Merlin's Elements

Connect with a magical story where Merlin seeks to bend the elements

Merlin’s Elements Slot Game

It is a five-reel game depicting the magical adventures of Merlin, the great wizard. The game has 243 payline options, which are best for expanding payouts. Some of the symbols in this Slot include bag gems, magical mushrooms, the air spell element, water spell, earth spell, and fire spell elements.

Merlin’s Elements Slot Game Review

Merlin’s Elements Details

You can participate in this slot by selecting the primary or demo mode. It is a five-reel game depicting the magical adventures of Merlin, the great wizard. The slot game has 243 payline options, which are best for expanding payouts. This game is enticing, with a magical storyline where Merlin seeks to bend the elements of the universe to his will. Some of the symbols in this slot include bag gems, magical mushrooms, the air spell element, water spell, earth spell, and fire spell elements. The Elemental symbols represent the wilds.

The game has scattered and wild symbols alongside the main character symbols. These symbols or icons have different payout rewards, with some providing free spins and others cash rewards. The game has excellent payout options, which are also instant. The game starts with your selection of a preferable icon and then choosing your reels. Matching three-element symbols of any kind on the central reel will turn them into wilds. These wilds will have the ability to transform other symbols into wilds when they come into contact.

The scatter symbols reward-free spins totaling up to twenty-five bonus spins. The game also gives a welcome bonus after staking. You will be thrilled by the Jackpot feature that the Slot has in store since it awards highly compared to the basic game, and this feature acts as a motivation for players to participate in the gameplay. The game has an exciting depiction of magic and adventure, which makes the game lively.

Themes And Graphics

The graphical display of the Slot is attractive, and it embodies magical-themed symbols such as the magical mushroom, which excites the gamers who like fairy tales storylines. This Slot’s theme of magic has a design to keep the gamers yearning for more through the interaction of magical tools and elements. The background display of high-quality animation showcases Merlin, the main character, standing in an old house with blue and golden lights.

The symbols in the game have a 3D design, and the reels have a ring shape arrangement which is enjoyable to view. The sounds playing in the background have also been designed to enhance the play, and they can be adjusted. Merlin's Elements slot game has a high definition outlook, which is an attraction to most gamers, increasing the Slot's marketability.

Gameplay And Payouts

The mushroom symbol also rewards free spins when it lands on reel 3. Scatter symbols award multipliers and cash rewards too, and they can spread to fill other reel positions. The spread will help boost wins as they open many options for creating free spins or bonus rounds. An autoplay feature is present in this Slot, and it generates up to multiple free spins automatically. The maximum payout for this Slot will vary by the kind of symbols that match on respective reels.

The gameplay is incredible, and the demo requires no stake deposit; what is needed is a careful selection of your playing symbols. You can choose any character to match any reel position and begin the play; you activate the actual mode by staking on any pay lines. Payouts are instant following a win, and they vary for every gaming option. There are multiple ways to win, and one of them is making a double bet. You can also place multiple bets on this Slot, which allows you to have a huge winning probability. However, the downside of placing multi-bets is that it requires huge staking.

Bonus Features

The Merlin's Elements game has an array of bonus slot features that intrigue gamers globally. These features include:

Bonus Game Feature: You trigger this feature by matching three or more element spells in the second or fourth reel, and this feature awards two bonus games.

Jackpot Feature: This feature awards massive cash prizes. The symbols that trigger wins in this feature include the combination of water elements and one three wilds. The jackpot has three categories, colossal, mini, and giant jackpot symbols. The jackpot awards the highest payouts

Free Spins: This feature can award up to eight free spins. It is initiated by matching three or more scatter symbols, and the scatter symbols are represented by the mushrooms and gem symbols.

Multiplier Features: This feature is activated by landing three or more scatter symbols or wilds, and each character has a different multiplying factor. The highest multiplier is the magic air element symbol which awards 500x the bet amount for the regular game.

Air Bonus Round: You activate this feature by matching three or more air element symbols in the second and fourth reel. This feature awards two bonus rounds on the second reel and four bonus rounds for the fourth reel.

These features enhance the Slot’s gameplay and increase payouts.

Merlin's Elements Slot Game RTP

The Slot's RTP is 94.96% which is high. The Slot has a medium variance, and its volatility is fairly high. This factor implies that the jackpot or any payline option is progressive, good for newbie gamers.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Merlin's Elements slot game has a unique flavor for magical-themed online games. It has incredible gameplay, which gets better as you advance in the levels. The symbols are engaging to the gamer, and this makes it more lively. This game has an enchanting vibe, and gamers remain hooked due to the colorful symbols it contains.

The Slot has a promising future, having been developed only recently, and the addition of more features will increase its market range to the fullest thanks to Nucleus Developers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Who Is The Developer Of Merlin’s Elements Slots?
Nucleus Developers are the creators of Merlin's Elements Slot. The game was released in 2017 and has maintained a good customer review ever since.
2How Much Do I Need To Start Playing The Merlin's Elements Slot Game?
For the demo, staking is not required as you can play it freely, and this only entails choosing your symbol and reels. You will then spin the wheel and wait for the outcome. Winning for this option is rewarded by credits and bonus spins. For the earning mode, the staking deposits for this game are affordable. The Slot allows a minimum bet of $0.30 per payline or a maximum of $150 per payline.
3Are There Bonuses In This Slot?
The Slot offers various bonus features that reward in bonus credits or cash prizes. The Slot also has multiplier bonuses which increase the staked amount by a multipliable factor. Other bonuses include daily promotions and vouchers that can be redeemed into money.
4Can I Play Merlin's Elements Slot Using A Phone?
Yes. The game applies to mobile phones, laptops, and tablets, and Gamers can enjoy playing on the internet without having to download the game.
5What Are The Minimum And The Maximum Payouts For This Game?
The maximum payout for this gaming slot is 10000x your staked amount. The Elements symbols award this multiplier feature when it lands on six consecutive reels. The minimum payout is 2x the staked amount when beginning the game.

Merlin's Elements Slot Review

Merlin's Elements Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Jack Barrow
The game has a magical vibe

I like the imagery and storyline associated with this Slot. The game has a magical vibe, and this Slot takes me back to the good old days of watching Merlin the “movie." 

 by Shawn Paul
I am a fan of magical storylines

I am a fan of magical storylines in Video Slots. This game has brought up the idea of fun and adventure, and this gameplay makes me feel good.

 by Simon Stean
I enjoy playing the game

This game is a fantastic development by Nucleus Gaming. I enjoy playing the game as it helps me manage my tiredness from work. This demo is adventurous and a good training ground before entering the basic model, and gamers should not skip this part. 

 by Shelly Main
The magical mushrooms symbol is my best choice

I like how this game works. The magical mushrooms symbol is my best choice at any time due to its high payout ability. 

 by Ben Peterson
Instant payouts are my fascination

Instant payouts are my fascination, and this policy adds to the game's credibility. I like how the Slot takes care of their clients' needs and how the structural Interface is simple, allowing gamers easy access and exit much easier.

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