hit just the right balance between quality aesthetics and fluid gameplay. You’ll love the dramatic sound effects once you land a stacked wild with a proceeding re-spin too!

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

To turn the reels of the Mega Gems NJP Slot Game, you can wager anywhere between $0.02 and $100 per spin.

Symbol 2 on a Payline 3 on a Payline 4 on a Payline 5 on a Payline
Yellow Gem X 50 100 250
Yellow Gem X 50 100 250
Yellow Gem X 70 150 400
Yellow Gem X 80 200 500
Yellow Gem X 100 250 600
Yellow Gem X 250 600 1200
Yellow Gem X 500 2000 2500

Mega Gems NJP Slot Bonus Features

If there is one criticism of this game, it’s the limited supply of bonus features. With no implementation of bonus rounds or progressive multipliers, some might say that the menu of bonus features is below average.

Then again, this game boasts incredibly frequent wild and stacked wild incentives, which lead to free re-spins when locked in – making up for absences of other common bonuses.

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Mega Gems NJP Slot FAQs

Is there a free spins bonus in this game?

No, the main bonus feature here relates to wilds and stacked wilds.

Does the Mega Gems NJP Slot have jackpot prizes?

Not in this version, no. However, there is another version where jackpot prizes are involved, leading to payouts as high as 200,000x your stake size.

Is it possible to try the Mega Gems NJP Slot Demo before the real thing?

Absolutely! Simply sign up and choose demo mode for this title for a taster.


As expected, the Mega Gems NJP Slot Game is a high-value, exciting slot title. So, for those who love a no-nonsense thrill, be sure to register now and give this one a whirl.

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